Embracing Barndominium Lifestyle In Missouri: Colleen Roberts Shares Why She Loves Barndo Living


In 2013, The Roberts family embarked on an ambitious journey, purchasing a home and 60 acres that, although initially stretching their budget, held untold potential. 

Fast forward to 2019, they made a calculated move, subdividing and selling a portion of the property at a profitable margin.

The decision to sell their existing home and embark on a new build journey was prompted by the cost-effectiveness it offered compared to relentless updates on their prior residence. 

Their new venture led to a remarkable 4-bedroom, 4-bath barndominium that accommodates their family dynamics.

It boasts an upgraded power system, transitioning from 100 Amp service to an impressive 400 Amp service for the home and an additional 200 Amp service to the barn. 

Their carefully designed floor plan, a testament to their vision, incorporated must-haves like a spacious master suite, well-separated bedrooms, high ceilings, a conveniently located main-floor laundry, and a generous shop seamlessly attached to the house. 

Nestled in the heart of Missouri, this barndominium, created for under $400k, epitomizes the power of determination and the realization of dreams, making a home where love and aspirations flourish. 

Some pictures and insights about their build are shared below.


The Roberts family embarked on a remarkable journey in home design and construction, emphasizing durable materials and thoughtful choices.

Their core values include minimal exterior maintenance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

They recommend basements for extra space and safety during storms, tailored to local conditions.

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They have found that the metal roofing’s durability shines in storms, and they stress the importance of professional design for climate-specific needs.


Their home boasts brick stone accents, metal siding, and a durable metal roof that withstands storms and offers easy maintenance. 

Cedar beams, while visually appealing, require staining upkeep. Stone accents are a resounding success.

A welcoming covered porch and a spacious 3-car garage also grace the front.


A composite deck and stamped concrete patio adorn the backyard. 

The metal railings prove superior to cedar.

A walkout basement adds space and versatility. 


The garage in the Roberts’ home boasts a spacious layout with a durable concrete floor, providing ample room for various activities and storage needs.

Mounted deer heads and a wooden panel accent wall further enhance the aesthetics of this functional space.

Interior: 1st Floor

Living Area

The Roberts family’s 1st floor exudes style and practicality.

It features an electric fireplace, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Painted in the soothing shade of Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, the living room boasts 9-foot ceilings throughout (18 feet in the living room) with recessed lighting, creating an open and spacious atmosphere.

Here’s a view from the kitchen to the living area, showcasing the stairway and multiple doors.

The open living concept seamlessly connects the kitchen to the living room, contributing to the overall charm of this well-designed home.

Features Not Pictured

One standout feature is the expansive laundry room, complete with ample shelving and designated laundry baskets for each family member, ensuring efficiency in sorting and folding.

Additionally, the first floor offers linen closets in both the master suite and the hallway, demonstrating a commitment to ample storage solutions.

Walk-in closets grace every room, providing residents with generous storage space.


The kitchen at the Roberts’ residence is both functional and stylish. While not pictured, a walk-in pantry adds a practical touch, and a door connecting it to the garage enhances convenience.

The island, featuring an elegant ebony stain on beech wood, not only offers seating for four but also houses a built-in sink, combining functionality and aesthetics.

The kitchen boasts stunning white cabinetry with warm wooden accents, creating a visually pleasing contrast.

Stainless steel appliances provide modernity and efficiency, while ample counter space ensures practicality in meal preparation.

Interior: 2nd Floor

The Roberts family has a helpful evening routine to keep their home organized. They recommend giving it a try, especially on Sundays.

They suggest turning on some music, assigning specific rooms to each family member, and setting a timer.

It’s a fun and efficient way to tidy up, and waking up to a cleaner home on Mondays is always a great start to the week!

Here’s a look at some second floor features.


The loft area in the Roberts’ home is painted in the soothing shade of Greige Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is elegantly painted in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams and features a fireplace with a Touchstone Sideline electric insert, adding warmth and luxury to the bathing experience.


This bathroom boasts cabinets made of beech wood with a black wax stain from Lustra, along with sink vanities measuring 39″ each, and a 30″ makeup vanity portion.

Other Features

Although not pictured, the home also includes linen closets, walk-in bedroom closets, and well-appointed bedrooms.

Floor Plans & Construction

Christy Roberts, a professional civil engineer with experience in home design and construction, took on the ambitious task of designing her family’s dream home. 

Her extensive background in engineering and previous home-building projects equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to create customized plans tailored to her family’s needs. 

However, she emphasizes the importance of seeking input from experienced professionals and getting feedback from others when embarking on a similar journey. 

While they hired contractors for various aspects of the project, the Roberts family actively participated in some key tasks and took on the role of general contractor to bring their vision to life.


Follow the Roberts family’s inspiring journey on Instagram @robertsbarndolife, where they share insights and build highlights, marking each step toward their dream-come-true abode. 

Here they reflect on a life that embodies the very dreams they once aspired to, sparking excitement for what future dreams may await.

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