Florida’s Gem: Abigail Rudy’s Transitional Red Barndominium Shines In The Sunshine State


Here we introduce Abigail Rudy’s red barndominium, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Florida. 

Abigail and her family embarked on a unique journey, crafting a space tailored precisely to their needs. 

Spanning 32′ x 88′, this distinctive home seamlessly combines comfort and practicality, featuring a living area under 1,300 sq ft and a generous shop area of approximately 1,500 sq ft. 

Despite being miles away due to their active duty commitments, Abigail entrusted the construction to capable hands, ensuring a smooth process.

Innovatively designed, this barndominium boasts 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, accommodating the family’s current requirements efficiently. 

While it may not serve as their permanent residence, Abigail’s vision extends beyond; envisioning this space evolving into a versatile barn, office, and guest quarters once their dream farmhouse comes to fruition.

This barndominium stands as a testament to Abigail’s resourcefulness, creativity, and commitment to making a home that truly fits her family’s lifestyle, as they transition through life.


Abigail’s red barndominium was originally constructed at $257,000, and then underwent additional enhancements, including a concrete driveway, asphalt millings, and a carport, bringing the total investment to approximately $280,000.

A side entrance door provides access to the 3-car garage, ensuring convenience and practicality. 

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The red siding, crisp white window trim, and a dark roof create a striking visual contrast, accentuated by the functionality of red downspout gutters, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that went into crafting this unique barndominium.

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The exterior features two covered entrance doors leading into the living area, each supported by charming dark wood-wrapped posts. 


This barndominium offers an inviting and open interior space that exudes warmth and charm. 

Living Area

The living area, adorned with a stylish ceiling fan, is perfectly designed to accommodate various furniture arrangements.

At the heart of the home, a spacious farmhouse table will fit seamlessly in between the living area and kitchen, creating a cozy dining area that’s sure to host many memorable gatherings. 

The walls, painted in the soothing tones of Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice, provide a neutral backdrop that enhances the room’s natural light, while the pure white trim adds a touch of elegance. 

To balance functionality with style, the barndominium features durable vinyl flooring priced at $1.99 per square foot, ensuring both practicality and affordability for this delightful Florida retreat.


The well-appointed kitchen is complete with modern amenities and thoughtful design elements. 

The light fixtures, sourced from Amazon, add a touch of contemporary elegance over the 4′ x 7′ kitchen island. 

This island, mounted on wheels, provides flexibility, allowing the family to rearrange the space according to their preferences. 

The kitchen is equipped with sleek stainless steel appliances, ensuring both functionality and style.


The pantry, nestled just off the kitchen in the laundry/mud area, serves as a versatile space. 

Anticipating a bounty from their garden, the family hopes to fill it with homegrown produce. 

The pantry is designed to accommodate a plethora of mason jars and canned goods, reflecting the family’s practical approach to storage and organization in their delightful Florida abode.

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Currently, it houses treasured Lego creations crafted by a special little one.


The three bedrooms in Abigail’s home follow a cohesive color scheme and flooring, creating a harmonious ambiance.

The neutral palette and consistent flooring choice offer a versatile canvas for future decor, ensuring the rooms can be personalized to the family’s tastes and needs.

While they await the arrival of furniture, these rooms feature ample storage closets and ceiling fans, providing both functionality and comfort. 


In their full bathroom, the Rudy family has extended the same cohesive color scheme present throughout their home. 

This thoughtfully designed bathroom combines style and practicality, catering to the family’s daily needs.

The bathroom features a dual vanity adorned with elegant black-framed circular mirrors over each sink. 

Ample lighting fixtures illuminate the space, ensuring a well-lit and inviting atmosphere. 

A strategically placed window not only brings in natural light but also provides a view of the outdoors. 

Additionally, a closet offers convenient storage, adding to the functionality of the space. 

Laundry/Mud Room

Connected to the pantry, the laundry/mudroom boasts a well-lit space thanks to a strategically placed window. 

Above the laundry machines, a convenient shelf provides extra storage, optimizing the use of the room.


In the well-lit, 3-car garage, convenience reigns with an additional bathroom strategically located between the entrance leading to the house and the stairs ascending to the storage area. 

As the family grows, the practicality of this extra space becomes even more apparent, offering a solution to those inevitable moments of simultaneous bathroom needs.

Floor Plans

Abigail Rudy’s Red Barndominium is more than just a home; it’s a custom creation that started as a vision on grid paper and was expertly brought to life by skilled builders. 

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Their financing journey was smooth, securing a 15-year conventional loan through a local bank, simplifying the process of creating their dream space.

With three young children in tow, this charming barndominium will serve as their family abode for the next 2-3 years. 

Afterward, it will undergo a transformation, becoming a multifunctional space on their expansive Florida property. 

It will transition into guest quarters, a dedicated kitchen for processing and canning, and an efficient office. 

Its thoughtful design, inside and out, reflects their practical approach to family living and future planning.

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