10 Beautiful Barndominium Color Combinations You Must See


Embark on a visual journey through a diverse collection of barndominiums, each boasting a unique blend of colors and architectural styles. 

See barndominiums from sleek and modern transformations with white, black, and wood elements to the rustic charm of gray exteriors with vibrant trim. Explore red, blue, and green, as well as those with stone facades.

Learn how to pick the best colors for your home and take a closer look at some barndos to help you make your choice.

Picking Your Barndominium Color Combination (10 Considerations)

When it comes to selecting the color combination for your barndominium, thoughtful consideration can transform your living space into a personalized haven. 

Here’s a brief guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Architectural Harmony

Begin by considering the architectural elements of your barndominium. The style and design should harmonize with the color scheme.

Classic barn aesthetics may complement earthy tones, while modern designs often pair well with bold and contemporary choices.

2. Blend with the Environment

Take inspiration from your surroundings. A color palette that compliments the natural landscape can magnify the visual appeal of your property.

Consider muted tones for a seamless integration into rural environments or bolder hues for a striking urban statement.

3. Personal Taste and Style

Your barndominium is an extension of your personality. Choose colors that resonate with your taste and style.

Whether you prefer neutral tones for a timeless look or vibrant colors for a bold statement, let your preferences guide your decision.

4. Climate Considerations

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Factor in the climate of your location.

Deeper hues retain more warmth, offering advantages in colder climates, yet might pose challenges in warmer regions.

Consider energy-efficient options that balance aesthetics with practicality.

5. Cohesive Interior-Exterior Design

Aim for a seamless transition between the interior and exterior color schemes. Consistency in design creates a cohesive and visually pleasing environment.

Consider how the chosen colors will complement both the exterior facade and the interior decor.

6. Lighting Effects

Evaluate how natural and artificial lighting will interact with your chosen colors.

Lighter shades can make spaces appear larger and brighter, while darker hues add warmth and coziness.

Balance is key to creating the desired ambiance.

7. Resale Value

While personal taste is paramount, consider the potential impact on resale value.

Neutral or classic color combinations are generally more universally appealing and may contribute to a higher resale value.

8. Material Selection

The materials used in your barndominium, such as metal, wood, or concrete, can influence color choices.

Ensure that the color palette complements the inherent textures and tones of the materials for a harmonious overall appearance.

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9. Trial Samples

Before committing to a full-scale application, test small samples of your chosen color combination.

Observing how the colors appear in different lighting conditions can help you make an informed decision.

10. Local Regulations

Be aware of any local regulations or homeowner association guidelines regarding exterior colors.

Ensure that your choices align with any stipulations to avoid potential issues.


Remember, the color combination you choose for your barndominium is a personal expression of style and comfort. By carefully considering these factors, you can create a space that not only suits your lifestyle but also stands as a visual masterpiece in its surroundings.

Check out the following 10 beautiful barndominium color combinations below.

Take a peek at not only the exterior color combinations, but the interior color and design choices of each homeowner’s preferences.

Barndominium Color Combination #1: White Siding & Black Roof With Wooden Accents

This North Texas barndominium underwent a stylish transformation, transitioning from its original metal design to a modern board and batten exterior, emphasizing durability and contemporary appeal. 

The exterior features a sleek black metal roof, textured front doors stained in “Minwax Chestnut,” and recessed lighting for added brightness. 

Inside, the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality is evident with 10-foot ceilings rising to a 14-foot peak in the living room, exposed wooden beams, and “Agreeable Gray” painted walls. 

The kitchen stands out with granite countertops, custom cabinets in a mix of “Minwax Special Walnut” and “Pure White”, while bathrooms showcase character with “Evergreen Fog” painted cabinets. 

The laundry room combines practicality and style with a sink, painted cabinetry, and ample storage, ensuring an organized living space.

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Barndominium Color Combination #2: Gray With Red Trim

Nestled in Mississippi, this barndominium exterior is a harmonious blend of light gray accented by bright red trim, crowned by a galvalume roof. The inviting wraparound porch adds a welcoming touch to the facade.

Stepping inside, the interior is adorned with pine-paneled walls, creating a warm and rustic atmosphere. 

The living area features a sealed concrete floor for an industrial-chic vibe and is seamlessly connected to the kitchen with wooden wall paneling. Bold red furniture adds a vibrant touch to this space. 

