13 Best Barndominium Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love


Luxurious and unique bathrooms in barndominiums serve as personal retreats and add significant value to the property. 

Homeowners invest in these spaces for various reasons, ranging from personal comfort to enhancing their homes’ overall aesthetics and functionality. 

Lavish bathrooms contribute to the property’s ambiance and attract potential buyers, potentially increasing the property’s resale value. 

With high-end or unique fixtures, spacious showers, and spa-like amenities, these bathrooms offer both luxury and functionality. 

Bathrooms can also offer practicality, accessibility, and even a dog wash station.

Ultimately, designing a bathroom in a barndominium is often influenced by personal preferences, lifestyle choices, and the desire to create a comfortable and visually appealing living space.

Take a look at some amazing barndominium bathrooms below!

13 Barndominium Bathroom Ideas That Inspire!

If you’re planning your barndominium bathroom or looking to redesign one, this guide is here to inspire you. 

Discover 13 fantastic ideas to help craft your ideal bathroom and turn your vision into a reality!

1. Emily Ann York’s Hexagon Tiled Bathroom

Nestled in North Alabama, Emily Ann York’s meticulous attention to detail shines throughout her barndominium, notably in the master bathroom, one of two bathrooms in the residence. 

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Here, a spacious 4’ x 6’ shower, outfitted with two corner benches for added comfort, awaits. 

Luxurious dual shower heads ensure a lavish bathing experience. 

The flooring, adorned with exquisite hexagon tiles, elevates both aesthetics and durability.

Positioned by a window, a freestanding soaker tub provides a serene bathing spot, inviting natural light and a picturesque view. 

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Thoughtfully arranged sinks stand opposite each other, maximizing space and functionality. 

The toilet, discreetly enclosed by walls, offers added privacy. Practical shelving overhead keeps toiletries organized.

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2. Sarah Law’s Bathroom With A Fusion Of Rustic & Modern Details

Sarah Law’s impressive Indiana barndominium seamlessly combines a spacious 60’ × 50’ shop with a 40’ × 50’ house layout.

Featuring two full baths and a convenient half bath within the shop area, one of the bathrooms boasts a distinctive trough-like sink complemented by striking black and white 12’ × 12’ vinyl “tiles”.

These vinyl tiles not only offer an affordable alternative but also facilitate easy DIY installation, mimicking the look of traditional tiles.

For a personalized touch, the handcrafted vanity and top are meticulously fashioned from planed and pegged cedar boards, finished with a unique walnut poly stain mix and sealed for enduring appeal.

Sarah’s commitment to maintenance involves periodic use of wood cleaner and Murphy’s oil, ensuring the lasting allure of these bespoke elements.

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3. Ashley Bloodworth Myrick’s Space-Saving Bathroom

Ashley Bloodworth Myrick’s 2-story Louisiana barndominium boasts a meticulously designed bathroom spanning 12’-2” x 6’.

The space exudes individuality, featuring a shower wall adorned in sleek glossy tiles for a contemporary touch. 

Durable porcelain tiles adorn the floor, combining style and endurance.

Smart utilization of space is evident with built-in shelving catering to towels, eliminating the need for an overhead cabinet above the toilet and enhancing the bathroom’s open ambiance.

Dual sinks offer practicality and twin lights over each mirror provide functional illumination and complement the bathroom’s aesthetic.

In the master bathroom, luxury takes center stage. 

A beautifully tiled shower with a comfortable bench and elegant glass shelving exudes convenience and sophistication. 

The standalone tub, positioned by a window for natural light, is accentuated by a captivating chandelier, elevating the space with opulence and inviting charm.

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4. The Polistico Family’s Modern Skylight Bathroom

The bathroom in The Polistico Family’s Modern Barnhouse, nestled in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, showcases a modern and innovative design. 

Enclosed behind sleek glass doors, this space cleverly houses a separate tub and shower, offering functionality within a compact area.

An overhead skylight floods the space with natural light, while a dual vanity with a black tile backsplash accents creates a captivating contrast. 


5. Five Full Bathrooms In Todd Spencer’s Barndo-Mansion

In Todd Spencer’s Kentucky Barndo-Mansion, a grand structure boasting a 1,800-square-foot garage and shop areas, convenience meets luxury with five full baths and distinct tile-themed designs. 

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The bathrooms offer varied styles, from sleek trough sinks and mixed-tile showers to elegant tub/shower combinations, each exuding sophistication

The master bath stands out with a spacious 2-person shower, a dual sink vanity, and exquisite light-toned mixed tiles, creating a relaxing retreat behind glass doors. 

Amidst a host of unique spaces like the Butler’s Kitchen and Music Room, these bathrooms showcase opulence and style, adding distinctive charm to this impressive estate.

