Alexa Contreras Nuñez Transforms Texas Landscape With Stunning 2-Story Barndo


Welcome to a Texas dream brought to life – an exquisite 2-story barndo crafted by a young couple in their twenties, Alexa Contreras Nuñez and her husband, perfectly nestled on a spacious 50 x 40 plot. 

This remarkable property redefines contemporary living with rustic charm and modern convenience.

The left side of this thoughtfully designed barndo unfolds into a two-story home boasting 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. This home was carefully designed for style and comfort, with plenty of natural light.

On the right side is a versatile space for the garage and gym – a climate-controlled retreat 

Ample storage solutions effortlessly accommodate belongings, complemented by a conveniently attached restroom that eliminates the need to traverse the main living area.

Alexa Contreras Nuñez captured snapshots of the completed project just before move-in to showcase the essence of this authentic Barndo framework. 

While floor plans are unavailable, let these photos ignite inspiration for your personalized barndo endeavor.

Alexa Contreras Nuñez and her husband have created a home embodying a lifestyle that combines form and function, comfort, and creativity.


On the right side, a versatile haven awaits with a climate-controlled setting, perfect for a combined garage and gym experience.

The garage door, measuring 20 x 16, offers ample space for easy access.

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Meanwhile, the left side of this meticulously planned barndominium reveals a two-story residence, showcasing 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.


The kitchen boasts elegant white slab countertops and a double oven, accompanied by a suite of pristine white cabinetry. 

An island complete with a sink stands as a centerpiece, while stainless steel appliances gleam throughout the space. 

A convenient pantry door adds to the functionality of the kitchen design.

The pantry is thoughtfully designed with corner shelving and additional storage further to the left from the entrance, ensuring optimal organization and easy access to essentials.

Dining Area

The dining area seamlessly flows from the kitchen, providing a natural and inviting connection.

Accommodating up to 6 individuals, it features elegant dark-toned wooden furniture that adds a touch of sophistication to the room.

Living Area

The living area is separated by a dividing wall from the kitchen, situated to the right upon entering the home.

It is adorned with two spacious windows that infuse the space with natural light. A ceiling fan adds comfort to the atmosphere.

Laundry Room

The laundry room occupies its own cozy corner, complete with cabinetry positioned above the machines for efficient storage.

Recessed lighting illuminates the space.


The bathrooms exude a timeless elegance with an all-white theme accentuated by striking black details.

The shower/tub area boasts exquisite marble tiling, adding a touch of luxury.

A practical cabinet is positioned over the toilet, offering storage that complements the aesthetic.

Upstairs, this bathroom maintains the same color theme, featuring a harmonious blend of white and black accents.

Notably, the bathroom floor is adorned with black tiles, adding a touch of modern contrast to the space while staying consistent with the overall aesthetic.

The master bathroom offers both a standing shower and a tub/shower combination, providing versatile bathing options.

The shower floor is adorned with charming pebble tiling, adding a natural and textured touch to the space.

From another perspective, the master bathroom showcases a distinct feature: the black tiling seamlessly transitions to a closet area adorned with hardwood flooring.

This design choice creates a cohesive and visually appealing flow between spaces while introducing a mix of textures.

Upstairs Foyer

The upstairs foyer serves as a central point leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Adorned with elegant hardwood flooring, this space creates a warm and inviting atmosphere as you navigate through the upper level of the home.


The master bedroom offers an expansive and open feel, characterized by its generous width and spacious layout.

Enhanced by a ceiling fan for comfort, the room is illuminated by two windows that invite natural light to fill the space.

The presence of hardwood flooring adds a touch of timeless elegance to the room’s design.

The nursery features a double-wide closet for ample storage, along with a single window that allows natural light to grace the room. 

Another bedroom boasts a single window that introduces natural light into the room.

Enhanced with a ceiling fan, this space ensures comfort while maintaining a balanced and inviting atmosphere.


A dream materialized through architecture and design for Alexa Contreras Nuñez and her husband.

They have created a dwelling embodying a lifestyle that seamlessly merges form, function, comfort, and creativity.

What are your dreams for your home?

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