Kayla Stone Harper’s Exceptional Barndominium In North Alabama: A Unique Build With Custom Designed Plans


In pursuing a dream dwelling, the Harper family expertly drew up their own floor plans to create a simple and beautiful space, embracing a minimalist and sleek aesthetic in their North Alabama home.

This barndominium showcases a remarkable post and frame construction.

This spacious dwelling encompasses 2,000 square feet of heated living space complemented by an 862-square-foot shop/garage. 

With every detail thoughtfully considered, they have skillfully utilized every inch of space, eliminating the need for hallways. 

The exterior boasts charcoal siding, accented by black trim and crowned with a galvalume roof.

The expansive front porch spans 8 feet in depth and 50 feet long, while the back porch provides a generous 12-foot depth and stretches to 50 feet. 

Inside, the stained and sealed concrete floors exude contemporary elegance. The choice of spray foam insulation ensures both comfort and efficiency. 

As they settle in, the rooms gradually come to life, with mirrors, blinds, and curtains yet to be added. 

With a generous porch space of 8 feet at the front and 10 feet at the back, this unique barndominium stands majestically on its 5-acre plot of land, promising a lifestyle like no other.


The home features charcoal metal with black trim and a galvalume roof, while Chimney Rock brick forms the lower foundation.

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The driveway is coated with Number 57 gravel for a dust-free environment.

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 A 4-foot wide concrete walkway leads to the entrance.

The 2,000 sq ft heated living area is complemented by an 862 sq ft shop/garage.

The garage has a slight slope, and the 8-foot front and 10-foot back porches offer ample space.

Here is a serene winter scene of their North Alabama barndominium, set on 5 acres of land.


A cozy atmosphere awaits on the back porch of the Harper house, complete with an outdoor chimney and a mounted TV above it.

With ample room for gatherings, the porch boasts charming wooden accents featuring shiplap on the sides and cedar in the middle, treated with linseed oil for a warm touch.

Abundant natural light filters indoors, even under the 12-foot deep porch overhangs.

Living Area

Spanning 24×50 feet, the living area, kitchen, and dining space seamlessly blend together in an open layout.

The 13-foot-high ceiling, adorned with ship lap, showcases a special walnut stain, while the walls are elegantly coated in flat white.

An inviting fan from Lowe’s adds a touch of comfort to the ambiance.

Enhancing the cozy atmosphere, the living space features a charming brick fireplace as its focal point, perfectly complemented by the sealed and stained concrete floor.

There’s a seamless transition to the kitchen and dining area. There’s also a secure gun safe added to the side for added peace of mind.


The kitchen boasts stylish butcher block countertops, while the spacious 4×6 island serves as a centerpiece.

With well-crafted cabinetry and an inset refrigerator, it’s a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Here’s another stunning viewpoint, with doors that lead out to the porch.

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The pantry offers plenty of space.

Laundry/Mud Room

In the convenient laundry/mud room, there a unique wooden ironing board. As the family enters from the garage, the half bath is just steps away, ensuring practicality and ease.


In the master bathroom, the closed door leads to the toilet room, while the open door grants access to the master closet adorned in the soothing shade of Repose Gray.

Featuring a double head walk-in shower measuring 4×6 feet, the Harper family is still contemplating whether to add a glass door. But for now, they are absolutely enamored with the open concept!

Nestled within the master bathroom is a convenient and accessible 4×5 foot toilet room.


Each bedroom boasts a stylish accent wall of shiplap, perfectly complementing the 9 ft ceilings. Sliding doors in the living area lead to each bedroom.

The master bedroom measures 14 x 16 and boasts a spacious closet.

One side of the master closet.

The other side of the master closet.

Both kids’ rooms are 12×12, and each features a sink of their own before entering the shared shower and toilet area.

Son’s room

Daughter’s room

Shared sink

Shared shower room

Guest half bathroom


On the side of the barndominium, there’s an 864 sq ft shop/garage, conveniently connected to the garage.

Floor Plans

The Harper family designed their own floor plans to get exactly what they desired.

Exterior layout

Interior specs


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