17 Beautiful Farmhouse Barndominium Interiors You Must See


A farmhouse barndominium typically combines the design elements of a traditional farmhouse with the structure and layout of a barndominium. 

It marries a farmhouse’s rustic and homey aesthetics with the functional and spacious layout of a barndominium. 

These properties often feature characteristics such as large open spaces, exposed beams, rustic finishes, and elements that evoke a farmhouse feel, like shiplap walls, gabled roofs, wide porches, and a cozy ambiance reminiscent of rural living.

The photos below show a sampling of beautiful farmhouse interiors that are a must-see!

17 Inspirational Farmhouse Barndominium Interiors

There are seemingly limitless options and ideas for interior designs in barndominiums. 

The following provide glimpses into ideas that can inspire your own build.

1. Jessica Ornelas’ Design With Rustic & Copper Features

In North Texas, Jessica Ornelas’ barndominium interior radiates creative artistry. 

DIY acid-stained concrete floors showcase the couple’s flair, while a salvaged metal ceiling adds rustic charm with its weathered barn allure. 

The open living area merges dining, kitchen, and living room seamlessly, fostering a welcoming ambiance.

Warm tones from stained wood and painted walls offer a snug feel within the expansive 22′ peak height space. 

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Custom knotty alder cabinets provide ample kitchen storage, while repurposed items like old chicken feeders as light shades in a handcrafted rustic lighting fixture add distinctive character, expertly crafted by Jessica’s husband. 

Additionally, a stunning copper sink exudes farmhouse charm.

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2. Leah Fisher’s Interior With Tranquil & Vintage Elements


Leah Fisher’s Delaware barndominium interior exudes elegance and functionality. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring graces the space, blending sophistication with durability. 

The foyer impresses with suspended and recessed lighting, a handy bench, closet, and prairie-style doors. 

Walls painted in Sherwin Williams’ “Downy” hue emanate tranquility, juxtaposed by bright white trim. 

The dining area, nestled between the great room and kitchen, resonates rustic charm with its furniture. Illuminated by a suspended fixture, the table comfortably seats eight. 

The kitchen boasts double islands for ample cooking and socializing space. 

Fantasy brown granite countertops and vintage pantry doors add character and elegance to this charming kitchen.

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3. Jennifer Atwood Ezell’s Exposed Wooden Beam Interior

Jennifer Atwood Ezell’s Mississippi barndominium, ingeniously nestled within a 60’ x 40’ shop, feels unexpectedly spacious. 

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Its interior boasts 14′ side walls and a 21′ central height, offering an airy living space. 

Stained pine doors and walls painted in “Fog Mist” with “Swiss Coffee” trim establish a warm welcome. 

Warm wood tones, wooden beams wrapping the joists, and a grand 100″ Westinghouse ceiling fan adorn the 21′ ceilings in the main living area. 

The living room centers around a stone and wood fireplace, flanked by open shelving and cabinetry exuding warmth and character. 

The kitchen dazzles with a 6′ x 8′ gray leathered granite island hosting a gold-faucet sink and suspended light. 

Cabinets in Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams, along with coffered hallway ceilings, underscore the barndominium’s aesthetic appeal.

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4. Michelle Linton’s Design With A Farmhouse Cabin Feel

Michelle Linton’s Northern Indiana barndominium resonates with warmth and character. 

The kitchen features a picturesque sink, white countertops, and a sophisticated black soapstone island.

Rustic hickory cabinets and knotty pine doors showcase local artisan craftsmanship.

The master bedroom, graced with warm hardwood flooring, highlights a charming log-wood cabin-style bed frame, embodying rustic elegance. 

Barn-style doors lead to the master bathroom, completing the seamless transition between private spaces.

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5. Alicia Rollo Bagwell’s Eclectic & Rustic Interior

Alicia Rollo Bagwell’s sprawling 5-bedroom Alabama barndominium, complete with a wraparound porch, exudes warmth and character in every detail. 

Comfortable furniture and vibrant decor accentuate the great room’s inviting ambiance, ideal for hosting family and friends.

The seamless flow into the dining area embraces a 14.5-foot long handmade table, a testament to Alicia’s husband’s craftsmanship, emanating rustic elegance. 

Handcrafted lighting fixtures further personalize the space, while the kitchen stands as a fusion of style and functionality.

With a 6 x 10 feet island as the centerpiece, the kitchen features New Lanza countertops, glazed upper cabinets in mindful gray, and iron ore-hued bottom cabinets. 

