Melissa Hewitt’s Barndominium Build In Hot & Humid Southeast Georgia


Explore this exceptional Georgia barndominium, a carefully crafted farmhouse-inspired dwelling that seamlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary luxuries.

Spanning a total floor area of 7500 sq. ft., with a heated 3000 square feet, this home encompasses 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. It has 14-foot side walls and a 20-foot center.

Fom industrial shelving to pond excavation, the Hewitts have made their Barndo a unique haven. 

Their home showcases distinctive features, such as handcrafted stairs, a spacious covered porch, a sizable island, handcrafted pine posts on the stairway, and creatively repurposed barn wood for towel hooks. 

These personalized touches reflect their dedication to creating a harmonious and functional living space.



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Standing as an impressive testament to spaciousness, this barndominium’s façade captures the vastness of its position on the land. The architecture comprises two interconnected structures, seamlessly linked by a breezeway, with a shared roof design. 

Neesmith Steel Buildings created this barndo’s shell. Positioned on the right side of the breezeway is a substantial 38×45-foot shop, complemented by a covered garage for vehicles. 

Access to the breezeway is facilitated by a tire-friendly, two-toned paver driveway for convenient parking. 

To the left, a sprawling living area awaits, accompanied by a broad front porch patio that enjoys protection under the roof upheld by handsome vertical wooden beams. 

The walls are graced by generous 6×8-foot tinted windows for ventilation and UV ray safeguarding. 

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Welcoming visitors are grand wooden double doors, flanked by elegant black hurricane lamps, a fitting introduction to the Hewitt residence.

Living Area

As you step into this remarkable abode, the ambiance is immediately set aglow by the rich wooden features – from the floor planks to the window frames. This barndominium embraces the open-concept lifestyle, harmonizing the sophistication of contemporary amenities with the charm of traditional furnishings and rugs. 

The expansive layout offers a seamless view of the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Adding to the allure, a floor-to-ceiling stone brick wall cradles a classic fireplace, with the grandeur of the 20-foot high ceiling. 

Sherwin Williams’ Pure White graces the walls, elegantly offset by the Early American stained hue. Delicate wood planks in a lighter brown shade accentuate the bold dark wooden beams above. 

A distinctive chandelier crafted from deer antlers dangles gracefully at the heart of it all, showcasing intricate workmanship upon closer inspection.

Gazing from the living room, the Hewiit family enjoys an uninterrupted 180-degree view of the surrounding outdoor landscape, adorned with a lush tapestry of trees.


The elegantly designed kitchen, features pristine white cabinets, a luxurious 5 x 7-foot marble-topped island, and stylish pendant lighting fixtures suspended above.

A conveniently located pantry in the adjacent room also boasts ample cupboards, providing practical storage solutions.

The layout seamlessly transitions from the kitchen island seating to an expansive living area, where a generously sized dining table takes center stage, promising memorable meals and engaging conversations.

Stairway & Loft

The stairway, adorned with meticulously handcrafted pine accents, gracefully ascends to the second floor.

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These stairs are truly a work of art, crafted from hand-picked pine sourced from the mill and expertly designed by the talented Trey, Melissa’s husband.

The attention to detail in the stairway’s construction adds a touch of rustic elegance to the home’s overall aesthetic.


Ascend to the second floor, where you’ll discover a bedroom collection that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern comfort. 

Elegantly crafted wooden double doors open the way to the bedrooms. These bedrooms offer ample space for relaxation and a true reflection of the home’s distinctive character. 

The well-appointed interiors are enhanced by rich wooden accents and carefully chosen furnishings that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

As you explore, you’ll find a generously sized walk-in closet in each bedroom, thoughtfully designed to provide abundant storage for the family’s personal belongings. 

This attention to practicality ensures that their living space remains clutter-free while exuding refined style.



Discover the ultimate retreat for unwinding after a long day in the bathroom. A pristine white bathtub takes center stage, accompanied by walls adorned unique towel hooks. Crafted from reclaimed barn wood, these hooks carry a touch of rustic elegance.

Step into the shower room, harmoniously reflecting the house’s overall design. Weathered distressed wooden planks grace the walls, while mosaic pebble tiles underfoot add a tactile luxury to the floor.  An almost seamless triangular spa bench crafted from the same exquisite wooden material subtly complements the aesthetic.


The expansive workshop is ideally suited for the family’s flooring company.

They enhanced functionality through the installation of industrial-style shelving. This addition aims to optimize storage and organization within the shop, aligning with the needs of their thriving business.

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An enormous undertaking was the excavation of a pond, a feature that significantly enhances the property’s charm.

The Hewitt family plans to create a charming mini beach, promising delightful summer moments.

This endeavor adds a unique dimension to the property, exemplifying the potential for outdoor recreation and relaxation.


Witness the Hewitt family’s journey in creating a place to call their own.

Connect with them on Instagram @the_holland_farm_barndominium and YouTube: Barn in the Wild for more insights.

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