Discover 13 Barndominium Fireplace Ideas That Inspire


People often enjoy fireplaces in their barndominiums, both indoors and outdoors, for various reasons. 

Indoor fireplaces create a cozy ambiance and serve as a focal point, providing warmth and a charming atmosphere.

They may prioritize heat efficiency, ventilation, and complementing interior design.

Outdoor fireplaces are favored for social gatherings, adding ambiance and extending outdoor living space. 

Desired features include efficient heating, aesthetic appeal, various designs (such as wood-burning, electric, or gas), and integration with seating or cooking areas for outdoor fireplaces. 

13 Barndominium Fireplace Ideas That You’ll Love!

Fireplaces are found in both rustic and modern barndominiums in various styles and spaces. 

Take a look below for fireplace ideas and inspiration!

1. Teran Sands’ Recessed Modern Fireplace

Located in Texas, Teran Sands’ barndominium features a distinctive fireplace designed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. 

Set within the wall, this recessed fireplace, boasting a rustic mantle, stands as a focal point amidst a welcoming space adorned in neutral tones and cozy furnishings. 

Built flush into the wall and merging with the staircase, this gas fireplace exudes a minimalist yet functional design. 

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The simple wooden mantel offers a polished finish, providing warmth and a subtle centerpiece, ideal for those seeking a minimalist and modern fireplace without a massive stone structure.

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2. Angela Patrick’s Black Wood-Burning Stove Set In Stone

Nestled in Tennessee, Angela Patrick’s barndominium seamlessly merges rustic elegance with modern living, epitomizing comfort. 

A distinctive feature is the fireplace adorned with leftover stone from the wainscoting, offering aesthetics and efficient heating due to its inset design. 

The look is complete with a wooden mantle.

This black wood-burning stove with a door for adding wood promotes practicality and charm, making it an appealing choice for homeowners seeking cost-efficient heating solutions combined with rustic charm and modern efficiency.

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3. Colleen Roberts’ Master Bathroom Fireplace Idea

In Missouri, Colleen Roberts’ barndominium encompasses essential features like a spacious master suite, well-separated bedrooms, and high ceilings. 

Committed to minimal maintenance and energy efficiency, their design boasts a seamlessly attached shop. 

An electric fireplace in the living room, adorned with a wooden mantle akin to modern designs, adds allure. 

Surprisingly, they’ve also included a fireplace in the master bathroom, offering a touch of warmth and luxury with a Touchstone Sideline electric insert, enhancing the bathing experience.

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4. Christa Drakes’ Rustic Outdoor & Modern Indoor Fireplaces

In Georgia, Christa Drake-Graves’ barndominium offers an open floor plan with custom cabinetry and contemporary features. 

The back porch is an entertainer’s dream, boasting a spacious table for eight and a wood-framed outdoor fireplace, ideal for al fresco dining and gatherings. 

Inside, the living area showcases a striking fireplace adorned with impressive 30″ x 59″ tiles, blending style and coziness to the room.

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5. Tim Elder’s Traditional Outdoor Stone Hearth Fireplace

In Kentucky, Tim Elder’s barndominium reflects his family’s cost-effective approach, handling most of the work themselves. 

Tim credits his wife’s impressive interior decorating for the property’s transformation. 

The outdoor fireplace, an idea added post-move, serves as a captivating focal point with expertly crafted stonework. 

This traditional fireplace boasts a site-built hearth with a wooden mantle and a TV mounted above it.

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6. Savannah Colistro’s Standalone Fireplace Idea

In Washington State, Savannah Colistro’s affection for her barndominium is evident; she envisions establishing a business on their property. 

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Alongside an outdoor pickleball court and adventure area for kids, she plans to introduce a pergola and fire pit as well. 

The spacious interior boasts 18-foot ceilings, and radiant heat flooring adds warmth and efficiency. 

An indoor black wood-burning stove stands between two windowed-garage entry style doors, extending its chimney to the lofty ceiling, offering a unique and functional aesthetic in the living and dining areas.

