Jessica Ornelas’ Rustic Old-School Barndominium In North Texas With Stunning Floors


Presented here is a remarkable self-built barndominium in Texas by Jessica Ornelas, boasting a rustic, old-school design that’s been a labor of love for several years. 

Under $200K, this home has been a testament to incredible savings, with $150K saved in labor costs.

Featuring a 40’ x 60’ footprint and a 10’ wraparound porch, this barndominium offers both functionality and a unique charm with walls standing tall at 13’10” and a roof pitch of 5:12.

The home is built by Jessica’s husband, a skilled metal fabricator specializing in fences and gates, and exhibits his craftsmanship expertise in metalwork.

Although primarily a learning curve, their philosophy remains rooted in the belief that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Even though the interiors are a work in progress, this gem showcases unique features and stunning flooring, reflecting a wealth of rich tones. 

This spacious barndo spans 2,400 square feet downstairs, which includes three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The loft adds an additional 600 square feet, providing ample room for diverse living arrangements or a fourth bedroom.

A notable inclusion is the tornado shelter, ensuring safety during unexpected weather events. 

Dive into the photos below to explore the intricate details and captivating essence of this remarkable barndominium.


The barndominium’s construction involved a hands-on effort, primarily undertaken by Jessica’s husband, who skillfully handled the welding while she provided support.

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Their design was a personal creation, not a prefabricated kit, with metal sourced from local suppliers.

Harmonizing with the exterior’s stone facade, the chimney exterior is crafted using the same captivating stonework featured along the base of the home.

This family took advantage of the property’s space, incorporating a delightful wraparound porch ideal for enjoying the surrounding landscape and leisurely outdoor moments.

A distinct point of pride is the custom-designed front door, a creation by a door company based on Jessica’s original drawing. 

This unique entrance adds an inviting and personalized touch to the home’s facade.


Open Living Area

The interior design of the barndominium boasts DIY concrete acid stained floors, showcasing the homeowners’ creative touch. 

A distinctive feature is the metal ceiling, salvaged from an old barn, lending the space a rustic and weathered appeal with its existing rusted finish.

With the wood stained in “Provincial” by Minwax and walls painted in “Plateau” by Behr, the interior reflects a blend of warm, natural tones creating a cozy atmosphere within the expansive 22′ peak height space. 

The open living area seamlessly combines the dining, kitchen, and living room, fostering an inviting and interconnected ambiance perfect for modern living.


The kitchen features custom-built knotty alder cabinets, offering ample storage.

Jessica eagerly awaits the pantry’s completion to free up cabinet space for food storage.

Jessica’s husband constructed the distinctive rustic lighting fixture over the island using an old rusty tin sign painted by her. 

Old chicken feeders repurposed as light shades contribute to the unique and rustic aesthetic, all wired up by her husband as well.

Notably, the island houses a microwave and ample storage, ensuring a convenient and accessible placement.

The rounded-apron-front farmhouse kitchen double bowl Mexican copper sink adds a rustic charm to the kitchen space.


The shower is located in the corner and features a mix of tiles in various shapes and brown tones, creating an aesthetically pleasing pattern. 

It includes a glass door adorned with a black handle for access. 

Plans are underway to install two shower heads – a standard one and a rain head – offering multiple options for a personalized shower experience.


The loft, overlooking the open living area, offers a versatile space in the home. 

Carpeted and illuminated with recessed lighting, it’s divided into two distinct sections.

The back part of the loft is intended to be transformed into an office space, while the front serves as a movie room. 

Despite its designated purposes, the front section, equipped with closet space, can be repurposed as an additional bedroom, offering flexibility in its use.

Other Features

The following photos display some more of the unique features and innovative design choices within this barndominium.

An eye-catching glass knob door finished with a distressed teal paint adds a charming touch, setting the tone for the property’s rustic yet modern design.

The sliding barn door, constructed by the homeowners themselves, is a custom addition to the home’s decor. 

Within the room pictured here are faux brick panels from Home Depot to line the walls, artfully treated with a German schmear finish, enhancing the rustic charm of the space.

Underneath the stairs leading to the loft, there’s a cozy nook designed to resemble a miniature log cabin home. 

Intended as a playhouse, it offers a delightful space for the homeowners’ children to enjoy and explore.

This accent wall features a striking forest scene depicting white birch trees and deer set against a dark background. 

This captivating mural adds a touch of natural beauty and woodland charm to the space.

The tornado shelter was among the initial construction, prioritizing safety and preparedness in the building process.

The chicken coop is a standalone structure situated on the property, fully fenced in to ensure the security and safety of the chickens.

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