15 Best Barndominium Builders In Pennsylvania (2024)


Barndominiums or barn homes are rapidly gaining popularity across the U.S. With a combination of open and lofty spaces, high ceilings, and low building costs, the barn home has a lot of advantages.

They also come in almost every style, with everything from luxury hardwood builds to fast and affordable premanufactured metal buildings. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a barndo builder in Pennsylvania that offers it. 

The following list includes 15 of the best barndominium builders in the state, in no particular order. 

  • Fisher Brothers Builders LLC 
  • Black Label Builders, Inc. 
  • JJ’s Custom Builders LLC
  • B&D Builders 
  • Quarry View Building Group
  • Stoltzfus Builders
  • Heritage Post Frame 
  • Pioneer Pole Buildings 
  • CHA Pole Barns
  • Morton Buildings Inc.
  • Conestoga Buildings 
  • Welbilt Homes Inc.
  • J&N Structures
  • Cleary Building Corp.
  • Milburn Design & Construction

1. Fisher Brothers Builders LLC 

Fisher Brothers LLC is a construction agency offering new build homes, pole barns, and barndominiums.

As a full-service general contractor, this company is able to take your barndominium from start to finish. That means preparing the lot, pouring the foundation, constructing the barndominium, and handling every aspect of interior finishing down to cabinetry and bathrooms. 

The company uses traditional stick building with wood frames and vinyl or metal exteriors to create unique buildings in a range of styles. In fact, every barndominium they build is completely custom and designed around your lot and your wants and needs. 

  • 10-year limited warranty on structure
  • 2-year system warranty 
  • Custom-engineered barndominiums and traditional homes
  • Wood post frame structure
  • Wide range of customizations and options
  • Service area across PA 

Website: https://fisherbrothersbuilders.com/
Address: 12105 Route 35 South Mifflin, PA 17058
Phone: (717) 734-3103

2. Black Label Builders, Inc. 

Black Label Builders is primarily a roofing company. However, it also offers post-frame construction for new build barndominiums.

The company also builds barndos in every size, from single-family residences and tiny homes to multi-tenant condominiums. Black Label Builders uses wood post frames with vinyl siding and paneling to create beautiful homes with a lot of room to adjust sizing and outward appearance. 

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However, Black Label Builders is not a general contractor and will only work with you for the building shell. This means you’ll need a separate builder for the interior finishing such as cabinetry and bathrooms. 

  • Custom-designed barndominiums and post-frame buildings 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Wide range of size options and customizations 
  • Wood post frame buildings 
  • Financing available 
  • No interior finishing services

Website: https://blacklabelbuilders.com/
Address: 355 Market St, Kingston, PA 18704, USA
Phone: +1 570-230-4072

3. JJ’s Custom Builders LLC

JJ’s Custom Builders is a pole barn and barndominium builder serving Lancaster and surrounding areas.

The team is Amish and uses Amish building techniques for traditional wood pole buildings. It also offers fully custom-engineered buildings, with every barndominium designed from the ground up, based on your needs, preferences, and lot. 

JJ’s Custom Builders also does not do interior finishing. Instead, you’ll get a barndominium shell which you can customize into your new home.

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JJ’s also focuses on using quality materials to create luxury buildings that look and feel quality. They match that with a 15-year workmanship warranty, which is one of the best in the state. 

  • 15-year workmanship warranty 
  • Traditional pole barns and houses 
  • High-quality materials
  • Amish builders 
  • Financing available 
  • Serves Lancaster area 

Website: https://jjscustombuilders.com/
Address: 13 Martic Heights Dr, Holtwood, Pennsylvania 17532
Phone: 717-740-9570

4. B&D Builders

B&D Builders is a general contractor and builder specializing in rural buildings including barns, barndos, agricultural buildings, and farmhouses. The company offers new builds, old barn conversions, and even renovations.

In addition, as a general contractor, B&D can take your barndominium project from start to finish, with lot, foundation, barndominium, and interior finishing included. 

B&D does use traditional building. This means that costs will typically be about the same as a traditional house. However, if you opt for a pole barn structure, you will save over using a stick-built structure or post frame. 

  • Traditional builders
  • Full general contracting with interior renovations and modeling available 
  • Custom-engineered barndominiums 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • No building kits/metal buildings

Website:  https://banddbuilders.com/
Address: 34 S Vintage Road, Paradise, PA 17562
Phone: 717-687-0292 

5. Quarry View Building Group

Quarry View Building Group is a general contractor and builder offering new builds, renovations, and barn conversions.