A local artisan’s touch is evident in the cabinetry, complemented by a brick tile backsplash, offering a timeless rustic backdrop.

Stainless steel appliances bring modernity, while a wooden facade ventilation hood adds a rustic touch.

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6. Michelle Keafabber’s Painted Walls Offer A Farmhouse Ambiance

Michelle Keaffaber’s Indiana home encapsulates rural tranquility merged with modern living. 

The nursery and master bedroom radiate warmth with rustic autumnal shades, decor, and accents, along with windows ushering in natural light. 

The serene Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog painted walls in the full bathroom evoke a calming ambience, complemented by flooring that harmonizes with the color scheme.

The master bathroom presents a luxurious soaker tub with a wall-mounted faucet, offering a rejuvenating retreat. 

The painted walls bring a farmhouse-style touch, evoking the essence of days gone by.

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7. Holly Angel’s Interior With Shiplap, Barn Doors, & More

In Holly Angel’s Missouri hybrid barndominium, the kitchen and living area merge seamlessly, creating an inviting and spacious ambiance. 

Heating is provided by a cozy Harman Pellet Stove, ensuring both comfort and eco-friendliness. The kitchen boasts a charming farmhouse sink.

Holly’s cousin contributed a custom-built dining “island,” a central hub for family gatherings.

The rustic charm extends to barn doors stained in the Early American hue, adorned with horseshoe accent handles. 

A shiplap accent wall adds both practicality and aesthetic appeal to this delightful barndominium.

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8. Justin Bridges’ Farmhouse Design With Repurposed Elements

In Justin Bridges’ Texas residence, elegance meets functionality with hardwood floors, plush carpeting in bedrooms, and resilient tiles in bathrooms and laundry areas. 

A touch of the hunter’s charm defines the décor, featuring sliding barn doors and pine-trimmed baseboards and door frames. 

An antique “Market Fresh” door leads to the pantry, preserving its character and freeing up kitchen space. 

The master suite, one of three bedrooms, boasts sliding “barn style doors” repurposed to cover windows, creating a serene ambiance.

Rustic elements like a tray ceiling with dark wood trim and a whiskey barrel sink in the bathroom, sourced from Craigslist, add unique character to this home.

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9. Colleen Robert’s Modern Farmhouse Interior

In Missouri, Colleen Roberts’ meticulously planned floor layout reflects her vision, integrating sought-after elements such as a roomy master suite, well-separated bedrooms, lofty ceilings, a conveniently located main-floor laundry, and a spacious attached shop, embracing a modern farmhouse style.

An electric fireplace graces the living area, walls are painted in a soothing gray, and a high ceiling imparts an open and airy feel. 

The kitchen has white cabinetry with warm wooden accents, offering an appealing contrast.

Stainless steel appliances add modern flair and efficiency, while generous counter space ensures functionality during meal preparation.

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10. Kelly Whiteman-Snipes’ Farm-Life-Charmed Barndo

In Indiana, Kelly Whiteman-Snipes’ dwelling marries farm-life charm with modern living, evident in its knotty pine wood finishes and a welcoming atmosphere. 

The kitchen boasts a generous island with seating, serving as a central spot for both cooking and casual dining.

Modern appliances and ample storage options further enhance the kitchen’s functionality.

The unstained ceiling contributes to the space’s natural rustic charm. 

A deep basin sink stands out as a stunning feature in this well-appointed kitchen. 

A half bath with metal accent wall-siding and a mix of farmhouse decor complements the home’s overall aesthetics.

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11. Cathy McGinnis’ Magazine-Worthy Interior Design

In North Carolina, Cathy McGinnis’ barndominium boasts a magazine-worthy interior design that seamlessly combines different spaces. 

The concrete flooring is complemented by buffalo plaid rugs enhancing the cozy vibe. 

Exposed spiral ductwork adds an industrial flair, blending into the overall aesthetic while a pellet stove efficiently warms the house. 

Thrifted dining furniture with sentimental value graces the dining area.

The kitchen features a spacious island with a shiplap backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and thoughtful storage solutions, showcasing practicality and style. 

Cathy’s master bedroom boasts gray walls and a DIY headboard, offering a chic and comfortable farmhouse-vibe retreat.

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12. Robin Guernse’s Farmhouse Design To Live With The Horses

In Wisconsin, Robin Guernse’s barndominium harmonizes living with horses in an attached barn, offering a unique experience. 

