Erika Smith’s Spacious Arkansas Barndominium: A Perfect Fusion Of Family Living & Modern Comfort


Perched on a picturesque 10-acre plot in the heart of scenic Arkansas, Erika Smith’s meticulously designed barndominium embodies thoughtful architecture and family-centered living. 

Boasting an expansive 5,786 sq. ft. under the roof, the home encompasses 4,370 sq. ft. of heated and cooled space, featuring 3,860 sq. ft. of exquisitely finished interiors. 

What sets this property apart is its harmonious blend of practicality and sophistication, offering 1,650 sq. ft. of impeccably organized garage and storage space. 

Beyond the boundaries of the home lies nature’s embrace, with river access and a serene lake, creating an idyllic setting for peaceful living.

Inside, Erika’s vision unfolds, evident in the careful layout of the 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, tailored to cater to her teenagers’ needs. 

The inclusion of a sound-insulated “man cave”, ingeniously placed above the garage, serves as a retreat for recreation and relaxation and can function as an extra bedroom when required.

An innovative addition is the attached apartment, offering a warm retreat for parents, friends, and guests. 

This property transcends being merely a structure; it is a testament to the Smith family’s vision, creating a space where every element is meticulously curated for the comfort and enjoyment of its occupants. 

Explore some of this barndo’s features below for inspiration.


Nestled against a backdrop of lush greenery, Erika Smith’s residence exudes timeless elegance with its white exterior complemented by classic black accents and sturdy wooden posts.

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One of the standout features of this home is its inviting wraparound porch, stretching 12 feet wide and providing a generous 1,600 sq. ft. of outdoor living space.

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This expansive porch not only enhances the home’s aesthetic appeal but also offers a perfect spot to enjoy the scenic views and spend quality moments with family and friends. 

Whether sipping a morning coffee or relishing a sunset, the wraparound porch becomes a cherished extension of the indoor living spaces, creating a seamless connection between the comforts of home and the beauty of nature.

The property offers a serene pond, a picturesque addition that adds to the natural charm of the surroundings. 

Situated a comfortable distance from the river, the home stands proudly in a location that remains untouched by flood-related concerns, ensuring peace of mind for its occupants.

Living Area

Erika’s barndominium boasts a cozy and welcoming living area tucked into the front corner, providing a tranquil retreat within the home. 

This area, measuring a spacious 46’ x 21’, offers ample room for comfortable living and entertaining. 

This open space seamlessly connects to both the kitchen and dining room, promoting a sense of togetherness and flow. 

The living area is bathed in natural light, thanks to its walls adorned with expansive windows, allowing the beauty of the surrounding nature to filter indoors. 

Reflecting on her design choices, Erika expressed a desire for floor outlets in the living room area, a feature that would have enhanced the practicality of the space. 

Currently, her couches are positioned away from the walls, prompting the need for special rechargeable light bulbs in lamps placed near the seating area. 

Despite this adjustment, the living area maintains its inviting atmosphere, with the corner fireplace and abundant natural light creating a cozy and relaxing environment for both family and guests.

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Kitchen & Dining

In the opposite front corner of the barndominium, Erika Smith’s kitchen stands as a testament to functionality and style. 

Adorned with stainless steel appliances, the kitchen exudes modern charm. 

The sizable island, measuring 9 x 6 feet, provides ample space for meal preparation and casual dining, although Erika expressed a wish for electrical outlets within it to enhance its utility. 

Custom cabinets, meticulously crafted by a local cabinet maker, grace the kitchen, offering both practical storage and aesthetic appeal. 

A unique feature of the kitchen is the microwave, seamlessly integrated into the cabinets for a streamlined look.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area is thoughtfully placed near windows overlooking the front porch, inviting in natural light. 

The dining table, accommodating four, serves as a cozy spot for family meals. 

Above the table, a charming wicker chandelier adds a touch of rustic elegance, while dropped lighting creates a warm ambiance.

Erika’s pantry, adorned with peel-and-stick wallpaper on the back wall, boasts organized shelving and storage solutions, ensuring a clutter-free space for pantry items.

Master Bathroom

In the master bathroom, rustic elegance takes center stage with a deep green accent shiplap wall enveloping the luxurious soaker tub. 

Tiled flooring and shower area add a touch of sophistication, seamlessly blending with the rustic charm.

The focal point of the space is the custom-made dual sink cabinets and vanity, meticulously designed to cater to the homeowner’s needs. 

Positioned between the master bedroom and a spacious walk-in closet, this bathroom serves as a serene sanctuary, offering both style and functionality.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, a sense of calm envelops the space with its carpeted floor, accentuated by the soothing dark green hue adorning one of the walls. 

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The room exudes a tranquil ambiance with the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan and the natural light from two windows.

This harmonious blend of color and texture creates a cozy retreat, making the master bedroom a serene haven within the barndominium.


The 2-car garage not only provides ample space for vehicles but also boasts a unique feature – a man cave above, offering a designated area for recreation and relaxation. 

The concrete pad in front of the garage serves as an ideal spot for her boys and their friends to play basketball, fostering a lively atmosphere filled with friendly games and laughter. 

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