Blue Beauty: Sara Wall’s Texas Barndominium – Completed In 3 Months


Sara Wall’s extraordinary blue barndominium is a testament to dedication and ingenuity. 

Built within three months in 2020, during pregnancy and the arrival of a new family member, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home spans 1,240 square feet, with a 31 x 40 footprint and 6/12 pitch, boasting 11-foot side walls. 

Crafted without blueprints, this innovative creation was born from Sara’s vision. Her husband, who specializes in metal buildings and barndo shells, designed and constructed it. 

While it served their family well, they’ve moved on to a larger space and embarking on a new barndo adventure in Texas.

Reflecting on their journey, explore the unique features of this remarkable build below!


The exterior of Sara Wall’s barndominium boasts a 31 x 40 footprint, featuring a vibrant blue hue accented with black-speckled trim and roof, constructed with durable 24-gauge metal. 

Recessed lighting lines the eaves, casting a subtle glow. 

The front entrance door, accompanied by a side light, exudes welcoming charm, while a side entrance door is illuminated by a light overhead, adding functionality and style to the home’s exterior.


The interior of Sara Wall’s barndominium is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom haven encompassing 1,240 square feet. 

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Its open floor plan seamlessly connects the living area, kitchen, and dining space, promoting a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. 

The home is insulated with open cell spray foam between the roof and ceiling, ensuring excellent energy efficiency, with energy costs typically remaining under $100. 

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Additionally, the galvanized R-panel ceiling adds a unique industrial charm to the interior.

A striking feature of the barndominium is the spiral staircase that gracefully ascends to the loft area, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to the home’s design.

The open floor plan area is beautifully illuminated by suspended lighting fixtures, enhancing the ambiance. 

The side walls are adorned with warm wood paneling, creating a cozy atmosphere. 

Comfortable furniture defines the inviting living space. 

The dining table, conveniently situated in the kitchen, accommodates up to eight people, and a large window over the kitchen sink offers ample natural light. 

A corner pantry closet with a door ensures practical storage solutions.

Living Area

From the loft, the view overlooks the spacious living area below, adorned with large windows inviting natural light. 

Comfortable furniture complements the cozy atmosphere, and a carpet adds a touch of warmth and style to the space.


This blue barndominium offers a convenient laundry/closet space situated between the two bedrooms, complete with ample storage options. 

Additionally, it features a tankless water heater cleverly tucked into the bathroom wall for accessibility and efficient use of space.

Spiral Stairs

The spiral staircase, a creation crafted by Sara’s husband, became a captivating centerpiece admired by visitors.

Leading to an extra loft area, its stunning appearance was admired, yet the practicality was limited due to space constraints, especially with younger kids. 

The HVAC unit resides in the upstairs loft, accessible through a discreet hidden door.

The Wall Family’s Future Plans

Sara’s vision for their new barndominium home involves several enhancements for comfort and functionality. 

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She plans to include more and larger rooms, prioritizing individual closets in each room, especially for the kids’ bedroom and a more spacious bathroom. 

Sara also intends to incorporate heated flooring, expand the pantry, and ensure ample space around the stove. She adores large windows and plans to implement them generously. 

Additionally, she aims for over 3,000 square feet in this new space, creating an area much larger than the 1,240 square feet of this blue barndo. 

Sara desires a round dining table and a booth-style seating arrangement near the island for a cozy dining experience. 

Furthermore, she and her husband plan to add the gable immediately instead of delaying it for later modifications.

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