3 Stunning Black Barndominiums With Wood Accents (2024)


Step into the realm of modern architectural marvels with our showcase of three breathtaking black barndominiums accentuated with rich wooden features. 

These stunning dwellings harmonize sleek black exteriors with the timeless warmth of wood, epitomizing the perfect fusion of contemporary elegance and rustic allure.

Take a look below.

#1: Stylish Black Barndominium With Wood Accents

Nestled on a sprawling 10-acre lot in Ohio, behold this exquisite black barndominium with wood accents, an epitome of refined elegance and practical design. 

Spanning 3,500 square feet, with 750 dedicated to garage space, this meticulously crafted abode boasts 3 spacious bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. 

Outside, the striking all-black facade is accentuated by charming wooden details, offering a striking visual contrast. 

A welcoming double door entrance with wooden posts beckons guests, setting the stage for memorable experiences in this stunning abode cherished by the Deszczykiewicz family.

As evening descends, the exterior is bathed in warm light, illuminating the covered side porch—a serene retreat for relaxing in the hot tub or entertaining guests. 

Adorned with enchanting lights, the porch features a cozy outdoor couch sectional, perfect for intimate gatherings.

#2: A Modern Twist Barndo In Black Metal With Wooden Effects

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Nestled in a landscape where winds play, Christy Stone unveils a remarkable black barndominium blending modernity with timeless allure. 

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Spanning 2114 square feet, her meticulous design marries industrial steel with warm wood tones, creating a modern masterpiece. 

With three inviting porches and a deck, nature seamlessly integrates. 

Christy’s personal touch shines, resulting in a magazine-worthy residence exuding comfort and style. 

The entranceway, featuring charming covered porches and unique window layouts, offers an inviting focal point with wooden effects. 

Close-up, exquisite details like candle-like sconces add timeless sophistication to the fiberglass doors, reflecting Christy’s unwavering commitment to quality and aesthetics.

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#3: Bold & Beautiful All-Black Barndominium Home With Wood Features On The Exterior

Barry Kraft’s exceptional black barndominium, stands as a stunning testament to modern design and functionality. 

Presenting a distinctive all-black exterior with wooden features, this barndominium features five cupolas, each adorned with a unique weathervane representing different branches of the military.

The crinkle matte black roof and walls provide a sleek and modern touch, complemented by a gray stone facade and a spacious multi-car & RV garage.

The porch beams have been intentionally left natural, allowing them to age naturally, and there’s consideration for potential use of boiled linseed oil to enhance their appearance over time. 

This thoughtful design showcases a blend of modern aesthetics and a nod to the passage of time, creating a truly unique and personalized exterior.


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