Single-Story, 2-Bedroom Barndominium Home With Oversized Garage (Floor Plan)



  • Area: 1,783 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Stories: 1
  • Garages: 2

Welcome to the gallery of photos for a single-story, 2-bedroom Barndominium Home with an Oversized Garage. The floor plan is shown below:

Main Floor Plan

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Front view of the Barndominium Home with Oversized Garage

The porch with wooden panels and columns.

There are two garages accompanied by a concrete driveway.

Angled view featuring white sidewalls.

A porch with pristine white side walls.

The porch is adorned with white side walls and wooden panels, along with columns.

The striking nighttime scene showcases the captivating Barndominium Home, accompanied by its expansive and generously proportioned garage.

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The Barndominium Home with an Oversized Garage is beautifully illuminated in the nighttime.

Behold the breathtaking sight of the Barndominium Home, accompanied by its generously spacious garage.

The picturesque sight of the Barndominium Home featuring an expansive garage is revealed under the morning sky.

Enjoy the picturesque sight of the Barndominium Home, accompanied by its impressive Oversized Garage, in the morning light.

The Barndominium Home with an Oversized Garage presents a captivating morning vista.

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Immerse yourself in a world where the seamless integration of work and living is not just a concept but a reality. Welcome to the Barndominium, an architectural masterpiece designed for the self-employed homeowner who seeks the perfect work-life balance.

Step into a realm where functionality meets aesthetics. A grandeur garage graces the left side, boasting a sprawling 1,734 square feet of space. It is a haven for productivity, creativity, and innovation, adorned with two large overhead doors that usher in ease and convenience.

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The doors, measuring 10′ by 10′ and 16′ by 12′, signify an unwavering commitment to functional design, echoing the ethos of a space where work and life coexist beautifully.

As you transition from the vastness of the garage, a 6′-deep front porch awaits, a welcoming embrace that ushers you into the sanctuary of the main home. It is a prelude to an interior where every space, every corner, is a tribute to harmonious living.

Inside, an orchestra of spaces unfolds.

The kitchen, a masterpiece of modern design, seamlessly melds into the dining area and great room, creating a harmonious flow that’s as enchanting as it is functional. It is a space where meals become moments, and every gathering is an intimate soiree.

Through the elegance of a multi-panel glass door, another world is unveiled – a covered porch where the majesty of the outdoors meets the comfort of the indoors. It is a space where every view is a masterpiece, and nature’s bounty is your constant companion, all while ensconced in the warm embrace of shelter.

In the realm of personal spaces, the master bedroom stands as a sanctuary of comfort. Adorned with a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom graced with a tile shower, it is a space where luxury is a constant companion.

The second bedroom, echoing the elegance of its counterpart, boasts a walk-in closet and is strategically positioned across from a full bathroom, echoing the home’s commitment to comfort and convenience.

As an architectural marvel, the exterior adorns itself with corrugated metal siding, imbuing the barndominium with a distinctive aesthetic that’s as captivating as the spaces it encloses.

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Welcome to a home where every day is a dance between the elegance of living and the efficiency of work, where the self-employed homeowner finds a sanctuary that’s as conducive to productivity as it is to restful living.

Welcome to the Barndominium – a harmony of spaces, a symphony of living.

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