Double-Story, 3-Bedroom Barndominium-style House with Home Office and Two-story Great Room (Floor Plans)



  • Area: 2,810 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Stories: 2
  • Garages: 3

Welcome to the gallery of photos for a Barndominium-style House with a Home Office and a Two-story Great Room. The floor plans are shown below:

Main level floor plan
Second level floor plan
Main level floor plan with basement stairs

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The facade view of this barndominium-style house.
The front of the house can be expanded to include an open sit-down patio with a classy fireplace.
This perspective shows the entry to the storage room that borders the garage area.
The large two-car garage is located at the back of the house.
A large driveway leads to the garage. The house’s exterior has barn-style wooden doors, glass windows, and board-and-batten sidings.
Step right into the front porch/patio area, where you’ll be greeted by the glass entry doors surrounded by sliding barn doors.
The modern look of the house’s interior starts with the great room.
The great room boasts of a timely-looking fireplace, seating, and a high two-story ceiling.
Situated next to the great room is the bright and well-looking kitchen.
The kitchen also boasts striking features, including a three-seater island and a pantry area with a glass door.
Located next to the kitchen is the four-seater dining area.
Whether it’s natural light from the outside or the artificial light from the inside, the house is well-lit at any time of the day.
The office room is perfect for family members who are studying or working from home.
The spacious master bedroom awaits your company when it’s time for that beauty rest.
In the master bathroom, the free-standing tub sits in the middle of the vanities.
Two more comfortable bedrooms are also included in this house.
Each bedroom can be stylized to the liking of its occupants.
The loft area upstairs is wide enough to become its own entertainment area or makeshift campsite.

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Unfolding before you is an architectural masterpiece, a barndominium-style house plan that weaves the nostalgic charm of barn aesthetics with the refined nuances of modern living.

The exterior is a visual narrative that evokes the pastoral elegance of barn-inspired architecture, adorned with meticulous board and batten siding. Grand barn doors stand as gateways to rustic allure, while large windows ensure that every interior space is bathed in the gentle embrace of natural illumination.

The side entry ushers you into a realm where functionality meets aesthetic grace. A meticulously designed office space extends a warm welcome, perfectly tailored for the modern professional who cherishes the serenity and convenience of working from home.

At the core of this exquisite domicile, a magnificent great room unveils itself, an expansive space that seamlessly weaves into an open layout encapsulating the kitchen and dining area. Here, the dance of social gatherings and familial bonding is choreographed amidst an ambiance of spacious elegance.

Soaring ceilings crown the great room, amplifying the sense of expansiveness. Amidst this spatial grandeur, a cozy fireplace takes center stage, flanked by built-in bookshelves that stand as sentinels of literary treasures and cherished artifacts.

Adjacent, the kitchen emerges as a sanctuary of culinary creativity. A generous island graces the center, inviting both the preparation of gastronomical delights and social engagement. A walk-in pantry, a haven of organizational excellence, ensures that every ingredient and utensil is within arm’s reach.

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On the right side of this architectural symphony, the master suite unfolds as a world of intimate luxury. Privacy and tranquility are the underlying themes, articulated through thoughtful design.

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The master bathroom is a sonnet of indulgence, boasting a soaking tub, his and her vanities, an enclosed toilet, and a walk-in shower – each element echoing the unwavering commitment to opulence.

Functionality is woven into the tapestry of luxury, as the master closet seamlessly connects to the laundry room, transforming daily routines into experiences of convenience and efficiency.

To the left, bedrooms 2 and 3 unveil themselves, each a sanctuary of rest, sharing a strategically positioned hall bathroom that also caters to the main living area.

Up above, an enchanting loft space casts its gaze upon the great room, adding a touch of architectural mystique and charm to the design.

The narrative of functional elegance extends to a spacious 3-car garage, crowned by a high cathedral ceiling, embodying both spatial generosity and aesthetic grace. Accessed through a mudroom, where a bench and lockers stand ready to blend organizational brilliance with functional convenience.

In every stroke of design, every nuance of architectural articulation, this barndominium-style house plan narrates a tale where rustic allure waltzes gracefully with contemporary living.

It’s a home not just constructed but crafted, where every moment within its walls is an experience of living amidst an ambiance where the pastoral charm of yesteryears meets the refined elegance of modern dwelling.

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