The kitchen is equipped with a vintage table, complemented by stained and sealed wood countertops. A wooden staircase leads to the loft, boasting a closet underneath. 

The master bathroom exudes character with 125-year-old stained refurbished pine walls, a hickory cabinet vanity, a sink vessel from Home Depot, and a charming driftwood countertop. The shower features a stone and grout floor with storage shelf accents.

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Barndominium Color Combination #3: Light Gray & White

This luxurious gray barndominium in Florida showcases a sophisticated color palette with white trim. 

Constructed using a red iron steel frame, the property includes a gas-heated saltwater pool and spa surrounded by over 2,500 sq. ft. of travertine deck. A 20’ x 20’ covered pergola beyond the pool adds to the outdoor relaxation space.

Additional features include a 35’ x 30’ detached garage, a 24’ x 32’ partially enclosed pole barn, and all-aluminum French doors and windows with 1″ insulated low E glass. 

Inside, the living area follows an open floor concept with high ceilings and an electric fireplace as a focal point, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

The gray flooring enhances the modern aesthetic, and ample windows flood the space with natural light. The kitchen features elegant gray cabinetry, Silestone countertops, and luxury cafe appliances. 

Bedrooms on the upper level, including the primary suite, each have their own bathroom with quartz countertops and walk-in closets.

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Barndominium Color Combination #4: Iron Ore Siding With Wood Trim

Situated on a 40-acre property in Oklahoma, this barndominium features a contemporary charm with its smart trim iron ore exterior siding. 

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The dual porches contribute lots of space under the roof, offering ample outdoor space for relaxation. 

The clever choice of building the barn under the house ensures separation, maintaining a pleasant living environment.

Inside, the living area is painted in Sherwin Williams 7006 extra white, complemented by natural-toned wooden trim and barn doors. The space is bathed in natural light through a skylight, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Builder grade knotty hickory floors add a rustic touch, while exposed wooden beams in the ceiling provide rustic sophistication. Unique decor, eclectic rustic furniture, and a captivating antler chandelier add character. 

The staircase, a true work of art, blends wood, metal, and black-and-white tile for an elegant and modern flair. 

The kitchen cabinetry is painted with Sherwin Williams 6440 Courtyard, adding a touch of green to the space.

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Barndominium Color Combination #5: Gray With White Galvanized Roof

Located in Tennessee, this unique half-house, half-garage barndominium features a charcoal gray exterior with elegant white trim and a durable galvanized roof. 

The L-shaped porch and dual entrances to the garage add architectural interest. Stained porch posts in the Riverwood shade by Sherwin Williams contribute to the exterior’s exquisite charm.

Inside, the walls are painted in the inviting shade of Sherwin Williams “Eider White”, creating a soothing atmosphere. 

Walnut flooring, treated with “Vivid Acid Stain”, adds richness to the living space. The cozy brick fireplace in the corner becomes a warm focal point. 

The chef’s dream kitchen features top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, including a pristine white farmhouse sink integrated into an expansive custom-built island. 

Two bathrooms, along with a half bath in the garage, showcase luxurious quartz countertops. 

The mudroom, with a charming wooden countertop, provides a practical exit to the outside, personalized with framed art from a yard sale. The laundry room is equipped with sleek all-black machines, combining style and functionality.

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Barndominium Color Combination #6: Blue With White Roof

Situated in North Texas, this barndominium stands out with striking blue siding, infusing a vibrant pop of color into its exterior. The white roof provides a timeless contrast, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

A covered front porch warmly welcomes visitors into the inviting entryway, and as the sun sets, the barndominium becomes a perfect vantage point to marvel at the stunning clear skies, devoid of city lights, revealing a breathtaking canvas of stars that paint the night sky with their brilliance.

The living area inside exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable furniture thoughtfully arranged for relaxation and enjoyment. 

The cozy living area seamlessly connects to the kitchen, featuring a well-appointed space with a wall-mounted microwave, stylish tile backsplash, butcher-block countertops, elegant white cabinetry, a basin sink, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances. 

The barndominium boasts 1.5 bathrooms, with the main bathroom featuring a sleek tub/shower combination and striking black and white tiles that add a touch of elegance.

The attention to detail is evident in accent tiles on the built-in shelf, harmonizing with the flooring and creating a visually appealing and cohesive design. 

The bathroom is further adorned with stunning black and white floor tiles that set the stage for a beautifully designed space.


