Kristi Emerson-Broomall’s North Texas Barndominium: Unbelievable Value At $180K With A Massive Shop Space


In the heart of North Texas, Kristi Emerson-Broomall and her family embarked on a journey to create a stunning barndo, a gem born in 2022, with innovation and a personal touch.

This exceptional property boasts 2 bedrooms, 1 and a half baths, and an ample living space of 1,000 square feet. A  generous 2,000-square-foot shop awaits for use by Kristi’s son-in-law. 

With a price tag under $200,000, this venture reflects the savvy approach of a homeowner who knows that navigating the construction world can be a roller coaster ride. 


The metal welcome gate at “Deans Creek Ranch” not only offers security but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to the property’s entrance.

The charming barndo features striking blue siding that adds a pop of color to its exterior. Its white roof offers a classic contrast, complementing the overall aesthetic.

A covered front porch welcomes you into the inviting entryway.

Here is a side view.

Inside, the living area takes center stage in the front, providing a cozy and comfortable space for relaxation.

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Meanwhile, at the back, a spacious shop awaits, ready to accommodate a myriad of possibilities for work and hobbies.

As the sun sets and the day transitions into night, the barndominium offers the perfect vantage point to enjoy the stunning clear skies.

The absence of city lights reveals a breathtaking canvas of stars, painting the night sky with their brilliance.

Whether Kristi’s family is lounging on the covered front porch or gazing out from the living area, the beauty of the celestial display is a nightly spectacle to behold.

Stretching beyond the horizon, the property boasts extensive acreage, providing ample room for grazing cattle and more.

In the distance, stands the barndominium—a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern living.

The vast expanse of land surrounding it ensures privacy and tranquility, making it an ideal haven for those seeking both space and serenity.

The long covered front porch with its robust cement floor provides a personal sanctuary.

Abundant seating can fill the space, beckoning visitors to relax and soak in the breathtaking view.

Here, Krisit’s family can observe the cattle and more, forging a profound connection with the vast expanse of land that envelops their beloved barndominium.

It’s a place where the serenity of rural living seamlessly merges with the comfort of a thoughtfully designed home.

Living Area

The living area of this barndominium offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The entrance door welcomes the family inside.

A hallway branching from the living area leads to essential spaces like the laundry room, bedrooms, and more, ensuring convenience and functionality within this well-designed home.

In the cozy living area, comfortable furniture is thoughtfully arranged for relaxation and enjoyment.

The space seamlessly connects to the kitchen, creating an open and airy layout that’s perfect for gatherings and everyday living.


The kitchen boasts a beautifully appointed kitchen with a wall-mounted microwave, a stylish tile backsplash, butcher-block countertops, elegant white cabinetry, a basin sink, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances.

Included in the kitchen is a beautiful island, complete with a countertop that provides room for an additional seat on the end, perfect for casual dining or entertaining.

Additionally, a convenient pantry closet is in the kitchen, offering ample storage space for all this family’s culinary essentials.

Laundry Room

This barndominium boasts a well-appointed laundry room, complete with a handy closet for storing linens and laundry essentials.

The home also features a stylish sliding “barn door” that not only adds a touch of rustic charm but also provides easy access to the bathroom.

This laundry room is thoughtfully designed with stacked machines to maximize space efficiency.

It’s not just for laundry; you’ll also find the water heater tucked neatly into this area, ensuring convenient access to essential utilities while maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment.


This lovely home boasts 1.5 bathrooms, and the main bathroom features a sleek tub/shower combination with striking black and white tiles that add a touch of elegance to the space.

The attention to detail is evident with accent tiles in the built-in shelf, harmoniously matching the flooring, creating a visually appealing and cohesive design.

In this snapshot, you’ll notice that the vanity isn’t complete, but your attention is sure to be captivated by the stunning floor tiles that grace this bathroom.

These exquisite tiles set the stage for a beautifully designed space.


The insulated garage/shop is larger than the living space and is largely used by Kristi’s son-in-law. This massive space holds farm equipment, vehicles, and more.

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