Sherrie McCaine’s Barndominium: A Spacious Haven in Mississippi’s Heart


Take a look at this captivating real estate gem crafted by Sherrie McCaine and her husband in Mississippi! 

The exterior showcases an appealing blend of light gray with bright red trim with a galvalume roof.

This 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom beauty comes complete with an included garage, while the master bedroom impresses with a wraparound closet leading to a luxurious bathroom. 

This remarkable 40 x 60 barndominium has been thoughtfully enhanced with a 10 ft expansion to the front, creating a generously spacious main bedroom.

The interior boasts dimensions of 41.5 X 40 for the living area and 26.5 X 40 for the garage, with an inviting bonus room upstairs. 

Additional features include a convenient laundry room/pantry and a clever loft entrance within the garage.

The plans include an airy ambiance of the 9 ft kitchen ceiling and the allure of a wraparound porch offering both space and style.

Check out the photos and information below for a tour of the McCaine family’s barndo.

The exterior features an attractive combination of light gray accented by bright red trim, complemented by a galvalume roof.

From the side view, you can admire the garage entrance and catch a glimpse of the inviting wraparound porch.

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Here’s a close up look at the wraparound porch which offers ample space for sitting, relaxing, and enjoying playful moments.

Living Area

Furnished with pieces from Southern Motion in Pontotoc, MS, the living area features a high ceiling fan overhead, while the couches are strategically arranged to face two expansive windows and an entrance door.

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The living area boasts a sealed concrete floor, creating an industrial-chic ambiance. Its open transition seamlessly connects it to the kitchen, while wooden wall paneling adds a touch of rustic charm.


The kitchen features a stunning table from Vintage Flooring & Furniture, complemented by stained and sealed wood countertops.

With abundant storage both above and below the counter, along with stainless steel appliances, it combines style and functionality seamlessly.


The McCaine’s barndominium boasts an all-wooden staircase leading to the loft, where a convenient closet is located underneath.

The upstairs bonus room offers versatility, serving as a playroom or an additional bedroom, enhancing the living space’s flexibility.


The barndominium includes three bathrooms, one for each bedroom and an additional one in the garage.

The master bathroom features unique character with its walls adorned in 125-year-old stained refurbished pine.

The vanity boasts a hickory cabinet sourced from Lowe’s, complemented by a sink vessel from Home Depot, and a charming driftwood countertop.

In this image, the door opens to the master bedroom closet, while it also wraps around the spacious 4×6 shower area.

The entranceway offers ample space to step into the fully enclosed shower, effectively preventing water from splashing outside.

The shower features a stone and grout floor with accents, complemented by a convenient shelf for storage.


The master bedroom offers easy access to the wraparound porch through exit doors and boasts ample space and abundant natural lighting.

The sealed concrete floor seamlessly extends into the bedrooms, creating a cohesive and stylish flooring choice throughout the space.

A spacious closet wraps around the back of the shower, offering ample storage and convenience in the master bedroom.

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The spacious second bedroom provides ample space for guests, family members, and other various uses.

Floor Plan

The owner mentioned that the company they ordered the building from provided assembly assistance, with a framer and a finisher involved.

Due to the challenge of finding available workers, the owner’s husband also contributed to the finishing work and later joined the finisher’s team.


In closing, Sherrie McCaine’s Mississippi Barndominium is a testament to meticulous design and craftsmanship. 

Its exterior boasts light gray with bright red trim, a galvalume roof, and a welcoming wraparound porch. The 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom layout includes a spacious main bedroom with a wraparound closet and an elegant bathroom. 

Inside, the living area flows seamlessly to the kitchen, with wooden wall paneling and a sealed concrete floor. The loft offers flexibility, while bathrooms showcase unique features, like pine-adorned walls and a distinctive vanity.


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