Marvel In Burnished Slate: Michelle Keaffaber’s Stunning Indiana Barndominium


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northeast Indiana, Michelle Keaffaber’s barndominium stands as a testament to both modern comfort and rustic charm. 

Situated on four acres of beautiful land, the Keaffaber family is gradually transforming this house into their forever home, embracing the serenity of their surroundings. 

This expansive home boasts 2,400 square feet of living space, with an additional 800 square feet of unfinished walkout basement and a 1,100 square foot unfinished garage, providing ample room for the family to grow. 

Featuring four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, this home offers the perfect balance of space and coziness. 

The initial structure, a post frame with an ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) block basement, laid the foundation for their dream abode. The shell of this barndo cost about 100K.

With sidewalls reaching 34 feet and the living area extending to 42 feet, this barndominium reflects their best decision yet—a harmonious blend of rural tranquility and modern living.

Discover the stunning features of this home in the photos below.


Nestled under the vast Indiana sky, Michelle Keaffaber’s barndominium boasts a striking exterior with burnished slate siding that transforms its appearance with the changing sunlight. 

The play of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing effect on the facade, giving the home a dynamic and ever-changing look. 

The black roof and trim provide a sleek contrast against the slate siding, while the canyon brown stain on the beams adds a touch of warmth to the exterior. 

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Bronze windows complete the look, adding a subtle metallic sheen to the structure.

The inviting covered front porch, complemented by a winding sidewalk, extends a warm welcome to anyone approaching, inviting them to step inside and experience the unique charm of this rustic yet modern home.


The carefully captured photos showcase the harmonious flow between the living area, dining room, and kitchen, highlighting the home’s interconnected design and the easy access to the loft, illustrating the home’s seamless blend of style and functionality.

The living room, a spacious 20′ by 12′, opens up seamlessly into the dining room and kitchen, collectively spanning an impressive 20′ by 42′.

The walls are adorned in the elegant shade of Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey, creating a soothing atmosphere throughout the space. 

Doors and the fireplace mantle stand out in the rich tone of Sherwin Williams “Urbane Bronze”, adding a touch of depth and contrast. 

The fireplace, a focal point in the living room, features light-colored stone from the Affinity Stone Ridge Cut Series in Glacier, providing a blend of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

The living room’s grandeur is further emphasized by its high ceilings, reaching an impressive 17′ on the main floor, creating an open and airy ambiance. 

The loft above maintains a comfortable 8′ ceiling height, enhancing the sense of space and continuity throughout the home.

Dining/Kitchen Areas

In the dining and kitchen areas, functionality meets style seamlessly. 

The kitchen boasts an impressive 8′ island with a 2-tier design, providing ample space for meal preparation and accommodating four chairs comfortably. 

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Although the countertops are laminate, showcasing a blend of black, white, and greige colors, Michelle dreams of the elegance granite would bring to the space. 

Along the wall, a cabinet run spanning 2′ 9″ adds both storage and a convenient counter space extension. 

Michelle, with an eye for hosting, appreciates this addition, foreseeing its usefulness during gatherings. 

Plans for the future include open shelving above, enhancing the kitchen’s practicality and aesthetic appeal.

The kitchen also features dark, glossy backsplash, adding a touch of sophistication to the area.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the pantry is a hidden gem. 

Accessible via pocket doors, it measures 9’6″ by 3′ 2.5″, providing ample space for storage with well-organized shelving, ensuring everything has its place and contributing to the overall efficiency of the kitchen area.


Comfort meets style in the bedrooms. 2 of the 4 bedrooms are pictured here.

The nursery, adorned in rustic autumnal shades, features plenty of windows that invite natural light, creating a cheerful and airy atmosphere. 

Complete with comfortable seating and a ceiling fan for optimal ventilation, the room is carpeted for a soft underfoot feel. 

This thoughtfully designed space provides a peaceful and nurturing environment for the little one, ensuring both relaxation and delight.

The master bedroom, painted in the warm hue of Sherwin Williams “Redend Point”, exudes a cozy ambiance. 

Enhanced by autumnal colors and soft carpeting, the room boasts a ceiling fan to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. 

The addition of a throw rug on the floor adds both texture and comfort to the space, creating a relaxing retreat within the home.


This barndo has 3.5 bathrooms, and some of them are pictured below, designed with both elegance and functionality in mind. 

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In the 1/2 bath, the walls are painted in the serene shade of Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog, creating a calming atmosphere. 

The flooring compliments the color scheme, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The kids’ bathroom showcases a free-standing single bathroom vanity with a granite top and a basin sink, combining style with practicality. 

This thoughtfully designed space ensures both functionality and visual charm, catering to the needs of the younger occupants.

The master bathroom features a luxurious soaker tub with a wall-mounted faucet, offering a relaxing escape.

Adjacent to the master bathroom is a spacious walk-in closet fitted with a Menards closet system, offering ample storage and organizational space, measuring 8’ 6.5” by 9’ 6”.

Tiled floors lead to a dual sink vanity, enhancing convenience for the occupants. 

The master shower, tiled in pristine white and equipped with a small corner bench, provides a refreshing and comfortable bathing experience. 

Laundry Room

The laundry room seamlessly follows the warm and inviting color scheme of the home. 

A practical sink, situated beneath a window that invites natural light, adds functionality to the space. 

Ample cabinetry provides convenient storage solutions, enhancing the room’s efficiency and organization.

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