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6. Justin Bridge’s Bathroom With Whiskey Barrel Sink

Justin Bridges’ Texas barndominium offers bathrooms that blend comfort with elegance. 

The master bathroom seamlessly connects to a spacious, carpeted closet, ensuring ample storage. 

An integrated wall cabinet maintains functionality without compromising style. 

Warm brown-toned tiles add a luxurious touch to the space. 

The standalone shower, featuring built-in shelving, stands out, showcasing a captivating mix of wood-like, marbled stone, and brick-patterned walls.

In another bathroom, a versatile tub/shower combo boasts impressive tilework and built-in shelving. 

A highlight is the distinctive whiskey barrel sink, a creative touch courtesy of Justin’s wife

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7. Ken S. R.’s Accessible Bathrooms

Ken S. R.’s barndominium is tailored for accessibility, boasting bathrooms designed to accommodate limited mobility and furry friends. 

The 3’ x 6’ shower area, set in a 12’ x 6’ space, is designed with handicapped accessibility, featuring an open layout flooring between the shower and toilet for easy maneuverability. 

Butcher block countertops with basin sinks are sealed for durability, while the master shower, measuring 4’ x 8’, showcases teak wall tiles, glass doors, dual shower heads, and a safety-focused non-slip floor.

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8. Kim Kelly Norton’s Black-Tiled Bathing Areas

Kim Kelly Norton’s Georgia Red Barndominium, a converted steel warehouse, reflects meticulous attention to detail. 

The guest bathroom strikes a balance between functionality and style, offering the sole tub in the house to cater to diverse preferences. Black subway tiles adorn the wall. 

The master bathroom features an eclectic mix of tiles, showcasing depth and texture.

The shower, enclosed by glass doors, boasts a spacious black-tiled area with a convenient bench.

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9. Michelle Keaffaber’s Painted Bathrooms

Michelle Keaffaber’s Indiana Barndominium is distinguished by its meticulously designed bathrooms. 

The 1/2 bath exudes serenity with walls painted in the calming Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog, complemented by flooring that enhances the tranquil atmosphere.

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The kids’ bathroom showcases a stylish and functional free-standing single vanity with a granite top and basin sink. 

The master bathroom offers a luxurious soaker tub, tiled shower, and a spacious walk-in closet equipped with a Menards closet system, providing ample storage and organizational space.

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10. Belize Azule Porcelain Tiles In Connie McMahan’s Master Bath

In Texas, Connie McMahan’s barndominium bathroom stands out with its stylish tile mix, highlighted by Belize Azule porcelain tiles that elevate the space’s aesthetics. 

The shower showcases the tiles adding texture and depth. 

Customizations, including a specially crafted glass door for the slightly larger shower, underscore meticulous attention to detail. 

Completing the space, a dual sink vanity exudes both practicality and sophistication, adorned by bold mirrors that create a spacious feel.

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11. Candance Miskelley Kromer’s Cut-Out-Shaped Shower

Candace Miskelley Kromer’s Alabama barndominium features 2.5 meticulously planned bathrooms. 

The master bathroom encompasses a generous 5′ x 7′ cut-out-shaped shower, soon to have glass enclosures for added elegance. 

A luxurious soaker tub, adorned with suspended and recessed lighting, promises a serene bathing experience. 

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12. Graziella Sattin Palmer’s Barndominium Featuring Open Air Showers

Graziella Sattin Palmer’s Texas barndominium introduces an innovative approach with its combined open-air shower and soaker tub area. 

Situated in a corner, this space features a bench and flooring crafted from black pebble stone, incorporating an invisible drain for a sleek and contemporary look in the bathroom’s design.

The second bathroom, mirroring the style of the master, embraces an open-air shower concept spanning 5′ x 5′. 

Outfitted with a bench, this area provides a roomy and comfortable showering experience akin to the master bathroom’s design.

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13. Allie Payne’s Barndo With Dog Wash Station & Walk-In Shower

The master bathroom, connected to the bedroom, hosts a luxurious walk-in shower complemented by a tub area adorned with a hanging chandelier and a window for natural light. 

A custom-made lighted vanity mirror, intricate tile work, and Allie’s personal touches, including gold-framed mirrors, elevate the space’s sophistication and unique appeal.

The dog wash station, conveniently located in the laundry/utility room, caters to Allie’s American Bully dogs and exhibits similar pebble flooring and black-and-white accent tiles, mirroring the master bathroom’s aesthetic.

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Want More Ideas?

Barndominium bathrooms offer personal retreats and spaces with high-end or unique fixtures, spacious showers, and spa-like amenities, catering to personal comfort and enhancing aesthetics. 

They allow homeowners to diversify design for practicality and accessibility, reflecting individual preferences, lifestyles, and the desire for a comfortable living space.

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