From Shop To Sanctuary: Jennifer Atwood Ezell’s Barndominium Transformation In Mississippi


Welcome to the remarkable barndominium transformation in Mississippi crafted by Jennifer Atwood Ezell. 

This ongoing journey showcases the meticulous decisions in decor and adaptation to unexpected changes. 

The 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom dwelling spans 2,400 sq. ft. with an additional spacious 600 sq. ft. loft, cleverly designated as an office and lounge area. 

The house, ingeniously built within an existing 60’ x 40’ shop, surprisingly feels expansive. Thoughtful additions, like plumbing for a future upstairs powder room, elevate the living experience. 

With a finished cost of around $275k, excluding land expenses, this barndominium reflects a personal and dedicated touch, with ongoing updates shaping this unique haven.


The exterior of the house showcases an elegant combination of charcoal gray siding and black trim, topped with a galvalum roof for a modern aesthetic. 

The cedar posts, stained with Minwax 211 and sealed with Helsman spar urethane, add a touch of natural warmth. 

These seven oak pillar/posts, each measuring 12” x 12”, were crafted from oak trees on the property, sanded, and stained for a striking appearance.

The 12-foot porch, featuring a 9-foot high tongue and groove pine ceiling in Minwax’s Provincial 211, creates a welcoming outdoor space. 

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The back of the home boasts two exit doors, with one leading to a loft-connected back porch, offering convenient access and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.


The interior boasts 14′ side walls and a central height of 21′, creating an expansive and airy living space. 

Pine doors, stained in “Provincial 211”, and “Fog Mist” walls with “Swiss Coffee” trim contribute to the welcoming atmosphere. 

Front windows feature a black-on-black design, while the back windows cleverly combine white inside and black outside. 

The concrete floors, sealed with two coats, share the space with some oil stains, telling the story of its past life. 

The space is double-insulated, with spray foam on the front and back walls, the entire ceiling, and the attic, along with an additional round of fiberglass insulation on the side walls.

Living Area

With 21′ ceilings in the main living area, the warm wood tones add a cozy touch, steering away from plain white walls. 

Real wood beams, though hollow, wrap the joists, with each 12″ wide pine board stained and boxed around the rafters.

The living area features a spacious 100″ Westinghouse ceiling fan, embracing the philosophy that bigger is almost always better, complemented by a simple design that stands out. 

The fan not only enhances air circulation but also adds a key element to the room’s aesthetic.

From this vantage point, the open stairs leading to the loft are visible, creating a seamless connection between the living spaces.

A fireplace takes center stage, surrounded by a harmonious combination of stone and wood, open shelving, and cabinetry adding warmth and character to the room. 

This thoughtful design creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making the living area a focal point for relaxation and social gatherings.


The kitchen is strategically placed with the upstairs loft and office space situated above, providing a visual anchor and preventing the cabinets from appearing suspended. 

Additionally, the kitchen boasts a corner pantry with a door.

The 6′ x 8′ island, with gray leathered granite, incorporates a sink with a gold faucet and a handcrafted suspended light from Etsy.

The bottom of island, stained in Minwax Provincial 211, features an inset microwave for convenience. 

Cabinets in Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams, along with open shelving and a faux stone panel board backsplash, contribute to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. 

Notable elements include a wood-framed stove vent hood with windows on each side, pot-filler plumbing over the stove, and fantasy brown granite/marble countertops.


The hallway provides entry from underneath the loft stairs, creating a seamless transition within the space. 

The hall features coffering around the beams, showcasing exposed wooden beams on the ceiling for added visual appeal. 

The concrete floor adds a touch of industrial elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

With 9′ ceilings in the bedrooms off of the hallway, there’s ample space, leaving room for the upstairs loft to maintain a spacious and cohesive design.


The master bathroom is adorned with a chandelier, marbled white tile, and features a very large tub measuring 74″ by 42″, with a depth of 19″. 

A window over the tub allows for natural light, enhancing the overall ambiance. 

The shower, roughly 6′ by 4′, is awaiting the installation of a glass surround to complete its design. 

Additionally, there is a dual sink vanity, offering both functionality and style.

In the second bathroom, the design echoes the master with marbled white tile. 

It includes a full shower/tub combination, a single sink vanity, and similar styling to the master bathroom, ensuring a cohesive and elegant look throughout the home.


The loft includes a door that leads to an upper outer deck, providing a charming outdoor space.

Inside, the space features wooden beams on the ceiling, adding a rustic touch to the design. The floor is carpeted for comfort, and recessed lighting enhances the overall illumination of the area. 

The loft serves a dual purpose, incorporating an office space that offers a quiet and functional area for work or leisure. 

This versatile loft area combines indoor and outdoor elements, creating a well-rounded and inviting space within the home.

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