3-Bedroom, Exclusive Barndominium with Man Cave Workshop in the Garage (Floor Plans)



  • Area: 4,272 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3.5
  • Stories: 2
  • Garages: 3

Welcome to the gallery of photos for an Exclusive Barndominium with a Man Cave Workshop in the Garage. The floor plans are shown below:

Main level floor plan
Second level floor plan

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The facade of this barndominium house features a three-car garage.
A wide covered porch is also right in front of the house.
The view from the back of the house, which has another porch area and the access door to the garage.
Both the front and back porches are covered with roofs supported by wooden columns.
In addition, both porches provide ample seating.
The great room features a modern fireplace with bookshelves at its sides.
The great room is bordered by the staircase leading to the second floor.
Choose from any of the soft and comfortable sofas the great room has to offer.
The great room is bordered by the kitchen and dining areas.
Perform your cooking or related tasks with ease in this pristine kitchen.
Since the kitchen and dining area are just next to each other, serving meals will be fast and easy.
A total of nine seats are offered in the kitchen’s island counter and the adjacent dining area.
The master bathroom welcomes you when it’s time to freshen up.
A fully-enclosed shower and a uniquely-shaped bathtub are your bathing options inside the master bathroom.

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Unravel the luxurious tapestry of living that awaits in this exquisite Barndominium-style abode, where every detail is a blend of architectural precision and aesthetic opulence. The inviting aura of this residence is immediately announced by the expansive front and rear porches.

These aren’t just structural extensions but sanctuaries of relaxation and social engagement that stretch graciously across the entire length of the house. The architectural narrative is enhanced by the conventional 2×6 framing, a deliberate deviation from steel, weaving a tale of rustic charm infused with contemporary elegance.

Your journey into luxury is accentuated by the inclusion of a voluminous three-car garage. Here, functionality meets opulence, with ample space that extends beyond vehicular storage to include a man cave and workshop area, each meticulously designed to be a haven of creativity, relaxation, and innovation.

The heart of the home unveils the great room, a space where spatial grandeur and cozy intimacy converge. A two-story ceiling ascends majestically, amplifying the sense of expansiveness. The fireplace, a cozy enclave, is flanked by built-in shelves, transforming this space into a haven where warmth, literature, and familial bonding intertwine.

Adjacent, the kitchen is a narrative of culinary artistry. U-shaped cabinetry, meticulously crafted, wraps around the island, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. Every culinary escapade is accentuated by the design’s commitment to space and accessibility.

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The dining area, nestled gracefully beside the kitchen, extends an invitation to the picturesque rear porch through elegant doors, ensuring every meal is a dance between indoor luxury and outdoor serenity.

On the main level, the master bedroom emerges as a sanctuary of restful opulence. A barn door opens the portal to a world of intimate luxury, unveiling a five-fixture bathroom where contemporary design meets timeless elegance. A freestanding tub stands as a centerpiece, promising indulgent moments of relaxation.

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Ascend the double-sided staircase, and the second level unveils a realm of rest and recreation. Four secondary bedrooms, each a sanctuary, share Jack-and-Jill bathrooms, ensuring that luxury and convenience are communal experiences. They are connected by a catwalk-style hallway, a design element that adds a touch of architectural intrigue.

Beyond the bedrooms, a flex space unveils itself, a versatile enclave that can morph into a media room or playroom. It’s a testament to a design philosophy that values adaptability, ensuring that the home evolves in harmony with the dynamic needs of its inhabitants.

Every feature of this exclusive Barndominium-style design is a stroke of architectural genius. It’s a living space where the rustic allure of barn aesthetics seamlessly intertwines with the refined elegance of modern design.

Each room, each space, is a chapter in a narrative of living where every day is a journey into a world where comfort, luxury, and architectural artistry converge in a harmonious dance, making every moment a cherished experience of opulent living.

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