Abundant natural light floods the interior through a “window wall”, creating an open, airy space.

The sunbeam-shaped exposed wooden beams with spherical lighting add character, complementing the fireplace flanked by white cabinetry. 

The horse barn connects seamlessly, allowing the Icelandic horses to observe their humans and vice versa, with a secure glass door maintaining separation.

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13. Sarah Law’s Farmhouse Decor With Stunning Laminate Plank Flooring

Sarah Law’s Indiana barndominium seamlessly blends practicality and traditional home comfort. 

The living area boasts stunning laminate plank flooring and cozy furnishings, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

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The kitchen features a spacious pantry for storage, a granite countertop with bar stool seating, and a circular work area. 

The walls painted in Behr’s Mineral color add to the charm. 

In the dining area, a unique homemade table crafted from antique porch posts adds character and comfortably seats six people.

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14. Brent & Brinkley McPherson’s Unique & Bold Interior Design

Brett & Brinkley McPherson’s Oklahoma barndominium showcases stunning interior features.

Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling add rustic sophistication, complementing their eclectic rustic furniture. 

The living area boasts a skylight, unique decor, and a captivating antler chandelier as its centerpiece.

In the kitchen, a generous island provides ample countertop space, surrounded by cabinetry painted in green.

The staircase is a work of art, blending wood, metal, and black and white tile to create a stunning visual with modern elegance. Rustic swinging doors add a charming touch.

The bathroom features a spacious tub and shower combination with rich, inviting dark tones. 

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15. Teran Sands’ Amazing Accent Walls

Teran Sands’ Texas barndominium showcases immaculately designed interiors boasting ample light and space. 

The inviting ambiance is complemented by comfortable furnishings in neutral tones. 

In the kitchen, a sliding barn door grants access to the pantry, while a stunning printed accent wall adds character to the space.

In one bedroom, a cushioned headboard infuses comfort and style, with bold colors and a vibrant patterned accent wall creating an energetic atmosphere. 

A nursery embraces calming dark neutral tones and a coffered wall with a whimsical cloud-patterned accent wall.

Another nursery features a cozy lounge chair adjacent to a crib and a feminine floral accent wall that exudes charm and nurturing vibes. 

A cactus wall print, crafted using a stencil and paint pen, decorates a playroom.

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16. Angela Patrick’s Countryside Farmhouse Interior With Custom Builds

Angela Patrick’s Tennessee barndominium interior radiates warmth, embodying the serene charm of countryside living. 

A comfortable sectional couch invites relaxation in the light-filled living area, while expansive windows amplify the natural light. The lofty 18-foot ceilings host a ceiling fan for efficient air circulation.

The Patrick family’s ingenuity shines through the fireplace design, utilizing leftover stone from the wainscoting for accents. 

The kitchen is adorned in white hues with delightful wood accents. 

The 5×9 island, boasting custom-made stained and sealed tops crafted by the cabinet builder, serves as a focal point.

A dining area table strategically placed between the kitchen and living area offers ample room for additional guests.

The main bedroom features a custom-built bed with a windowed side view.

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17. Melissa Hewitt’s Barndominium With Rich Wooden Features

The meticulously designed barndominium owned by Melissa Hewitt in Georgia effortlessly combines contemporary living with timeless farmhouse-inspired design elements. 

Its design highlights handcrafted stairs, a covered porch, and repurposed barn wood for added character and functionality.

The interior features an open-concept layout accentuated by natural tones and wooden accents, creating a serene and welcoming ambiance. 

A striking floor-to-ceiling stone brick fireplace serves as the focal point, complemented by a 20-foot-high ceiling adorned with wooden beams. 

The kitchen showcases wooden elements paired with elegance.

The stairway, meticulously crafted with handpicked pine sourced from a mill, leads to the second floor, where bedrooms exude a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. 

Throughout the home, thoughtful touches like reclaimed barn wood towel hooks and deer antler chandeliers add rustic elegance.

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Want More Farmhouse Barndominium Interior Design Ideas?

Farmhouse-styled barndominiums are popular and varied in their overall looks. They blend rustic charm with modern comforts, creating cozy spaces. 

Their spacious layouts and high ceilings allow for versatile designs. Combining traditional aesthetics with sturdy construction, they offer a unique architectural appeal, ideal for simpler rural living.

If you are looking for more inspiring farmhouse interior ideas, click here to see our entire barndominium gallery!

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