Chris Rogers’ North Carolina Barndominium Apartment: A Guest House Oasis With Pool


Take a look at this versatile 30’ x 52’ barndominium, expertly designed and built by Chris Rogers in North Carolina. 

Currently serving as a pool house and guest accommodation for out-of-town visitors, the living space encompasses 600 square feet.

The pool house/apartment, measuring 30’ x 20’, offers a complete living experience with a kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, and dining area. Its practical layout maximizes space efficiency. 

The adjacent shop side, spanning 30’ x 32’, boasts a cleverly placed 6’ x 6’x 30’ mezzanine for added storage convenience. 

This impressive property was constructed with precision and care by Chris, coming in at a total cost of just over $75,000.

Its versatile design and thoughtful features make it an exceptional addition to any lifestyle, offering functionality and style in one harmonious package.

The photos below offer a look at the stunning outdoor oasis and functional indoor space.


The exterior of the barndominium has a distinctive 5/12 pitch roof, complemented by an attached 2-car garage/workshop, and a welcoming covered front porch.

As the night falls, the property illuminates with a generous spread of lighting, transforming it into an inviting and well-lit haven for its guests to enjoy around the clock.

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The guest barndo is conveniently situated adjacent to Chris Rogers’ family home, sharing proximity by a tranquil pond.

These two buildings coexist harmoniously, offering a serene and picturesque setting for residents and guests to appreciate.

Outdoor Oasis

The pool is thoughtfully enclosed by a fenced deck, seamlessly connected to the porch entertainment area.

This design not only enhances safety but also ensures a convenient flow between spaces, providing an ideal setting for leisure and gatherings.

The stained and stamped concrete floor enhances the aesthetic appeal, and an outdoor fireplace measuring 12 x 30 graces one end, providing a cozy atmosphere for gatherings.

The inviting outdoor area is complete with a food bar and high-top seating by the poolside.

As night descends, the outdoor space transforms into a well-lit haven, creating an inviting ambiance for both guests and Chris’ family to relish moments together by the poolside.

Abundant seating options ensure comfort and ample room for everyone to enjoy quality time outdoors in this beautifully illuminated setting.

Living Area

Within the living area, an interior with a gentle 2/12 pitch roof design creates an inviting atmosphere.

With side walls standing tall at 10 feet and 4 inches, the living area emanates a sense of generous space.

The interior ceiling is adorned with pristine white metal, infusing the space with a contemporary barndominium feel. 

Ingenious design elements such as sliding barn doors not only contribute to the overall style but also optimize space, offering a practical and chic solution.

This space now has a pull-out couch which effortlessly transforms into a queen-size bed, offering sleeping quarters, comfort, and functionality in this thoughtfully crafted living area.


The kitchen is a harmonious blend of form and function, with under-counter storage cabinets thoughtfully positioned along the walls to maximize space efficiency. 

Stainless steel appliances add a touch of modernity to the room, while an abundance of windows floods the space with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

The combination of white cabinets and black countertops achieves a timeless and elegant aesthetic, making this kitchen both stylish and practical.


The bathroom features a sliding door that adds a touch of contemporary style and space-saving functionality.

A pristine white pedestal sink lends a classic and clean look to the space, complemented by a rustic framed mirror that infuses character and warmth.

The wood-paneled flooring, continuing from the rest of the living area, adds a cohesive and inviting feel to this thoughtfully designed bathroom.

In Summary

Chris Rogers’ North Carolina Barndominium Apartment is a true testament to innovative design and careful craftsmanship.

From the versatile living space to the inviting outdoor oasis, every aspect of this property has been meticulously planned and executed.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a guest accommodation or simply appreciating the blend of functionality and style, Chris’s creation invites you to explore the possibilities of creating your own unique haven.

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