Smart Living In Nebraska: Kathryn Marie’s Barndominium Boasts Space-Saving Marvels + A Sneak Peak At An Upcoming Build


Here’s a charming 18-acre homestead in Nebraska, completed a few years ago, with a thoughtful “starter home” brimming with thoughtful details. 

Nestled within this property is a barndominium with 1,100 sq ft living space, meticulously designed by the owners themselves. 

This cozy home features 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a range of space-saving solutions, from under-stair storage to stacked laundry machines. 

Additionally, the property boasts an innovative “Binzebo,” an outdoor gazebo with a distinctive silo roof, perfect for entertaining on a spacious concrete pad. 

The property’s unique blend of functionality and creativity makes it a truly special find. 

Check out the photos of this thoughtfully designed barndo below, as well as a sneak peek at the exterior of their barndominium-in-progress.


The striking contrast of charcoal gray siding with darker accents at the bottom and on the shutters adds a touch of sophistication to the facade of this barndo, while the dual attached garage ensures convenient and secure parking.

Gooseneck lighting over each garage door illuminates the entrance, creating a warm ambiance.

The exterior of this charming home boasts a timeless appeal with white-trimmed windows and a welcoming white entrance door.

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A covered front patio invites relaxation, and the landscaping features gravel mulch, adding to the home’s curb appeal and low-maintenance charm.

The property features an innovative “Binzebo,” an outdoor gazebo with a distinctive silo roof, offering a unique and stylish space for entertaining on a spacious concrete pad.

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The pad seamlessly connects to a concrete pathway leading to a cozy firepit area, providing the perfect ambiance for outdoor gatherings.


The interior offers a seamless connection between the living area and kitchen, creating a harmonious living space.

A hallway leads to one bedroom and a bathroom, while a charming loft leads to the upper-level bathroom.

The space is filled with light-toned Shaw flooring and bright windows creating a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout.


The kitchen is filled with ample white cabinets and features stainless steel appliances.

A small island provides seating for two, illuminated by recessed lighting, creating a cozy and functional space.

Laundry/Boiler Room

At the end of the hallway is the combined laundry and boiler room.

The washing machine and dryer are stacked neatly, and set on a tiled floor.

Here, the hot water, heating, and other essential systems are directly installed on concrete, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Downstairs Bedroom

The downstairs bedroom features plush carpeting, complemented by a ceiling fan for added comfort.

The textured ceiling adds a touch of character to the room.

Downstairs Bathroom

The downstairs bathroom boasts a tiled floor and a convenient full shower/tub combination.

White cabinets under the sink provide storage, topped with a sleek black countertop for a modern touch.

Stairway + Features

The stairs lead to the upper mezzanine/loft/bedroom. 

They showcase clever use of space underneath the stairway for additional counter space and storage.

The countertops are made from a stunning butcher block.

A cut-out space has been ingeniously utilized as a cozy spot for storage or a dog bed, adding both functionality and charm to the area.


The loft/mezzanine, serving as an upstairs bedroom, features a cozy carpeted floor, complemented by recessed lighting that adds a warm ambiance.

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Open shelving provides convenient storage, while a walk-in closet offers ample space for organization.

A shiplap accent wall adds a touch of rustic charm to the room, enhancing its cozy atmosphere.

New Build

In their pursuit of a larger and more spacious barndominium, this family eagerly embarked on their second build, as shown in the images below. 

While their first barndominium was sourced from Menards, this time around, the skilled team handling the shell ordered the steel and wood for construction. 

Currently, they are embracing the camper life during the construction phase, eagerly awaiting the completion of their new home.

The exterior of their new barndominium boasts a striking midnight blue siding, a departure from their previous design. 

Notable changes in this build include ensuring that cabinet tops are not exposed to a loft, sheeting the roof for added protection, and the creation of a storm shelter. 

Among their unique touches is an 8×8 hanging plywood “quilt”, a masterpiece meticulously painted by Kathryn, who is an expert quilt block painter. 

Amidst the challenges and excitement, the family looks forward to the completion of their dream home.

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