Two-Story Louisiana Barndominium With Attached Garage: Ashley Bloodworth Myrick’s Unique Living Space


Welcome to a remarkable Louisiana property, a captivating 2-story barndominium measuring an expansive 50 x 70 feet. 

Spanning over 4000 square feet, this home offers generous space for comfortable living.

The 9-foot ceilings create an airy, open atmosphere throughout most of the house, while the living room boasts majestic cathedral ceilings reaching a soaring 12 feet.

Nestled in this charming abode, Ashley Bloodworth Myrick embarked on a journey that began in the middle of April 2020.

With a labor of love, her family undertook much of the construction themselves, resulting in a project that neared completion over the course of nearly a year.

Though some finishing touches remain in the pictures below, including the hall tree for the mud room, a matching drawer for one bathroom cabinet, staining and hanging the mantle, and attending to a few other odds and ends, Ashley is already enamored with the space.

This barndominium features an attached garage and a coveted bonus room. The interior aesthetic boasts a serene Repose Gray in every room, except for the garage and the upstairs playroom, which showcase the subtle charm of Light French Gray.

Trim and cabinets throughout are adorned in a pristine Pure White, all from the renowned Sherwin Williams.

Discover below the blend of rustic charm and modern comfort in this evolving barndominium that Ashley Bloodworth Myrick now calls home.


The charcoal gray metal siding of the house not only imparts a sophisticated gray hue but also carries a subtle smokey blue tint, perfectly complementing the serene, wooded area behind the home and the inviting covered porch.

Living Area

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In the spacious living area, measuring a comfortable 27 by 20 feet, the shiplap wall serves as a striking accent, seamlessly transitioning from the front door into the room.

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Outfitted with inviting Ashley Furniture couches, the space features porcelain tiled flooring, a practical choice that’s both subdued in its color, with subtle tan undertones, and easy to maintain.

A plush and inviting rug from Rugs USA anchors the seating area, while lights thoughtfully set into the exposed wooden beam above add a warm and welcoming ambiance.

The overall atmosphere in this open and airy living space is completed by the presence of a cozy fireplace, making it the heart of the home for relaxation and gatherings.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen maintains a seamless aesthetic, with the tiled flooring extending to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. 

Equipped with modern stainless steel appliances, this space features a clean and classic design, characterized by its all-white cabinetry and a matching white tiled backsplash, exuding a bright and timeless charm.

The dining area seamlessly adjoins the kitchen, creating an open and inviting space.

It features rich, dark furniture with substantial seating for six, offering a cozy and elegant setting for shared meals and gatherings.

Within the pantry, custom-made cabinets provide ample storage space for kitchen essentials.

Additionally, the convenience of a power bar allows the family to keep their microwave, toaster, and NuWave appliances neatly organized and ready for use, ensuring an efficient and well-organized culinary workspace.


The hallway serves as a central thoroughfare, connecting various parts of the home, including the bathroom and the stairway that gracefully ascends to the second floor. 

The walls in this hallway are adorned in the soothing Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, creating a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

To add a touch of elegance and timeless style, wide door trim frames the entrances, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of this transitional space.

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The stairway itself is a stunning feature, with its natural wood steps contrasting beautifully against the pristine white backdrop.

During the time this photo was taken, handrails were in the process of being installed for added safety.


The master bedroom exudes a sense of comfort and luxury, furnished with dark and substantial pieces that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Two generously sized windows allow natural light to filter in, brightening the space during the day while providing a view of the outside world.

A ceiling fan hangs from above, offering both functionality and a touch of elegance, ensuring a comfortable temperature year-round.

The other bedroom, measuring a comfortable 12 x 12 feet, offers a cozy and carpeted retreat.

Adding a touch of rustic charm and character to the space, framed barn quilt patterns adorn the walls, infusing a unique and visually appealing element to the overall decor.

In another bedroom, a rustic charm envelops the space with its neutral color palette. The choice of earthy tones and natural hues adds warmth and coziness to the room’s ambiance.

The bedrooms boast large closets that not only provides ample storage but also contribute to the rooms’ tidy and streamlined look.

To optimize space and maintain a clean and organized appearance, the dressers have been cleverly placed within the closets, allowing for a clutter-free room design.


Measuring 12 feet and 2 inches in length by 6 feet in width, this bathroom showcases a unique and personalized touch.

The shower wall boasts a mixture of glossy tiles, adding a dash of modernity to the space.

Porcelain tiles grace the floor, combining both style and durability.

Ingeniously maximizing space, built-in shelving has been thoughtfully added for towels, eliminating the need for an overhead cabinet above the toilet.

This functional design choice has resulted in a more spacious and open feel within the bathroom.

Dual sinks provide convenience for multiple users, while the entire room is painted in the calming Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.

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The twin lights positioned over each mirror offer even illumination, completing the space with both functionality and style. 

This bathroom boasts a luxurious tiled standing shower with a comfortable sitting bench and stylish glass shelving for added convenience and elegance.

A standalone tub is a focal point in this bathroom, with a step-up design for added visual appeal.

Adjacent to it, a window brings in natural light, while a chandelier above the tub adds a touch of luxury and ambiance to the space.

Laundry Room

The porcelain tiles from the main area continue seamlessly into the laundry room, creating a cohesive look.

In this practical space, black appliances add a modern touch. An ironing board stands ready for use, while white cabinetry keeps the room organized.

A chest freezer offers extra food storage for convenience.

Upstairs Game Room

The upstairs game room spans a generous 27 x 27 feet and features a ceiling insulated with spray foam, which has been painted to match the wall color for a cohesive look.

This spacious room houses two TVs, primarily used by the kids for gaming. The oldest enjoys the comfort of the lounge section of the couch, while the youngest has his designated seat. 

Situated above the kitchen, master bedroom, and garage, this versatile space is a hub of entertainment and leisure in the home.

Floor Plan

A lady from Moss Bluff, Louisiana, who crafted the plans, proved to be nothing short of amazing.

With just a few “wants” provided by Ashley and her family, she effortlessly transformed plans into the perfect home for them.

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