Graziella Sattin Palmer’s Texas Barndominium Featuring Open Air Showers & Massive Workshop


Here’s a remarkable barndominium meticulously crafted by Graziella Sattin Palmer and her skilled marine husband. 

This stunning abode, which took over 2 years to build, embodies a captivating sense of openness, boasting large windows that flood the interiors with abundant natural light.

Elegantly designed with open-air showers and a seamless open space encompassing the kitchen, dining, and living areas, this unique residence offers a sense of freedom and contemporary living. 

The property features a spacious garage/workshop catering to various needs and hobbies, demonstrating a blend of functionality and style.

Proudly situated as a labor of love, this spectacular home showcases an ongoing project, as there’s always something to enhance or improve upon. 

With an estimated total cost of around $600K, this barndominium is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication to a vision of modern, airy, and expansive living.


The expansive barndominium has a distinct square-like structure that houses a shop and garage in one portion, cleverly designed to accommodate various functions and hobbies. 

The living quarters offer a comfortable and functional space, creating a seamless blend of practicality and modern living within this unique property.


Living Area

The living area seamlessly connects to the dining space and kitchen, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and gatherings. 

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It’s complemented by comfortable seating, and notably, an aviary for two beloved Sun Conure parrots. 

The wall color, “new gray,” adds a modern touch to the space.

The flooring, COREtec Pro Plus, contains unique black squares that serve as air vents running through the floors, providing a distinctive design element alongside functional ventilation.


The kitchen features an angled island equipped with a sink, dishwasher, and ample cabinetry.

The island provides seating for added functionality and convenience.

Additionally, the kitchen boasts black appliances and recessed lighting, enhancing its modern and practical design.

The pantry, located in the corner of the kitchen behind a door, boasts numerous shelves providing ample storage for kitchen appliances and food items. Graziella has efficiently organized this space to maximize its utility.

Additionally, there’s room allocated for a chest freezer, ensuring there’s ample space for storage needs.

Master Suite


The master bedroom, conveniently accessible from the open living area, features a walk-in closet and an adjoining master bathroom. 

Adorned with the same flooring as the rest of the space, this room is equipped with a ceiling fan for added comfort and functionality.


The walk-in closet accommodates Graziella’s heeled shoe collection and her husband’s combat boots, given his background in the Marine Corps. 

Designed with ample height, this closet comfortably stores various clothing items and accessories.


The master bathroom boasts a dual sink vanity, complemented by a large open window that allows natural light to fill the space, and features a linen closet for storage convenience.

The shower and soaker tub area, located around the corner, is designed as a combined open air space.

It includes a bench and flooring made of black pebble stone with an invisible drain, adding a contemporary touch to the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Other Bedroom & Bathroom


The guest bedroom boasts spacious and airy windows, providing ample natural light and a refreshing atmosphere. 

It also doubles as a dedicated space for gaming enthusiasts, serving as a gamer’s room for entertainment and leisure activities.


Another bathroom includes a cabinet over the toilet sourced from Cabinets to Go, acquired through a “buy one get one free” deal, resulting in a collection of variously sized top cabinets.

Consequently, the bathroom has several cabinets in different spots, efficiently catering to the storage needs of the space.

The second bathroom follows a similar style to the master and also features an open-air shower area, measuring 5’ x 5’ and furnished with a bench, offering a spacious and comfortable showering experience.


The expansive garage/workshop serves as a hub for a motorcycle collection, offering ample space for storage and maintenance.

Featured here are stunning cedar wood steps that lead to an elevated office space/loft.

Above the washing machine is a technology called “03waterworks” that claims to clean clothing without the need for detergent.

Floor Plan

The top floor plan of the home, initially sketched as a rough draft by Granziella’s husband, underwent significant changes throughout the building process.

However, the pictures offered here are hopefully sources of inspiration for other barndo enthusiasts!

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