9 Pro Tips For Choosing A Great Barndominium Builder

As more and more people discover the advantages and versatility of barndominium homes, the demand for “barndo” home builders continues to grow. Home building contractors are plentiful, and all make the claim that they can get the job done on time and within budget. That’s when the smart buyer exercises extreme caution before signing the … Read more

Can A Barndominium Have Crawl Space?

A barndominium, or “barndo,” is often a renovated barn repurposed into a residential home. However, many owners use a barndo kit. Your new-build project requires foundations complying with the local building codes to protect the construction against extreme weather, seismic disturbances, and ground subsidence. This guide asks if barndominiums can have a pier-and-beam foundation, producing … Read more

Complete Barndominium Insulation Guide: 5 Types (2024)

Barndominiums (a cross between “barn” and “condominium”) are a combination of living and recreational spaces contained within a low-maintenance metal structure. They’re renovated agricultural buildings or new structures designed in the rural style. Either way, you must use insulation to make them habitable, reduce energy costs, and comply with the building codes before moving in. … Read more

USDA Loan For Bandominiums: The Complete Guide (2024)

Building barndominiums can be full of issues that might seem challenging to overcome. The main problem can be finding a lender willing to finance the project. Lenders’ loan requirements are often strict and require a good credit score and a large downpayment. However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) might have a solution.  The USDA … Read more

What Are Barndominiums Made Of? (Metal vs. Wood Build In 2024)

Barndominiums or “barndos” are a modern version of our great grandparents’ houses on the farm. Money was tight, so the family lived above the barn, where they stored the farm equipment, feed, and animals. Their living accommodation consisted of lumber or corrugated steel siding, like their barn. Jump forward a few decades, and the modern … Read more

How To Get An FHA Loan For A Barndominium

A barndominiums, or “barndo”, as many people call them, is pretty much what it sounds like: a barn converted into living accommodation. However, you don’t have to bed down with the farm animals. Instead, many people use the romantic, rustic-looking agricultural structure to make a modern, sleek, affordable residential space. And, if you have a … Read more

13 Barndominium Pros & Cons To Consider

Barndominium sounds like the lovechild of a barn and a condo – and up to an extent, that’s exactly what a barndominium is. The main point, though, is that barndos are typically new constructions designed in a way that combines the features of a barn with a residential living space. These hybrid structures come with … Read more

Top 14 Common Barndominium Mistakes To Avoid (& Fixes)

Barndominiums are an increasingly popular housing choice. After all, they install quickly, cost as little as $25 per square foot, and deliver good longevity with low maintenance requirements.  At the same time, barndos aren’t perfect or impervious to mistakes. In fact, people commonly make mistakes when installing these buildings, which can reduce the lifespan of … Read more

10 Common Barndominium Problems You Want To Avoid

Barndominiums are popular and affordable buildings that allow almost anyone to quickly construct a home, barn, or place of business. Metal frame buildings are cheap – often under $25 per square foot, which makes them an attractive choice. However, they’re also sturdy, durable, and resistant to many of the problems that plague wood buildings. With … Read more

Do Barndominiums Rust? (Everything You Need To Know)

Featured image: Bryan.ray.holub / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 The demand for metal frame buildings like barndominiums is on the rise.  But as these affordable buildings become more popular, it becomes more important for you to understand the potential risks associated with this type of building. For example, do metal barndos rust? And, if … Read more