Angela Patrick’s Exceptional Barndominium In Tennessee


Welcome to the epitome of rustic elegance and modern living – Angela Patrick’s remarkable barndominium nestled in the heart of Pinson, Tennessee.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Woodside Special’s floor plan and boasting Summertown Metals’ signature stud frame construction, this stunning property redefines comfortable living.

Spanning a generous 1,920 square feet, this single-story haven embraces a spacious layout that perfectly balances form and function. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this residence accommodates both privacy and togetherness effortlessly.

As you step inside, the Patrick family is greeted by wood trusses and an inviting overhang that sets the tone for what lies ahead.

Natural light dances through 15 thoughtfully placed windows, illuminating the heart of the home.

A dormer and vaulted ceiling add an airy elegance to the space, while the wood and metal blend seamlessly to create a timeless aesthetic.

The Patrick family saved money by doing a lot of the work themselves and are proud to call this barndominium home.


The exterior of this barndominium is equally captivating, with a 40-year 29-gauge painted metal walls, roof, and trim that exude a harmonious fusion of style and durability. 

The welcoming glow from the front illuminates the scene, inviting you to explore.

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Nestled amidst lush woods and bordered by calm waters, this property embodies a seamless blend of nature and comfort.


The concrete 4″ slab with monolithic footers assures stability, while the porches – a 10’x48′ front porch and a 10’x20′ back porch – provide an ideal setting to savor the tranquility of the surroundings.

The Patrick family repurposed leftover stone from the wainscoting to create the walkway, using pine for the ceiling.

The porch sits right next to the water for a relaxing atmosphere.

Rocking chairs and a porch swing offer ample, comfortable seating.

The porch extends the length of the barndominium at 48 feet and is 10 feet deep.

Interior Living Area

The interior exudes warmth, thanks to the carefully curated details that reflect the tranquil charm of countryside living.

The open transition creates a seamless connection between spaces, where a cozy sectional couch welcomes relaxation while the huge windows flood the area with natural light.

The ceilings are 18 ft at the highest point, with a ceiling fan to circulate the air.

The sectional couch creates a boundary between the living area and the rest of the home.


The Patrick family used leftover stone from the wainscoting to accent the fireplace, and the inset design in the wall allows for effective heating. The inside of the fireplace is 7 feet tall.

With blown-in insulation, their utility bill remained under $90 throughout the winter, making them truly fond of this setup!


The entire 20×19 kitchen boasts a white theme with wood accents, featuring a corner pantry, bar stools, and ample cabinet space.

The island, measuring 5×9, showcases custom-made stained and sealed tops by the cabinet builder.

Dining Area

A dining area table fits in the transition between the kitchen and living area, with room for more guests.


The main bedroom features a custom-built bed with a side view showcasing two windows.

Plenty of light is found in the main bedroom.

It has bypassing sliding doors and added character adorned with decor pieces found at a yard sale.

The second bedroom has bypassing doors on the closet, with ample light.

Two windows offer natural light for this bedroom.

The third bedroom has a beautiful hanging chandelier.

Here’s ample lighting and a fireplace for a cozy room.

This room is the perfect offering for guests to visit and enjoy their stay with the Patrick family.


The bathroom is elegantly furnished with a vanity featuring sliding doors, accompanied by a mirror positioned neatly over the sink.

Functional decor and bypassing doors add to the charm of this bathroom.

The bathroom stands out with its charming niche tile design in a convenient shower.

An open closet with shelving provides ample room for towels and things.

In the second bathroom, the laundry room is accessed through bypassing doors, while the bathroom boasts a glass wall shower, a luxurious soaking tub, and an elegant vanity.

The tub is located underneath a large window for natural light.

Laundry Room

The laundry room has storage for the essentials.


The Patrick family’s barndominium exudes countryside charm and warmth. The open transition seamlessly connects areas, while the fireplace, repurposed stone, and high ceilings enhance comfort. 

The kitchen showcases wood accents and an island with custom tops. Bedrooms offer personal touches, and bathrooms feature functional decor.

To see more of their home, follow on Instagram @wilderwood_farm79.

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