Ideal White Metal Barndo Home by HL Custom Homes


In recent years, barndominiums have become increasingly popular. They offer expansive living spaces and are more affordable to build than traditional homes.

While standard barndominiums might not win any exterior design contests, architects now create barndo plans with superb exteriors.

A fine example is the Whitt Metal Home by HL Custom Homes. This gorgeous property takes the barndo concept to a new level, enhancing it with farmhouse-inspired elements and decorative features that add visual interest.

This inspiring barndo is a far cry from the original farm barns both outside and inside. A tribute to utilitarian designs, the Whitt Metal Home is a prime example of barndominiums fit to be built in suburban areas.

Let’s explore this property that can be converted from a farmhouse to a suburban home and is nothing but a reflection of the growing appeal of barndominium living.


The Whitt Metal Home might be a barndo in name, but this gorgeous home impresses with an almost traditional farmhouse front.

Wooden beams and pillars embellish the metal structure, bringing visual interest to the next level. Particularly striking is the contrast between the black roof and the white walls.

Upon approaching the property, an expansive front porch keeps you protected from the elements while enjoying the outdoors. Gorgeous stone wainscoting elevates this barndo’s design, showing that metal homes can be as visually pleasing as brick-and-mortar ones.

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To the side, an ample driveway leads to the ample garage which can double as a workshop. The rear mirrors the front, boasting an expansive porch with plenty of space for lounge and barbecue areas.

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However, to differentiate from the front, HL Custom Homes imagined this porch with metal rather than timber pillars. Ceiling fans adorn the rear porch, increasing comfort in hot weather.

Depending on your land size, both the front and the rear yard can be enriched with various amenities, such as a swimming pool or hot tub. A manicured lawn, flowerbeds, or contemporary landscaping can further boost the property’s value.


Thought with style and comfort in mind, the Whitt Metal Home boasts bright interior spaces divided between communal and private areas.

Particularly enticing are the pure white walls and the stone-colored concrete flooring throughout the property, creating a stylish ambiance.

Living Area

Upon entering this stylish barndominium, an airy foyer welcomes you into the main living area. We like the open-concept design and the absence of any elements that could predetermine the interior layout.

You can choose whether to place the great room closer to the entrance or if you’d rather have a view with your meals.

While the main living area lacks a fireplace, creating a feature wall and incorporating a modern fireplace into your interior design is easy.

The living area’s three floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of light to filter into the house. A vaulted ceiling adds vertical spaciousness, while the decorative beam across the ceiling elevates the interior design.

Other sought-after details include a ceiling fan in HL Custom Homes’ original design, but it is easy to add even more visual interest with designer light fixtures.

Kitchen and Pantry  

Opposite the entrance, the kitchen offers ample space for culinary activities while promoting conviviality. A modern kitchen island becomes the room’s focal point, doubling as a meal prep area and breakfast bar.

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Stylish pendant lights illuminate the bar area while adding aesthetic appeal, their rustic design matching perfectly the natural wood cabinet and marble counter.

The island’s kitchen-facing side includes two built-in chests of drawers and cabinets, adding valuable storage. We like the gorgeous farm sink that blends beautifully with the kitchen’s rustic design.

A dishwasher is conveniently built inside the kitchen island, saving space in the cabinets.

The main kitchen block consists of bottom cabinets and a tall unit big enough to house a standard double refrigerator. Two windows flank the wooden range hood, flooding the kitchen with natural light.

To the kitchen’s side, the second entrance opens into the rear porch.

While the kitchen itself might not provide sufficient storage, a convenient butler’s pantry provides plenty of space for kitchenware, produce, and other essentials.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

This single-story barndo features three ample bedrooms and plenty of private space for all family members. On one side of the living area, the master suite offers expansive space for a super-king-sized bed and a sitting area.

A barn-style slider door leads to the private bathroom that comes complete with a convenient walk-in closet.

Both standard bedrooms are smaller in size, but they feature their own private bathrooms. These bathrooms maintain the same style seen in the master suite, creating unity between the various areas of the home.

Each bathroom features a stand-in shower. Moreover, the secondary bedrooms boast ample storage areas. They are similarly sized and can be turned into guest suits if needed. Converting a bedroom into a home office is also easy.

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To complete this barndo’s design is the expansive garage with room for two cars.

While utilitarian in nature, this space benefits from a tall ceiling, bright lights, and foot access. The spacious interior can include storage cabinets or a workshop.

Linking the garage to the house is an ample utility room that includes the washer and drier, as well as coat hooks and other mudroom essentials.

Whether you’re coming home after a day spent outdoors or from the workshop, this transition room stops you from carrying dust and dirt into the main areas of the home.

Final Thoughts

HL Custom Homes envisioned a gorgeous property. The Whitt Metal House blends contemporary comfort with rustic charm, offering comfortable living and functionality. The main open-concept area promotes conviviality, but the house offers sufficient private areas for all family members.

Like this stunning property, there are many other charming metal homes and barndos waiting to catch your eye. Whether you want to shop around or simply have different needs, make sure to visit BarndominiumZONE to dive into our guides and find inspiration in our growing collection.

We also offer barndominium floor plans, access to custom quotes, and information about financing, insurance, and building a barndo in your area. What are you waiting for? Keep browsing to find your perfect home.

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