Bold & Beautiful: Barry Kraft’s All-Black Barndominium Stands Out In Missouri


Barry Kraft’s exceptional black barndominium, a stunning testament to modern design and functionality, is nestled near St. Louis, MO.

Featuring a striking black exterior, a seasoned builder has meticulously crafted this 4-car + RV garage marvel.

The black-on-black design, a source of initial apprehension, has proven to be a captivating choice, adding to the growing popularity of black barndominiums for their sleek and sophisticated appeal.

The interior boasts barnwood accents, natural counters, and a thoughtful layout encompassing a laundry area, 3.5 bathrooms, a spacious great room, a dining space, and a kitchen.

With 3 bedrooms, each equipped with its own bathroom and walk-in closet, plus ample storage space and an open floor plan, this barndominium epitomizes contemporary living.

Below are glimpses of its aesthetic for a closer look at this remarkable property and its meticulously planned floor plans.


Presenting a distinctive all-black exterior design, this barndominium features five cupolas, each adorned with a unique weathervane representing different branches of the military. 

The crinkle matte black roof and walls provide a sleek and modern touch, complemented by a gray stone facade and a spacious multi-car & RV garage.

The porch beams have been intentionally left natural, allowing them to age naturally, and there’s consideration for potential use of boiled linseed oil to enhance their appearance over time. 

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This thoughtful design showcases a blend of modern aesthetics and a nod to the passage of time, creating a truly unique and personalized exterior.

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Inside, this barndominium exudes contemporary charm with barnwood accents, natural counters, and a well-thought-out layout. 

The interior boasts a laundry area, 3.5 bathrooms, a spacious great room, a dining space, and a kitchen. 

Offering optimal convenience, the barndominium features 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and walk-in closet, ensuring personalized comfort. 

With ample storage space and an open floor plan, this residence represents the epitome of modern and functional living.

Living Area

The living area of this barndominium showcases a cozy ambiance with a stone facade fireplace as its focal point. 

Flanked by storage on each side, including open shelving, the fireplace adds both warmth and functionality to the space. 

The lowered wooden ceiling contributes to a more intimate atmosphere, creating a snug and inviting living environment.


The kitchen of this barndominium features custom cabinets crafted from pine barn wood, undergoing a meticulous process, including a graphite wash with a water-based stain. 

A practical and stylish 8-burner stove, along with strategically placed stainless steel appliances, enhances both the functionality and modern appeal of the kitchen.


The garage of this barndominium boasts a spacious 2,104 sq. ft area with ample windows, providing lots of natural light. 

It features a massive ceiling fan for ventilation and climate control. 

The garage is designed to accommodate four cars and an RV, making it both versatile and functional. 

With the added loft, this space can serve as a workshop, offering flexibility for various needs.

Floor Plans

The floor plans of this barndominium showcase a well-thought-out design. 

The main level encompasses 2,060 sq. ft. of living space, featuring a 1,112 sq. ft. covered front patio, a 552 sq. ft. covered side porch, and an expansive 2,104 sq. ft. garage. 

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The upper level includes 794 sq. ft., incorporating a mechanical room and a master suite complete with a master bathroom and walk-in closet. 

This layout combines practicality with a spacious and comfortable living environment.

Key Takeaways

This all-black barndominium stands out as an ideal home due to the following characteristics:

  1. Striking Aesthetic Appeal: The all-black exterior, crinkle matte black roof and walls, and gray stone facade create a bold and modern visual impact. The unique design, including five cupolas representing different branches of the military, adds character and personalization.
  2. Low-Maintenance & Durability: The crinkle matte black finish not only looks sleek but also tends to be low-maintenance, requiring less frequent cleaning. The exterior materials, including stone and metal, are durable, ensuring longevity and resilience against the elements.
  3. Contemporary Living Space: The thoughtful interior design with barnwood accents, natural counters, and a cozy stone facade fireplace contributes to a contemporary and comfortable living environment. The lowered wooden ceiling in the living area adds a touch of coziness.
  4. Functional Kitchen Design: The kitchen, featuring pine barn wood cabinets treated with a graphite wash, offers both style and functionality. The placement of stainless steel appliances within the cabinetry ensures a seamless and efficient cooking space.
  5. Versatile Garage Space: The spacious 2,104 sq. ft. garage, with windows, a loft, and a huge ceiling fan, can accommodate four cars and an RV. This area is not only practical for vehicle storage but also offers potential as a workshop or additional functional space.
  6. Thoughtful Floor Plans: The well-designed floor plans, including a covered patio, covered porch, and upper-level master suite, provide a balanced combination of open living spaces and private retreats, catering to various lifestyle needs.
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