Timeless Stoneburg Metal Barndominium With Tons Of Kitchen Storage by HL Custom Homes


Barndominiums are cheap to build, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, durable homes. With so many advantages, it isn’t surprising they rose in popularity in recent years.

Their design also evolved. For instance, metal barndos — by far the most popular — now come in a variety of sizes and layouts.

Those who don’t like attached garages can now opt for barndominiums with detached garages. A fine example of such a property is the Stoneburg Metal Barndominium by HL Custom Homes.

Boasting a timeless design, this single-story barndo comprises ample living quarters and a separate garage. A breezeway and car port links the garage to the main building, elevating the barndo’s design.

Join us in exploring this stunning property fit for mid-sized families.


This stunning property consists of a main building imagined in a traditional barndominium style. Its exterior design features all the elements of a functional storage building, including a symmetrical layout and two expansive porches at the front and rear.

White metal walls pair beautifully with dark gray pillars and a gray roof, which are also made of metal. An ample awning at the front not only enhances functionality but doubles as a decorative element.

Decorative is also the light gray wainscoting that adds visual interest. We particularly like that the wainscoting decorates all sides of the barndo, not only the front.

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To one side, a breezeway turns into a convenient car port with foot access to the expansive garage. The main building features doors on all sides, allowing for quick access inside from any area of the property.

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Equally enticing are the ample front and rear porches which offer plenty of space for enjoying the outdoors. To increase comfort, ceiling fans add a welcome breeze to the outdoor sitting area during the hottest months.


Step inside this gorgeous property and immerse yourself in a world of comfort. The foyer opens into an airy open-concept living area divided between a great room closest to the entrance, a dining area, and a spacious kitchen.

Luxury vinyl flooring throughout the property creates a warm ambiance and is very easy to maintain.

Living Area

Upon stepping inside the Stoneburg Metal Barndominium, the living room claims the spotlight with its bright and spacious layout. This room gravitates around a massive stone fireplace, an element that becomes a focal point.

The fireplace spans up to the stylish vaulted ceiling characterized by a central exposed beam. In the middle, a ceiling fan completes the living room’s rustic style, complementing the gorgeous wood imitation floor.

Five ample windows allow plenty of light into the room while also providing unobstructed views of the surroundings.

We particularly like that two of those windows flank the fireplace, immersing the room with light while eliminating the need for alcove shelving. Off the living room, a wooden barn door hides a narrow hall that leads to the private areas of the home.

Kitchen and Dining

A strip of the open plan between the living area and the kitchen becomes a functional dining room in HL Custom Homes’ concept. This transition area is characterized by a standard-height ceiling and offers outdoor access.

An expansive kitchen completes the living area’s design. The kitchen’s layout and style are rustic, complementing the rustic elements in the lounge area. Absolutely stunning are the vivid green cabinets complemented by white counters.

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As with most rustic kitchens, the kitchen island has a double function of a cooking/meal-prepping area and breakfast bar. It seamlessly boasts the seating options, becoming a central hub during holiday gatherings and other parties.

We also love the kitchen’s U-shaped design. Ample cabinets provide plenty of storage, but the kitchen’s layout also includes a functional corner pantry. Porcelain pendant lights and a wooden range hood add the finishing touches to this already gorgeous part of the home.

Sought-after features also include a large window above the kitchen sink and access to the rear porch, where you can set up an outdoor dining room and barbecue area.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Right off the living room and next to the kitchen, a traditional slider door leads to the private areas of the home. Two bedrooms come with ample bathrooms and plenty of space for family members.

A nice touch in the master bedroom is the vaulted ceiling complete with a stylish exposed beam crossing the middle. Three windows flood the room with natural light, while ample square footage offers enough space for the bed and a private sitting area.

To complete this bedroom’s design is a massive walk-in closet with plenty of storage.

The second bedroom is smaller in size and has a standard ceiling. It features a large window and a generous closet. Like the master bedroom, this bedroom features a private bathroom.

Particularly enticing is the layout of these bathrooms, both of which feature full amenities such as stand-in showers and soaking tubs.

A versatile third room can serve multiple purposes. It can become a generous third bedroom, or you could turn it into a home office or family room. To complete the home’s design, the private areas include a communal bathroom and a utility room.

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A particularly enticing detail is the design of the vanities and utility cabinets in the laundry area. They all match the kitchen cabinets in color and style, creating unity between the various parts of the house.


Completing Stoneburg’s design is a detached garage accessible from both sides. This ample annex offers room for two vehicles and an RV, or it can house farming equipment.

The garage is versatile enough to transform into a workshop, while a car port creates even more room for guest vehicles.

Final Thoughts

The Stoneburg Metal Barndominium by HL Custom Homes is a stunning property blending functional design with a laidback living concept.

From the utilitarian yet stylish exterior to the rustic chic interior, nothing is left to chance. Communal and private spaces are abundant, while the detached garage suits larger families and RV enthusiasts.

Like this gorgeous barndominium, there are many other barndos and metal homes ready to catch your eye. Whether this barndo doesn’t meet your needs or you’d like to weigh your options, make sure to visit BarndominiumZONE to dive into our guides and find inspiration in our growing collection.

We also offer barndominium floor plans, access to custom quotes, and information about financing, insurance, and building a barndo in your area.

What are you waiting for? Keep browsing to find your perfect home.

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