Classic Santo Barndominium With In-Law Suite by HL Custom Homes


Of all dwelling types, barndominiums are by far the most versatile. Their rugged exteriors are nothing but disguises of upscale interiors that define the concept of rustic chic living. The barndos’ unique ability to blend function and style made them increasingly popular in recent years.

To satisfy the demands of most people interested in building such a home, architects come up with dozens of gorgeous plans. A fine example of an upscale barndo is the Classic Santo Barndominium by HL Custom Homes.

Spanning one floor, this expansive barndo offers ample main living spaces and a separate in-law suite that makes it perfect for multigenerational families.

Join us in discovering this property that is nothing but a reflection of the barndominum’s adaptability to all requirements and situations.


The Classic Santo Barndominium features a stylish yet thoroughly traditional exterior. It is a gorgeous replica of farm barns, but sought-after details enhance its aesthetic value.

From afar, the unassuming brown walls perfectly match the hue of the metal roof. The warm chocolate shade blends in with the surroundings while still making a statement.

Stone wainscoting and a matching base for the porch’s metal pillars bring visual interest to new heights. A natural wood door adds the final visual touch.

The expansive front porch not only provides a place for relaxation, but it gives this barndo modern farmhouse vibes.

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To the side of the property, a driveway leads to the expansive three-bay garage, which occupies a portion of the main floor plan.

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An angled annex housing the in-law suite expands from the garage to the rear. We particularly like the in-law suite from the rear, where its angled layout creates a sort of courtyard.

The in-law suite features a private covered patio and also boasts access to the main rear patio which is also accessible from the main house. Together with the front porch, this barndo offers ample covered spaces for enjoying the outdoors.


Step inside the Classic Santo Barndominium and you’ll be welcomed by a stunning interior that seamlessly blends rustic and contemporary elements.

Pure white walls and contrasting accents elevate the standard barndo layout while contrasting with the mellow exterior.

Sand-colored stained concrete flooring throughout the property sets the foundation for an inviting atmosphere and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Open-Concept Living Area

Upon entering the barndo, the foyer opens into an open-concept living area spanning the entire width of the floor plan. Imagined as a rectangle, the space is divided between lounging and functional areas.

HL Custom Homes proposes a traditional layout, with the living room taking up the area right off the foyer.

Here, two ample windows flood the room with natural light. A contemporary feature wall complete with a modern fireplace sets the foundation for a cozy atmosphere. A ceiling fan brings in a functional touch, much-needed in any classic barndominium design.

The dining room also serves as a transition area between the living room and kitchen. Two pendant lights above the kitchen island decorate this area of the house and also mark the island’s dual role as a cooking area and breakfast bar.

The kitchen is a fine example of how rustic elements can be stylish and functional at the same time. We love the striking contrast between the natural wood cabinets and the dark-stained kitchen island.

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A freestanding range cooker and a ceramic farm sink complete the kitchen, further elevating its design.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The private areas of the home are proof that barndos are the epitome of comfortable living.

An ample master suite pampers the homeowners with expansive spaces and a lavish bathroom comprising everything from a huge walk-in shower to a freestanding tub. The bedroom comes complete with a huge walk-in closet with plenty of storage space for her and him.

Sought-after details in the walk-in closet include a makeup table and an ample chest of drawers. An ample window allows plenty of light into this room, which is a nice touch if you don’t want to get ready in the bathroom.

The secondary bedrooms are smaller but equally functional. A secondary bathroom includes a functional shower over the tub. The barndo’s layout also includes a communal powder room where both the family members and their guests can freshen up.

In-Law Suite

The main highlight of the Classic Santo Barndominium is the spacious in-law suite that takes up the entire area behind the garage. This highly functional space is a downsized barndominium complete with a main living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

The main living area is a smaller-scale replica of the barndo’s main living. It features a rectangular footprint and offers versatility in terms of layout. It doesn’t include a fireplace, but a modern feature wall can easily be adorned.

A small dining room can separate the living room from the functional U-shaped kitchen. While this kitchenette lacks a kitchen island, it includes all the necessary appliances and offers plenty of counter space for culinary activities.

The bright and airy bedroom takes up most of the in-law suite’s square footage. The ample room includes a walk-in closet and offers sufficient space for a private sitting area.

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To complete the suite’s design is a stylish bathroom complete with an expansive stand-in shower.


Ideal for multigenerational families, the Classic Santo Barndo includes an ample three-bay garage with plenty of room for a workshop area. Two doors enable easy vehicle access, while ample windows allow plenty of natural light inside.

A particularly enticing detail is the sand-colored stained concrete flooring that matches the interior floors.

Access to the inside from the garage opens into a utility room split between a mud room and a laundry area. This functional area helps you prevent carrying dust and dirt into your home.

Final Thoughts

The Classic Santo Barndominium is a gorgeous property. HL Custom Homes envisioned an expansive home in which all members of the family can live comfortably.

The main living area promotes conviviality, with its ample spaces and a huge kitchen. Ample private areas promote relaxation. The cherry on top is the in-law suite perfect for seniors or adult children who don’t want to move too far from their parents.

Like this stunning property, there are many other barndos and charming metal homes waiting to catch your eye. Whether you have different needs or want to shop around, make sure to visit BarndominiumZONE to dive into our guides and find inspiration in our growing collection.

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