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7. Charlie Jones’ Fireplaces Of Stone

In East Texas, a metal frame barndominium, crafted by skilled builder Charlie Jones, showcases a covered porch with a distinct fireplace that matches an indoor fireplace. 

In addition to the outdoor chimney-adorned peak, this large covered porch area offers a welcoming space, complete with smooth cement flooring, a grill, mini fridge, and dedicated garbage area, perfect for year-round outdoor gatherings. 

Inside, the living area boasts 9-foot-high ceilings and a captivating matching Silver Mist stone fireplace, a stunning focal point in the room.

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8. David Duncan’s Brick & Shiplap Framed Fireplace

In Southeast Missouri, David Duncan’s 2-Story barndominium proudly showcases its impressive 18′ side walls and a soaring 26′ peak. 

The fireplace, nestled within a charming brick border and white shiplap, serves as a captivating focal point, complemented by a substantial wooden beam mantle with overhead TV. 

The living area is gracefully arranged to face this striking fireplace, featuring 1/2″ pecan praline flooring that adds warmth. 

In the kitchen, a dedicated beverage station equipped with a wine fridge and coffee maker exudes luxury, accompanied by an accent wall adorned with authentic brick that matches the fireplace, enhancing the space with texture and character.

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9. Sarah Tow’s All-Black Fireplace Design

Sarah Tow’s Michigan barndominium epitomizes comfortable living, ideal for empty nesters or new beginnings. 

At its heart lies an all-black-framed electric fireplace, installed underneath a natural wood mantle, serving as the room’s focal point. 

Enhancing the space further, benches beneath each side window provide both seating and practical storage solutions.

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10. Alicia Rollo Bagwell’s Tan Wood-Toned Framed Fireplace

Alicia Rollo Bagwell’s Alabama barndominium offers 4,300 square feet of living space and a wraparound porch. 

The inside fireplace features a tan wooden-toned frame, exuding rustic charm and warmth, making it an inviting focal point in the home’s great room. 

The color of the framed fireplace accentuates the cozy ambiance, adding to the overall appeal of the home.

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11. Erika Smith’s Corner Fireplace Idea

Erika Smith’s Arkansas barndominium presents a warm and inviting living space tucked into the front corner of their home, measuring a generous 46’ x 21’. 

The area offers ample room for relaxation and entertainment, flooded with natural light from expansive windows that embrace the surrounding nature. 

A corner stone-framed fireplace adds to the cozy ambiance, ensuring a relaxing environment for both family gatherings and hosting guests.

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12. Leah Fisher’s Fireplace With Storage

Leah Fisher’s Delaware barndominium offers spacious, welcoming porches and unique architectural features. 

The great room openly merges with the dining and kitchen spaces, featuring recessed lighting and a ceiling fan for enhanced comfort. 

A brick and shiplap fireplace with a wooden mantel hosting a TV becomes the room’s focal point. 

Open shelving and cabinets on each side add both functionality and visual appeal to the space.

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13. Kelly Whiteman-Snipes’ Fireplace With Large Stone Frame & Log Mantle

Kelly Whiteman-Snipes’ red barndominium in Indiana boasts a cozy living room that provides an ideal sanctuary for relaxation in a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Adorned with rustic decor and comfortable furniture, the living space centers around a captivating stone fireplace, framed with large stones and featuring a log mantel, situated in the corner. 

The log mantle matches the theme of other log features throughout the home.

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Looking For More Fireplace Inspo?

Barndominium owners love fireplaces, whether indoors or out, for many reasons. 

Inside, they create cozy focal points, warming the space and enhancing its charm, often blending heat efficiency with stylish design. 

Outside, they foster social gatherings, expanding the living area and adding an inviting aura.

The varied designs and features grace rustic and contemporary barndominiums and add flair to their diverse styles.

If you are looking for more fireplace ideas for inspiration, click here to see our entire barndominium gallery!

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