The barndominium builder uses traditional timber framing meaning costs and timelines compared to those of a traditional house. However, it offers a full-service approach and can take your project from start to finish, from foundation to turnkey home. 

Quarry View Building Group also offers barn renovations and remodeling. This means you can have them convert an existing barn or a barndominium kit from another supplier into your new home. 

  • Wood frame barns and barndominiums
  • Barn remodeling and repurposing
  • Custom-designed barndominiums available 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Full-service/turnkey projects available 

Website: https://quarryviewbuildinggroup.com/
Address: 2603 Lincoln Hwy E, Ronks, PA 17572
Phone: +1 717-656-3018

6. Stoltzfus Builders

Stoltzfus Builders is a general contractor and prefabricated steel building company in Lancaster County. The contractor also offers pole barns and poured concrete with the approach of offering fast and budget-friendly new builds.

Stoltzfus also offers a range of models including multiple pole barns you can customize into a barndominium. However, it does not offer interior finishing. 

Stoltzfus does offer concrete foundations and site prep. This means the only thing you’ll have to do is find a general contractor for interior finishing. This option is good if you want budget-friendly and fast service.

However, with 10 panel colors and limited customizations, Stoltzfus is not the best option if you want a luxury barndominium. 

  • Specialized in metal buildings and pole barns 
  • Custom-engineered pole barns
  • Concrete pouring services 
  • 5-10 year limited warranty 
  • Wood and metal construction available

Website: https://www.stoltzfus-builders.com/
Address: 50 Northview Dr, Lititz, PA 17543
Phone: (717) 664-3540

7. Heritage Post Frame 

Heritage Post Frame offers barndominium construction and pole barn housing across Pennsylvania. The company uses traditional wood structures with wood interior and wood framing – but with the option for vinyl or metal paneling and trim.

Heritage Post Frame has a traditional approach, which also includes designing every building based on individual wants and needs. 

However, Heritage does not do interior finishing for residential homes. Instead, they’ll provide a shell with interior and exterior walls and insulation. You’ll need a separate contractor for the foundation and for the interior finishing. 

  • Lifetime workmanship warranty 
  • Wood post frame barndominiums
  • All barndominiums custom engineered 
  • Based in Nottingham 
  • Financing available

Website: https://www.heritagepostframe.com/
Address: 151 Baltimore Pike Nottingham, PA 19362
Phone: 717-475-5357

8. Pioneer Pole Buildings

Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. is a post-frame builder offering barndominium construction in and around Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania.

The company uses pole barn kits and custom pole barns to deliver residential barndominiums and barn homes.

In addition, it offers both lumber and steel builds with vinyl or metal siding. That gives you multiple options for designing the exterior of your barndo. 

Pioneer Pole Buildings also offers barndominium kits so you can quickly and affordably set up your new home. However, the company does not offer interior finishing, so you’ll need a general contractor for that. 

Pioneer Pole Buildings has a lot of options but limited colors and customizations. At the same time, with almost 10 colors per building and a few trim options, they have more than enough to create a unique look for most people. 

  • Custom-designed pole barns and barndominiums
  • Barndominium building kits available 
  • No foundation/ no interior finishing 
  • 2-year workmanship guarantee
  • 50-year steel panel warranty 

Website: https://pioneerpolebuildings.com/
Address: 716 South Route 183, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972
Phone: 888-448-2505

9. CHA Pole Barns

CHA Pole Barns is a pole barn manufacturer selling and installing pole barns for residential or barndominium use.

The barndo builder uses simple steel poles with a small number of customizations and offerings to provide simple and cost-effective buildings.

You can then hire a general contractor to convert your building into a living space after CHA erects the shell. CHA also sells building kits, so you can choose to erect the pole barn yourself. 

CHA Pole Barns also installs pole barns for agricultural and commercial use. However, with limited customizations and limited residential options, CHA is the best fit if you’re looking for a budget option and a simple build. 

  • Metal pole barns and barndo kits 
  • Services all of PA 
  • No foundation services
  • No interior finishing services
  • Erection services available 
  • 15-year warranty 

Website: https://www.chapolebarns.com/
Address: 796 Lancaster Pike Quarryville, PA 17566
Phone: (717) 687-6673

10. Morton Buildings Inc.

Morton Buildings delivers barndominium building kits across Pennsylvania. The company also offers custom engineering if you want something it doesn’t have pre-built.

However, with 7 different barndo kit options, each customizable with over 10 panel colors and different trim, Morton has a wide range of barndominiums to offer. The brand also offers fast delivery, sometimes in as little as 2-10 weeks on its kits. 

Morton’s buildings are primarily prefabricated steel with metal siding. However, you can also opt for wood and concrete builds and facades to change the look of your barndominium.

