From Warehouse To Wow: Kim Kelly Norton’s Georgia Red Barndominium Transformation


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Georgia, Kim Kelly Norton’s extraordinary home transformation stands as a testament to vision and perseverance. 

Over the course of 20 months, a 50′ x 80′ steel warehouse underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, evolving into a sprawling 5,800 sq ft living space, with an added second floor that retained the vaulted charm over the kitchen and living room. 

Kim’s creative approach expanded the living area while preserving the essence of the original structure. 

The warehouse and land cost $480K to purchase, and to remodel, it was approximately $750K. 

The project, a labor of love, had its share of challenges, notably in navigating structural engineering complexities during window and door installations, which led to unforeseen costs. 

Despite these hurdles, the outcome is nothing short of breathtaking. 

With a keen architect’s eye and unwavering determination, Kim curated a home that resonates with unique character and modern comfort. 

The journey captured in these images showcases the fusion of creativity and practicality, resulting in a truly remarkable living space, embodying the spirit of innovative architectural transformation.


The first picture in Kim’s album tells a captivating tale of transformation. 

Impressively, the building, standing strong for 14 years, exhibited remarkable resilience during the renovation making it a perfect shell for their home. 

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What was once a bare steel warehouse emerged as a stunning living space, adorned with windows, a porch, and other quintessential barndominium features. 

The exterior flaunts a Rural Red siding, retaining the original building’s color, an aesthetic choice rooted in admiration for its rustic charm. 

Notably, the gutters and roof, though originally not quite black but rather a dark gray/brown shade, now harmonize seamlessly with the newly added black ones on porches and patios. 

The back exterior boasts two inviting patios, complete with a cozy fireplace and two roll-up glass garage doors—one at the kitchen bar and another in the living room. 

The thoughtful addition of these features not only enhances the visual appeal but also enriches the living experience, making the outdoors a natural extension of the home.

Additionally, a step-up bar and a strategically placed back door further contribute to the home’s outdoor allure. 

The cozy fireplace is perfect for entertaining.

These elements showcase a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic elegance, transforming a steel structure into a warm and inviting haven.

Living Area & Kitchen

In the interior of Kim’s converted warehouse, the living area and kitchen seamlessly merge into a spacious haven with beautiful flooring. 

The vaulted ceiling reaches an impressive peak of 25 feet, creating a sense of grandeur. 

The first-floor rooms maintain a comfortable 9-foot height, while the second floor varies from 9 to approximately 14 feet, offering both coziness and an airy atmosphere. 

To ensure optimal insulation, spray foam was meticulously applied, enhancing the energy efficiency of the space. 

For climate control, two HVAC units were strategically installed, ensuring a comfortable environment year-round. 

Massive ceiling fans add a touch of both style and practicality, circulating the air effectively.

The kitchen, a focal point of the living area, boasts stainless steel appliances, combining functionality with a modern aesthetic. 

An island with a sink stands at the center, providing a convenient workspace and additional seating. 

Ample cabinetry lines the kitchen, offering plenty of storage space to keep the area clutter-free. 


In the pantry, functionality meets elegance in an 8’ x 13’ space designed for optimal storage. 

Ample shelving and storage lines the walls, providing plenty of room for organizing pantry essentials, keeping the area tidy and efficient. 

Dining Room

In this captivating view from the living room into the dining room of Kim’s home, the seamless integration of spaces is evident. 

The stairs leading to the loft area stand gracefully on the left, their design both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Below the stairs, a delightful surprise awaits: a dedicated “doggie room,” ingeniously utilizing the space and catering to the furry members of the family.

The dining room itself is a testament to unique design choices. The focal point here is an extraordinary lighting fixture, adding an artistic flair to the room. 


Pictured here are 2 of the bedrooms in Kelly’s home.

The first room, thoughtfully designed as a guest bedroom, doubles as a personal workout gym area, illustrating the versatile nature of the space. 

The second bedroom, belonging to one of Kim’s daughters, exhibits a vibrant sense of individuality. 

The dark ceiling, a unique choice, reflects the daughter’s personal style and adds a touch of sophistication to the room. 

This creative freedom allowed each family member to pick their colors, resulting in bedrooms and bathrooms that reflect their unique personalities.


Pictured here are 2 of the bathrooms in Kelly’s steel warehouse barndominium. 

Kim’s meticulous approach to her converted warehouse is evident in the guest bathroom, where functionality meets style. 

This is the only bathroom in the house equipped with a tub, a thoughtful choice for accommodating various preferences. 

The wall is adorned with striking subway tiles, adding a pop of color and vibrancy to the space.

In the master shower, glass doors enclose a spacious area featuring a comfortable bench, enhancing the shower experience with both convenience and luxury in mind. 

Throughout the bathroom, a mix of tiles creates an engaging visual appeal, adding texture and depth to the overall design. 

These carefully curated elements in the bathroom showcase Kim’s keen eye for detail and her commitment to creating spaces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.


The upstairs loft boasts a seamless continuation of flooring, illuminated by recessed lighting and ample natural light streaming in through the windows. 

The loft is thoughtfully designed with built-in desks, providing dedicated study spaces for her kids.

The loft seamlessly connects to her husband’s office, creating a fluid and functional transition between spaces within their transformed barndominium. 

This thoughtful design ensures a cohesive living and working environment, allowing for both privacy and connectivity as needed in their unique home.

From this vantage point, there’s a captivating view over the living area, creating an open and connected atmosphere throughout the home.

As an extra touch of nature’s presence, an unexpected visitor in the form of a bear occasionally graces the surroundings, as seen in this photo.


In the photos below, the unfinished rooms offer a glimpse into Kelly’s husband’s office space within their ongoing barndominium project.

One notable feature is the picture window that overlooks the kitchen, providing a spacious and well-lit atmosphere for work. 

The second photo underscores the impressive scale of this window, emphasizing its potential to infuse the office with light and a sense of openness once completed.

Laundry Room

In the laundry room, functionality meets style with an abundance of cabinetry, offering ample storage space. 

The floor is adorned with tiles, adding a touch of elegance to the room’s practicality. 

Additionally, the room is equipped with an extra fridge, providing convenience for storing groceries or beverages. 

The walls are painted in the soothing hue of Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow, creating a calming atmosphere in this busy household area. 

Completing the setup, a sink adds versatility for various cleaning tasks and makes this laundry space practical and organized.

Murphy Door

The clever addition of a Murphy door with shelving adds an element of surprise to Kelly’s home. She affectionately calls it an “unfinished speakeasy” hidden behind it.

Tips From Kelly

Kelly offers valuable tips for anyone considering a barndominium project. 

She emphasizes the importance of hiring a General Contractor (GC) experienced in barndos and advises checking their references thoroughly. 

When seeking a loan, it’s crucial to collaborate with a lender specializing in barndominiums, as traditional mortgage companies might not be willing to finance them without specific terminology. 

Kelly underscores the significance of working closely with an architect to ensure the design aligns perfectly with one’s vision. 

Additionally, she highlights the need to set realistic goals, acknowledging that budget overruns and extended timelines are common in construction projects. 

Kelly also adds a unique cautionary note: be mindful of bears!

Living in a natural setting, it’s essential to be aware of the local wildlife, ensuring that safety measures are in place to coexist harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

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