Justin Bridges: Crafting A Personalized Hunter’s Paradise Barndominium In Texas With Safe Room & Shop


Look into a remarkable accomplishment of this barndominium, where patience, vision, and dedication have come together to create a magnificent dwelling. 

After an 8-9 month journey, Justin Bridges and his family proudly moved into their meticulously crafted residence.

Justin subcontracted parts of the construction and even contributed hands-on efforts with the support of family and friends. 

Nestled within the heart of Texas, this architectural marvel boasts a living space of nearly 2500 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

The house stands at an impressive 62 x 40 feet with a welcoming 62 x 12 front porch. 

Aspects of comfort and outdoor living have been meticulously woven into the design, with a 30 x 30 carport and a sprawling 62 x1 4 back porch extended to accommodate a 24 x 12 outdoor kitchen—a true sanctuary for those who appreciate the joys of al fresco dining.

The property features a 40 x 40 shop with a 24-foot lean-to on the side—a perfect setting for embarking on creative endeavors or hobbies.

The interiors reflect aesthetics and practicality, with elegant hardwood floors, plush carpeted bedrooms, and resilient tiled bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

As Justin Bridges opens the doors to his dream dwelling in the pictures below, you can share in the spirit of a triumphant accomplishment—a true testament to the art of turning a house into a home.


This stunning residence features a charming blend of rustic and modern elements.

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The galvanized tin roof adds a touch of character while the stone facade exudes timeless elegance.

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A full-length covered porch beckons, offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

The entranceway welcomes with its generous proportions, while large windows flood the interior with natural light.

The back porch offers an oasis of leisure and entertainment, boasting a spacious covered outdoor kitchen.

A porch swing adds a touch of nostalgia, and ample seating ensures a comfortable space for relaxation and socializing.

The outdoor kitchen is complete with built-in appliances, complemented by intricate brickwork that adds warmth and charm.

From this culinary spot, Justin’s family enjoys panoramic views of the expansive yard and the surrounding natural beauty, making every meal a delightful and immersive experience.

The property also features a convenient shop accompanied by a functional carport, providing ample space for storage and hobbies.

Living Area

The living space exudes comfort and elegance with its stonework fireplace—a “ventless” marvel that operates on propane, boasting a streamlined design without a traditional chimney.

A discreet vent hose channels any remnants outside, eliminating smoke. 

Adding a touch of charm, a windmill fan graces the area, seamlessly blending functionality and style. 

The flooring showcases real hardwood floors, hand-scraped to a 3.25” width, adding character and sophistication to the home.

The dĂ©cor exudes a hunter’s charm, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Sliding barn doors elegantly connect to the hallway, enhancing the rustic appeal.

An open transition to the adjacent dining area fosters a seamless flow.

Notably, 1 x 4 pine graces all door trim, while sturdy 1 x 6 pine baseboards add a timeless touch of craftsmanship throughout the space.


The kitchen showcases distinctive teal hardwood floors, hand-scraped in a 3.25” size, lending a unique touch to the space.

Custom-made cabinets and an island amplify both functionality and style.

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Stainless steel appliances add a modern touch, while a chandelier light gracefully hangs from an exposed wood ceiling beam, adding rustic elegance to the heart of the home.


The hallway serves as a central conduit, leading to various rooms, an exit door, and a creatively positioned pantry.

This functional arrangement enhances accessibility while maintaining an efficient flow throughout the space.

The unique “Market Fresh” door now serves as the entrance to the pantry, strategically relocated from the kitchen to the hallway to optimize kitchen space.

This antique mail room door has been lovingly repurposed and painted, and a delicate stencil on the glass adds a charming touch.

The door’s new placement maintains its character while fulfilling a practical need for increased kitchen room.

The pantry boasts generous dimensions, measuring 6 feet in depth and 4 feet in width.

Designed for efficiency, it offers ample space to walk in, access items effortlessly, and exit without any obstructions from the shelves.

The shelves are thoughtfully organized, with those at the back measuring 12 inches deep for storing larger items, while the side shelves are 8 inches deep for optimal storage versatility.


This bedroom, the master suite, is one of three.

Unique sliding “barn style doors” have been cleverly repurposed to cover the windows, effectively blocking out 99% of light for a serene ambiance.

A charming rustic blanket adds a cozy touch to the bedding.

The room features a recessed ceiling adorned with dark wood trim and a fan, infusing the space with a rustic yet modern appeal.


The master bathroom is a haven of convenience and comfort. It leads to a carpeted closet offering generous storage space.

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A built-in wall cabinet enhances functionality while maintaining a sleek appearance.

The bathroom features elegantly tiled flooring that adds a touch of luxury.

The standalone shower is a focal point of the bathroom, featuring built-in shelving for added convenience.

The tilework showcases a captivating mix of patterns, with one wall resembling wood, another displaying marbled stone, and the floor resembling bricks.

This eclectic blend of textures and designs creates a visually captivating and inviting shower experience.

In another bathroom, a tub/shower combination offers versatility, catering to different preferences while ensuring functionality.

The standout feature is more stunning tile work that captivates the eye.

The space includes built-in shelving for efficient storage. 

A nice touch in the bathroom is the whiskey barrel sink, sourced from Craigslist.

This distinctive addition was the creative idea of Justin’s wife, adding a personalized and unique element to the space.


The laundry/mudroom offers a blend of functionality and organization.

Overhead cabinetry above the machines maximizes storage space, while seated storage equipped with hooks provides a convenient area for the family’s coats and belongings.

This multi-purpose room seamlessly caters to daily needs while maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

Floor Plans

The floor plans underwent thoughtful revisions during the journey.

Porches were expanded, an outdoor kitchen was introduced, and the pantry was strategically relocated.

Justin’s personal touch was evident in the design process, a testament to his dedication to crafting a unique haven.

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