Barndominium Color Combination #7: Burnished Slate & Stone Facade

Nestled in Missouri, this barndominium boasts a Burnished Slate Taupe exterior with Plumb Creek Versetta Stone accents and dark brown trim, creating a sophisticated and earthy color palette. 

The 24″ eaves provide water protection, and a spacious 10′ deep porch adorned with charming wooden posts and stone accents serves as the inviting entrance to the home. The covered porch offers ample comfortable seating, making it an ideal spot for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment.

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The interior of this Missouri home features an open living area, a well-appointed kitchen, and a spacious wide stairway leading to the second floor. 

Shaw vinyl plank flooring, strategically placed under the stairs, adds both style and efficiency. The walls and trim match the exterior and are elegantly finished in Burnished Slate Taupe, complemented by Versetta Stone accents, infusing a touch of rustic charm. 

The living area boasts a stone-surrounded fireplace as a focal point, enhanced by an impressive Big Air 96″ fan that adds both functionality and style. 

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Barndominium Color Combination #8: Dark Brown With Natural Wood

Situated against the scenic Washington landscape, this barndominium exhibits a brown exterior with wooden accent trim, showcasing rustic charm. 

The property includes outdoor amenities like a pickleball court and climbing areas, catering to sports enthusiasts and providing an active living haven. 

Garage-style doors with abundant windows lead to the porch, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces while flooding the interiors with natural light.

The interior boasts an open and inviting living area, dining space, and kitchen painted with “Duxbury Gray” by Benjamin Moore. Wooden support columns cleverly conceal electrical wiring, emphasizing both form and function. 

Soaring 18-foot ceilings contribute to the grandeur, and radiant heat flooring ensures comfort and efficiency. Glulam beam steps add durability and visual appeal to the staircase. 

The kitchen features hickory patina cabinetry for rustic charm, and a mud “room” near the garage entrance offers a functional and organized transition space with a naturally sealed wooden bench and shelf. 

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Barndominium Color #9: Rural Red With Dark Trim

This Georgia barndominium, a converted 50′ x 80′ steel warehouse, showcases a Rural Red siding, retaining the original building’s rustic charm. The gutters and roof are not quite black but rather a dark gray/brown shade.

The back exterior features two inviting patios with glass garage doors, enhancing visual appeal and blending the indoors with the outdoors. An outdoor fireplace completes the exterior.

Inside, the transformed warehouse boasts a spacious living area and kitchen with beautiful flooring. The vaulted ceiling reaches an impressive 25-foot peak, creating a grand atmosphere.

Each family member chose colors for personalized bedrooms and bathrooms. One of the bedrooms reflects individuality with a dark ceiling, adding sophistication. 

The bathroom showcases striking dark subway tiles, adding vibrancy. The upstairs loft maintains a seamless floor continuation, illuminated by recessed lighting and natural light. 

The laundry room exudes a calming atmosphere with walls painted in Sherwin Williams “Evening Shadow”.

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Barndominium Color #10: Colony Green With Stone Facade

Nestled by a park in Texas, this barndominium seamlessly blends with nature. The Colony Green metal siding harmonizes with pine trees, and a tan-colored stone facade with warm brown-red trim enhances its natural appeal. 

A covered entrance and a practical carport integrate into the scenic landscape, completing the welcoming exterior.

Inside, the Pergo Wet Protect Hickory engineered hardwood flooring proves durable, withstanding pets and daily hustle. The living room’s focal point is a fireplace against a soothing Sherwin Williams “Moody Blue” accent wall, extending into the adjacent bedroom. 

The kitchen boasts knotty alder cabinets in a natural stain, satin finish, and a timeless elegance. A multifunctional island with a sink, built-in shelves for wine storage, and a textured tiled backsplash enhance the aesthetic. 

The laundry room features a tuxedo black granite countertop and black-and-white flooring, adding sophistication. 

The master bathroom showcases “Belize Azule” porcelain tiles for depth and texture in the shower area.



In conclusion, the diverse array of color combinations showcased in these barndominium narratives reflects the endless possibilities for personal expression and style. 

Whether opting for sleek modern contrasts, rustic charm, or harmonious palettes, each choice contributes to the unique character of these living spaces. 

The journey of choosing color combinations for a barndominium becomes an exploration of individual taste, creativity, and the seamless integration of aesthetic and functional elements. 

Ultimately, these narratives inspire a thoughtful and personalized approach to crafting a home that truly reflects one’s personality and preferences.

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