Robin Guernse’s Dream Come True: A Wisconsin Barndominium With Attached Horse Barn


This remarkable property owned by Robin Guernse is a true embodiment of a dream come true. 

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Wisconsin, this stunning barndominium with an attached horse barn stands as a testament to vision and determination. 

Constructed in 2020, the unique design places the horse barn just beyond the kitchen glass doors, allowing for a harmonious coexistence between homeowners and their multiple Icelandic horses, a true homestead setup that is both awe-inspiring and functional.

Despite initial doubts, Robin’s vision has become a reality that resonates with those who appreciate the beauty of living alongside horses. 

The captivating structure features an abundance of windows, infusing the interior with natural light that plays upon the carefully curated elements, reminiscent of the enchanting allure of Iceland. 

This extraordinary home stands on a poured concrete foundation, an architectural feat particularly remarkable given the challenging hillside setting.

The journey towards this exceptional residence began with the purchase of the land, culminating in the meticulous construction process that spanned several years. 

The dedication and effort invested are evident not only in the unique layout but also in the attention to detail throughout.

While this article may not showcase every single room of the property, readers are in for a treat as they catch a glimpse of some incredibly stunning and unique features.


At the front of the home, expansive windows offer panoramic views of the land, while the garage stands on one side and the horse barn on the other.

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Nestled on a large expanse of property, the idyllic scene features a charming white picket fence, alongside a serene pond where a muskrat gracefully swims – a common sight in the picturesque landscapes of Wisconsin.

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This image provides a closeup view of the horse barn seamlessly attached to the home.

In this closeup shot of the other side, the home reveals multiple entrances, abundant windows, and a raised porch, showcasing its functional and inviting design.

Bathed in sunlight, the horse barn side of the home is connected further with fencing that ensures the horses’ safety while they bask in the warmth.

The horses can approach the home closely, and this little mare might consider the pumpkins a snack.

Entranceway & Interior Features

The entranceway boasts a seamless fusion of luxury and rustic charm, offering a wide and open space. The flooring, made of walnut wide plank, adds to the inviting ambiance.

A stunning window “wall” spans from floor to ceiling, inviting abundant natural light.

Multiple doors lead to the porch, providing seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

This vantage offers an expansive view of the property, serving as a central focal point that defines the essence of the entire home.

This rustic light fixture was meticulously handcrafted by BBC Lighting in Milwaukee, adding a unique and personalized touch to the space.

Living Area

The living area features a thoughtfully arranged furniture setup, with seating facing each other in front of the 18-foot-tall fireplace.

The fireplace is flanked by built-in white cabinetry and shelving on both sides, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

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Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling add a rustic touch to the space, harmonizing with the relaxing color scheme.

The wall paint in Sherwin Williams “on the rocks” enhances the serene atmosphere.

This view shows the seamless transition to the kitchen.


The kitchen seamlessly extends the walnut wide plank flooring, connecting the spaces with a sense of flow. 

Crisp white cabinetry complements the exposed wooden beams overhead, creating a charming interplay of textures. 

The island’s distinctive bent shape accommodates seating for six, featuring dark-colored seating that adds contrast. With an independent sink, the island also enhances functionality. 

Abundant storage caters to practical needs, while stainless steel appliances infuse modernity into the space.


The bathroom vanity boasts distinctive details, including a unique wooden bowl for hand washing.

A wooden-framed mirror complements the aesthetic, adding warmth.

The white vanity offers ample storage.

Horse Barn

The stalls exhibit simplicity, constructed from white pine by the skilled hands of the Amish craftsmen.

Each individual stall boasts a Nelson waterer and, positioned at the upper sections, electrical outlets.

Modifications were made to the stall arrangement, with the consideration of insulating the water line proving to be prudent, especially in colder climates.

In the horse barn, the Icelandics can observe their humans with curiosity, while Flo the cat watches back. 

Displaying their intelligence, the equine creatures have acquired the skill of door opening, although they prefer to linger in the breezeway during inclement weather.

There’s no need for concern, as their distinctive aroma remains contained, and the secure tempered glass door ensures a barrier.

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Upon reflection, the inclusion of a mudroom adjacent to the barn might have proven advantageous, yet the existing arrangement effectively maintains the barn’s cleanliness.

Fortunately, the issue of mice is nonexistent, and any presence of flies appears to originate from the garage rather than the barn itself.

The barn stands as a harmonious and cohesive space, seamlessly accommodating both human occupants and the resident animals.

Here’s a closer look at the horse barn floor plan.


This captivating property is a testament to a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, a dream realized in the heart of Wisconsin.

The thoughtfully designed layout, merging living spaces with equine companions, evokes a sense of wonder.

Robin Guernse’s accomplishment has indeed translated into an absolutely stunning home, a testament to her devotion to creating a haven that captures the essence of a homestead and makes dreams of a unique lifestyle come true.

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