Plus, Morton will show up at your site and install the building for you – before handing it over to your contractors for interior finishing. 

  • 35-year warranty
  • Erection services available 
  • Wood and concrete builds possible 
  • 7 barndominium kits
  • Custom-engineered buildings available 

Website: https://mortonbuildings.com/
Address: 252 W. Adams St. Morton, IL 61550-1804
Phone: 800-447-7436

11. Conestoga Buildings 

Conestoga is a custom post frame building company offering barndo construction across the state. The company custom designs barndominiums to meet your local needs and then offers turnkey construction on your site.

Conestoga is also a complete general contractor, which means it can handle every aspect of your build project, from designing your barndominium to site preparation, laying the foundation, and erecting the barndominium.

Conestoga also offers full interior finishing with flooring and cabinetry. And, it recommends that most projects typically have an 8-month timeline, including all prep and planning permission. 

  • Custom-engineered pole barndominiums
  • 2-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship 
  • Serves PA and surrounding areas
  • Full-service general contracting
  • Foundation services available 
  • Interior finishing available
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Website: https://conestogabuildings.com/
Address: 1 Community Lane Ephrata, PA 17522
Phone: 1-800-544-9464

12. Welbilt Homes Inc.

Welbilt Homes is a new build contractor specializing in delivering homes across the state of Pennsylvania. The company uses traditional wood framing with no pre-engineering.

It also custom designs most of its new homes, although you can base your home on an existing layout or model.

In addition, Welbilt provides every step of the process including helping you to find a lot or land, choosing materials, foundation, building erection, and interior finishing. This means you can get a full turnkey home from Welbilt. 

That makes Welbilt a great choice if you’re looking for a custom classic home. However, it does not offer the affordability of pole and metal buildings, so you may prefer a different builder. 

  • Traditional wood barndominiums and barn homes
  • Custom designed barndominiums
  • Support with real estate
  • Financing available
  • General contracting 
  • Foundation 
  • Interior finishing

Website: https://welbilthomes.net/
Address: 15 Orchard Lane, Leesport, PA, 19533
Phone:  610-916-2020

13. J&N Structures

J&N Structures specializes in Amish horse barns for agricultural and residential use. The builder delivers a range of barn options including modular barns, horse barns, and much more.

It also offers both wood and metal post-frame construction with wood or metal paneling. Plus, with 16 roofing colors, you can customize your kit or modular barn as much as you want. 

However, J&N does not offer residential trim and packaging. It also doesn’t do interior finishing. That makes J&N the best fit if you want to quickly put in a barn and then convert it to a home as a separate process. 

  • Amish pole barns for barndominiums
  • Wood and metal builds
  • Wide range of customization options 
  • 50-year roofing warranty 

Website: https://www.jandnstructures.com/
Address: 520 Stauffer Rd, Lititz, PA 17543, United States
Phone: +1 717-627-5020

14. Cleary Building Corp.

Cleary Building Corp. is a barndominium builder offering barn homes in everything from cabin and tiny home style to large-scale shop homes and retail spaces with homes on the second floor.

The builder uses a building system to quickly offer fast and low-cost custom buildings. It also custom designs every building with full site prep and building erection available.

However, you can also opt for a material-only delivery, with Cleary providing the pre-engineered building kit to your builders. 

Cleary has a lot of advantages including a wide range of pre-designed barns and kits. In addition, it offers a very good warranty on every part of the building, although the exact warranties depend on which options you choose. 

  • Custom pole buildings with wood or steel options 
  • Building kits available 
  • 50-year column warranty 
  • Wide range of customization
  • Erection services available
  • No foundation services

Website: https://clearybuilding.com/
Address: 602 Evans City Road, Suite 105 Butler, PA 16001
Phone: (724) 482-1700

15. Milburn Design & Construction 

Milburn Design & Construction is a pole barn building company offering barndominium construction and remodeling across Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

The company uses wood framing and compressed wood columns to build pole barns for barn homes, shop barndominiums, and barndominiums with garages or workshops attached. It also offers full interior finishing, so you can have one company handle every part of your project. 

Milburn also designs every barndominium to be unique. This means you’ll have a scoping call and will get to go over every aspect of your project, from exterior colors to flooring and appliances.

From there, Milburn will frame your building, lay the foundation, and erect your building. 

  • Wood post frame pole barns and barndominiums
  • Custom design for every building 
  • Serves most of PA 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Full interior finishing available 

Website: https://milburndesignandconstruction.com/
Address: 1475 Salco Road, Berlin, Pennsylvania 15530
Phone: 814-521-8512

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