Texas Tranquility: Connie McMahan’s 1,674 Sq. Ft. Barndominium With Granite & Tile Accents


Nestled in the heart of Texas, Connie McMahan’s barndominium exudes rustic charm and modern elegance. 

This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom haven boasts a cozy 1,674 sq. ft. living space thoughtfully designed for comfortable living. 

Granite and tile accents throughout add a touch of sophistication to this tranquil abode. 

This property also features a spacious porch, carport, and shed, providing ample space for outdoor activities and storage. 

But the surprises don’t end there; Connie’s husband has a dedicated man cave and gym adjacent to the garage, offering a perfect retreat for relaxation and fitness. 

With a blend of Texas charm and modern convenience, this barndominium embodies the essence of peaceful living in the Lone Star State.

Take a closer look at some photos of this quaint, well-designed barndo below.


Nestled by a park, this barndominium harmoniously blends with nature. 

The exterior features Colony Green metal siding, perfectly camouflaging among the surrounding pine trees. 

Accentuating its natural appeal is the tan-colored stone facade, complemented by warm brown-red trim. 

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A covered entrance way and a practical carport attached to the garage complete the welcoming exterior, seamlessly integrating into the scenic landscape.

Living Area/Kitchen

In the heart of the home, the living area and kitchen seamlessly blend into a harmonious space, enhanced by thoughtful design elements. 

Spanning 20’ x 30’, this area exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

With 209 clear on the exposed ceiling beams and the gentle breeze from the Minka Air ceiling fan, the ambiance is both spacious and inviting. 

The space is meticulously illuminated by a combination of recessed lighting and chandeliers, casting a soft glow over the room.

Underfoot, the Pergo Wet Protect Hickory engineered hardwood flooring, though thin, has proven its durability, standing up to both pets and the hustle of daily life.

The focal point of the living room is a fireplace set against an accent wall painted in the soothing Sherwin Williams Moody Blue, which extends into the adjacent bedroom. 

The fireplace coordinates impeccably with the granite elements, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

In the kitchen, knotty alder cabinets in a natural stain and satin finish provide a timeless elegance. 

Built-in shelves, thoughtfully placed next to the refrigerator, serve as a stylish storage solution for wine bottles. 

The island, complete with a sink, serves as a multifunctional centerpiece, perfect for both meal preparation and casual dining.

The tiled backsplash adds a touch of texture and visual interest, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

Convenience meets functionality with the accessible laundry room, conveniently connected to the kitchen. 

This versatile space can serve as a pantry, mudroom, and laundry area, adding to the practicality of the home.

Laundry Room

In the well-appointed laundry room, functionality meets style in a space spanning 7’ x 17’. 

Equipped with laundry machines, the laundry room serves as a convenient passageway from the kitchen, offering dual functionality as both a pantry and a mudroom, making it a versatile and essential space within the home.

Tuxedo black granite countertop adds a touch of sophistication to the room, providing ample space for folding and organizing laundry. 

The room boasts a clever utilization of the ceiling “attic” space, optimizing storage options and maintaining a clutter-free environment.

The floor is adorned with durable and easy-to-clean tile flooring, ensuring practicality in this high-traffic area. 

Cabinets line the wall, offering plenty of storage for laundry essentials and household items. 

A long bench with hidden storage underneath provides a convenient spot for sitting while putting on shoes or organizing belongings.

Wall-mounted hooks enhance the room’s organizational capacity, providing a place to hang garments or accessories.


The thoughtful combination of colors, textures, and materials in this bedroom creates a harmonious and inviting bedroom retreat.

It exudes cozy elegance with its Sherwin Williams Moody Blue walls, creating a tranquil atmosphere. 

The room features the same Pergo wet protect hickory engineered hardwood flooring as the living area, providing a seamless flow and a warm underfoot feel. 

A wooden accent fan hangs gracefully from the ceiling, enhancing the room’s rustic charm and ensuring optimal airflow.

A focal point of the room is the wooden double door closet, offering ample storage space while adding a touch of natural texture to the room. 

Master Bathroom

The bathroom showcases a sophisticated mix of tiles, creating a stylish and visually appealing space.

The shower is adorned with Belize Azule porcelain tiles along the walls, adding depth and texture to the area. 

The shower, measuring 36” x 62”, features customizations, including a slightly larger size that required a specially crafted glass door, emphasizing attention to detail and personalized design.

The bathroom also boasts a dual sink vanity, offering practicality and elegance. 

Bold mirrors hang over each sink, reflecting the room’s natural light and enhancing the overall sense of space and brightness.

Floor Plan

Despite initial concerns about size, Connie’s 1,674 sq. ft. home has proven to be a cozy haven for her and her husband. 

While she occasionally wishes for an additional 100 to 200 sq. ft., the layout is well-suited for their needs. 

They host monthly gatherings with 10 to 15 friends, demonstrating the home’s functional design. 

Connie’s worries about space have been put to rest, and the house has become a warm and inviting place for both everyday living and entertaining.

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