Candace Miskelley Kromer’s Dream: An Alabama Barndominium Built In Just 3 Months


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Alabama, Candace Miskelley Kromer presents her meticulously crafted barndominium, a testament to vision and perseverance. 

Spanning 2,411 square feet, this splendid abode offers three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a small office space, providing a perfect blend of spacious living and cozy retreats.

The barndominium stands at an impressive 50’ x 40’, and with the addition of inviting porches, the total space extends to a generous 2,976 square feet.

Candace and her husband undertook the challenge with determination, contracting the project and designing their plans, ensuring every detail met their unique vision. 

Breaking ground on May 1, 2023, their dream took shape, and by August 4, 2023, they proudly called this beautiful space their home.

Situated on a vast 20.5-acre plot, the property offers both tranquility and space for endless possibilities. 

The construction, carefully managed and executed, cost 210k, while the land was acquired for an inexpensive 90k, resulting in a total investment of 300k. 

Candace Miskelley Kromer’s barndominium is more than just a home; it’s a testament to thoughtful planning, dedication, and the joy of creating a space that embodies the true essence of living amidst nature’s beauty. 

Experience the charm and warmth of this unique Alabama haven in the photos below.


In the countryside, here stands Candace’s stunning barndominium, a stunning combination of white and black. 

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The exterior, meticulously put up by Candace and her husband, showcases their dedication to every detail. 

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The metal roof, framed at 22 feet wide in the center with a pitch break of 4/12 and 5/12, adds a touch of architectural finesse to the structure.

Nestled amid the black stone accents, a wooden-framed door serves as the grand entranceway, welcoming visitors with rustic charm. 

A stunning outdoor chandelier lights the way.

Interior Living Space

Candace Miskelley Kromer’s barndominium boasts impressive features, with 14-foot walls that rise to a soaring 19-foot height at the center. 

To ensure top-notch quality, Candace contracted out specific tasks, including plumbing, electrical work, drywall installation, cabinet and countertop construction, rock work, shower tile installation, and siding. 

Notably, the plumbing and electrical work stood out as major investments, each costing $20,000.

Inside, the living space seamlessly intertwines the kitchen, pantry, dining, and living areas, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

A spiral staircase adds a touch of elegance, leading to a loft/play area, a perfect retreat within the home.

The floors, a standout feature, were crafted meticulously, utilizing concrete with a sandstone pigment blend, lending the home a distinctive and natural appeal. 

To enhance their aesthetic, Candace clear-coated the floors, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.


In the kitchen, contemporary elegance meets functionality. 

The kitchen island comfortably seats three and features a convenient sink, enhancing the efficiency of meal preparation and cleanup. 

The integration of black appliances adds a modern touch, completing the sophisticated aesthetic of this stylish culinary space.

The sleek black cabinets create a striking contrast against the pristine white countertops. 


The pantry is a practical haven with ample pine shelving, providing abundant storage for essentials. 

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Thoughtful details include strategically placed outlets, making it convenient to plug in appliances like the crockpot and toaster. 

A chest freezer and an additional small fridge add to the functionality, ensuring this space is not just organized but also efficient for everyday use.


The dining area exudes rustic charm with distressed black and white wooden furniture. 

This cozy space can comfortably seat six, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for family meals and gatherings.


Candace’s barndominium features three thoughtfully designed bedrooms. 

In the master bedroom, a rich brown wooden bed takes center stage, complemented by black accents throughout the room. 

An animal rug adds a touch of wilderness, while a ceiling fan ensures optimal comfort.

The second bedroom boasts dark furniture and convenient lights on the bed’s headboard, accompanied by a ceiling fan for added ventilation. 

The third bedroom is adorned with white furniture and soft pastel colors, creating a serene ambiance, also enhanced by a ceiling fan for a pleasant atmosphere. 


This barndominium boasts 2.5 thoughtfully designed bathrooms. 

In the master bathroom, a spacious 5′ x 7′ shower awaits. 

Glass enclosures are planned to be added to this space.

A luxurious soaker tub invites relaxation, complemented by suspended and recessed lighting, creating a serene bathing experience.

The kids’ bathroom features a practical 6-foot-long dual sink vanity. 

Their bathroom is located conveniently between the children’s bedrooms, ensuring both functionality and style for the family. 


Their home includes a carefully designed small office space, providing a dedicated area for work, study, or creativity within the home.


The loft in Candace’s barndominium serves as a vibrant play area for the kids, featuring a window that offers a delightful view of the property.

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Floor Plans + Tips

Candace and her husband took their vision to reality by drawing up the floor plans themselves, and within just three months of breaking ground, their dream home was completed. 


Candace highly recommends the use of spray foam insulation for optimal efficiency and comfort. 

Another smart addition was the play loft, providing a dedicated space for the kids. 

Additionally, a door connecting the master closet to the laundry room added convenience to their daily routines.

However, Candace advises against spiral stairs, appreciating their aesthetic but finding them challenging when it comes to moving items around the house.

She also advises against using snow white quartz, as it proved to be difficult to clean and prone to staining, highlighting the importance of practicality and durability when choosing materials for your home.

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