12 Excellent Barndominium Ceiling Ideas (& Vaulting Debate)


Barndominiums often embrace diverse ceiling styles, offering various design options. 

Some common types include vaulted ceilings, showcasing spaciousness and a sense of grandeur, or exposed beam ceilings, infusing rustic charm and visual interest.

Other choices, like tray ceilings, add depth and dimension, while coffered ceilings bring elegance through geometric patterns. 

Wood paneling, shiplap, or exposed metal can amplify the style, while skylights or recessed lighting enhance illumination. 

Each ceiling style brings distinct character, catering to preferences ranging from rustic to modern aesthetics.

Barndominium Ceiling Ideas: Pros & Cons Of Vaulting

Before checking out the different ideas and examples of ceilings in the barndominiums below, the big thing to think about is whether to make the ceiling vaulted or not.

Consider the following pros and cons of vaulted ceilings.


  • Enhanced sense of spaciousness and openness.
  • Improved air circulation and natural light distribution.
  • Greater scope for high or large windows, increasing natural light.
  • Creates a grand and visually appealing aesthetic.


  • Potentially higher heating and cooling costs due to increased space.
  • Challenges in maintenance like painting or cleaning due to height.
  • Limitations in storage options and space utilization.
  • Difficulty in placing lighting fixtures or ceiling fans effectively.
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12 Amazing Barndominium Ceiling Ideas

With so many options for barndominium ceilings, homeowners have opportunities to enhance their homes’ overall aesthetic, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Take a closer look for inspiration.

1. Melissa Hewitt’s Wood-Planked With Exposed Beams Vaulted Ceiling

Located in Southeast Georgia, Melissa Hewitt’s barndominium features a striking wood-planked vaulted ceiling. 

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The natural tone of the wood provides an inviting and warm ambiance to the living space. 

Accentuating the ceiling are darker stained exposed wooden beams, adding rustic charm and character to the overall design.

The ceiling is complemented by dropped lighting featuring custom-made deer antlers. 

This unique addition further enhances the rustic appeal, adding a touch of personalized style to the inviting living space.

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2. Robin Guernse’s Sunbeam Ceiling Idea

In Robin Guernse’s Wisconsin barndominium, the vaulted ceiling features exposed and lowered wooden beams, forming a “sunbeam” shape, creating a spacious and open atmosphere. 

Adding to the charm are unique sphere-shaped dropped lighting fixtures, enhancing the distinctive character of the living area.

The stunning window “wall” extends from the floor to the ceiling, welcoming ample natural light into the space. 

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3. Tanya Zalar Deszczykiewicz’s Textured Drywall Ceiling

In Tanya Zalar Deszczykiewicz’s Ohio barndominium, the great room is adorned with stylish black-framed doors leading from the living area, complemented by a high ceiling that creates an open and airy feel. 

The space is illuminated by strategically placed black-framed windows on the second story and at eye level, allowing ample natural light. 

Textured drywall paired with exposed wooden beams and recessed lighting enhance the room’s character. 

Additionally, the kitchen and dining room boasts the same textured drywall and recessed lighting, with a lowered and flat ceiling to accommodate the second-level living area above.

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4. Sherrie McCaine’s All-Wood Walls & Ceiling + More

In Sherrie McCaine’s Mississippi barndominium, the living area showcases wood paneling on both walls and the vaulted ceiling, creating a seamless transition to the kitchen and exuding rustic charm.

The kitchen boasts a dropped wooden ceiling and wood-covered walls and cabinetry.

The play/loft area boasts metal trusses with covered insulation.

The master bathroom showcases a distinctive metal ceiling, contrasting beautifully with walls adorned in 125-year-old refurbished pine. 

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5. Kayla Stone Harper’s Walnut-Stained Shiplap Ceiling

In Kayla Stone Harper’s North Alabama barndominium, the living area, kitchen, and dining space flow together across a 24’ x 50’ expanse. 

The 13-foot-high ceiling boasts shiplap with a unique walnut stain, contrasting elegantly against flat white walls. 

A comforting fan from Lowe’s adds a cozy touch to the atmosphere. 

The inviting living space centers around a charming brick fireplace, enhanced by sealed and stained concrete flooring, creating a warm and welcoming focal space.

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6. Kristy Stone’s Kitchen With Birch Plywood Ceiling & Skylight Features

In Christy Stone’s Tennessee barndominium, the kitchen ceiling is a cleverly sealed ¼-inch birch plywood, mounted over painted black drywall to add depth and character. 

Skylights bathe the room in natural light, creating a warm atmosphere. 

Christy Stone has crafted a truly exceptional barndominium that embodies the perfect fusion of modernity and timeless charm.

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7. Tiffany Pace’s Flat Wood-Paneled Ceiling

Tiffany Pace’s Louisiana “shop house” barndo offers affordable living in a converted space. 

Initially just a shell with a roll-up garage door, it was transformed into a cozy 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom dwelling. 

The open living room and kitchen feature a flat wood-paneled ceiling with dark trim, recessed lighting and ceiling fans, creating a comfortable and functional living space.

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8. Leslie Mintrone’s Coffered Ceiling

Leslie Mintrone’s remarkable Florida barndominium provides a tranquil rural setting just minutes away from Lake Nona, offering a picturesque lakefront within a short 10-minute drive. 

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The living area boasts a coffered ceiling painted in a calming white and gray palette, coupled with recessed lighting, enhancing the high ceiling and creating a welcoming ambiance.

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9. Abigail Ruddy’s Simple Drywall Ceiling

Abigail Rudy’s red barndominium in Florida showcases a flat drywall ceiling adorned with recessed lighting, complemented by a ceiling fan for added comfort. 

Additionally, the kitchen features dropped lighting illuminating the movable island, adding a practical touch to the space.

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10. Sara Wall’s Galvanized R-Panel Ceiling Idea

Sara Wall’s Texas blue barndominium spans 1,240 square feet with a 31 x 40 footprint and features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

The house boasts 11-foot side walls and a vaulted galvanized R-panel ceiling, providing a clean, shiny silver metal appearance. The HVAC duct runs along the center of the vault. 

Insulated with open cell spray foam between the roof and ceiling, the home maintains energy efficiency. 

Warm wood paneling adorns the walls, contributing to a cozy ambiance.

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11. Andy Stachler’s Ohio Barndominium With Striking Ceiling Features

Andy Stachler’s Ohio barndominium boasts an open living space adorned with various design elements. 

Decorative ceiling pieces resembling trusses and wooden planks accentuate the ceiling, complemented by recessed lighting and ceiling fans. 

The walls are painted in Origami White by Sherman Williams. 

Additionally, the photo on the right showcases wooden planks coffered and arranged in an eye-catching design on the ceiling.

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12. Christina Sophia White’s Bedroom With Tray Ceiling

Christina Sophia White’s Georgia barndominium features a master bedroom measuring 17′ x 14′ with a striking tray ceiling reaching 9 feet, extending to 10 feet within the tray. 

Crafted from yellow pine and stained in Early American and weathered oak tones, the tray ceiling adds visual appeal while concealing the internal ductwork. 

The room is adorned with a ceiling fan that combines functionality with stylish design.

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Seeking More Barndominium Ceiling Ideas?

Barndo enthusiasts enjoy customizing their barndominium ceilings to personalize their living space, add unique aesthetics, create ambiance, and reflect their individual style preferences.

Do you want to see more ceiling ideas for inspiration? 

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