Stunning Hunting Ranch with Double Garage by HL Custom Homes


Originally born out of the conversion of barns into residential spaces, barndominiums have evolved into stylish, functional homes.

They capture the essence of both rustic charm and contemporary design with their open plans, ample functional spaces, and impressive adaptability to all needs and requirements.

The flexible design principles and unique lifestyle they offer contributed to the rise in popularity of these homes. Today, more and more people opt for barndos instead of traditional houses, whether for their permanent dwellings or vacation homes.

A prime example of the expanding barndominium concept is this exceptional hunting ranch designed by HL Custom Homes.

Featuring a double garage and ample living spaces, the property blends the functional rural style with contemporary aesthetics.

Let’s explore a property that can be easily converted into a mountain cabin or functional farmhouse, and that is nothing but a reflection of the growing appeal of barndominium living.

HL Custom Homes imagined a traditional barn and converted it into functional living quarters.

The exterior presents a simple, streamlined aesthetics with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Metal panels enhance the barndo’s linear design and accentuate the functional nature of the ranch.

The massive garage that dominates the front stands as further proof of this building’s utilitarian concept.

An ample driveway leads to the two-bay garage which is only accessible from the front. Two traditional doors offer quick access to both sides of the garage, while a secondary, side entrance, turns into a functional feature when you want to enter or exit the garage on foot.

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As you approach the hunting ranch, a versatile front porch captures your attention and draws you in. The front porch is not wide enough to accommodate a sitting area, but it can be easily expanded and adapted to your needs.

As it is, it provides sufficient space for a small bench or shoe rack to be installed next to the front door.

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From the front, you can also admire the striking contrast between the white siding and black awning — a combination of colors that adds curb appeal.

The rear offers an ample covered patio with a luxurious ceiling. This inviting space beacons you to relax and soak in the surroundings. Mirroring the front, the rear provides the same striking contrast between the white metal siding and sleek black elements.

Expanding the covered patio, an additional open patio increases the property value with its charm. HL Custom Homes designed this outdoor living as a place for gatherings, complete with comfortable lawn chairs and a fire pit.

Timber pillars and strings of lights — that also adorn the covered patio — bring the finishing touches, transforming the backyard into an oasis for relaxation.  


Step inside this hunting ranch and you’ll be welcomed by a stunning interior that seamlessly blends rustic and contemporary elements. The walls mirror the exterior’s color scheme, creating a sense of unity between the outside and inside.

Sand-colored concrete-stained flooring throughout the property is incredibly easy to maintain and sets the foundation for an inviting atmosphere.

Living Area

Upon entering, the hunting ranch opens straight into an inviting great room. In the lack of interior walls, an area rug replaces a traditional foyer. On the side, a rustic-inspired stair leads to the functional loft. Opposite the stairs, the great room fills half of the living space.

This main living area gathers around a feature wall complete with a big-screen TV. The original project doesn’t include a fireplace, but if you want traditional charm, an electric fireplace can easily replace the shabby chic chest of drawers.

Two windows allow plenty of natural light into the room, while the tall ceiling maintains the atmosphere airy.

Utterly charming, the vaulted ceiling matches the color of the sofas and complements the loft’s sage green railing. The two leather couches and natural wood side table add heaps of contemporary charm while exuding a rustic allure.

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Kitchen and Dining

A functional kitchen takes up the other half of the open space. Its sage green fitted cabinets and central kitchen island match the loft’s railing, creating a unity between the living and resting areas of the home.

The ample L-shaped design and the central kitchen island offer plenty of counter space for culinary activities and casual dining.

We can imagine quaint evenings in the company of your loved ones or laughter and good times in the company of friends, creating timeless memories around the kitchen island.

A particularly enticing detail is the window above the sink. Not only does it provide natural light, but you can take a break and admire the surroundings while preparing delicious meals. Next to the kitchen, there is sufficient space for an ample dining table and chairs.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

This stunning ranch home offers two bedrooms, both on the first floor, and served by a family bathroom that splits the rooms. The bathroom is tastefully furnished and decorated with maximum functionality in mind.

Its reduced dimensions aren’t compatible with a soaking tub, but the functional stand-in shower is perfect for relaxing your sore muscles after a hunting day.

HL Custom Homes took advantage of each nook and cranny in the tiny bathroom, fitting functional shelves between the shower and the wall.

The vanity provides further storage and plenty of counter space for bathing essentials. With utmost attention to detail, the vanity sports the same sage green featured in the kitchen and loft, creating unity between the various areas of the home.

The two bedrooms are similarly sized and furnished in matching styles. As you’d expect from a hunting ranch, the furnishings are essential but incredibly stylish.

Each bedroom includes a double bed with a wooden frame and a rustic stool that adds character. Cowhide area rugs and ceiling fans bring the finishing touches, infusing each room with a homey charm.


Above the bedrooms and overlooking the living area, the ranch’s loft is a functional space turned into a bunk bedroom. It is accessible via a stylish wooden stair right off the entrance.

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A gate at the top of the stairs adds a layer of security for when the bunks are used by children.

Laminate flooring creates a solid and easy-to-maintain base that matches perfectly with the wooden beds and rustic railing.

Bean sacks instead of traditional accent chairs create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, while a big-screen TV adds further value — this area is simple to transform into a prime entertainment zone for children while the adults can relax below.

The storage room takes up a portion of the loft. Kids’ access to this utilitarian area of the home can be prevented by locking the room’s door.


To complete this hunting ranch’s design, the ample garage offers plenty of space for two trucks and hunting equipment.

Fitted cabinets and even a workbench are easy to install along a side or rear wall. The boiler and mains are also located in this space.

Final Thoughts

HL Customer Homes’ hunting ranch with a double garage is a stunning property blending rustic charm with contemporary comfort. It offers a perfect balance between functionality and cozy living while emphasizing the value of simple, practical building structures.

Like this gorgeous property, many other charming barndos are waiting to catch your eye. Whether this hunting ranch doesn’t meet your needs or you’d like to weigh your options, make sure to visit BarndominiumZONE to dive into our guides and find inspiration in our growing collection.

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