Robby Hayes’ Kansas Barn-Style Home Bathed In Natural Light


Robby Hayes’ family has made themselves a home in this uniquely designed barn-style house located in Kansas. 

Robby personally crafted the floor plans for this custom-made residence.

His home showcases innovative design elements, building this structure at 33’ x 44’ and featuring a 12’ x 44’ porch at the rear. Standing tall with 16-foot ceilings, it exudes a spacious and airy ambiance.

Included are partition-like walls that cleverly usher in abundant natural light.

The home also has shiny epoxy-finished floors that incorporate the comfort of radiant floor heating throughout. 

Its open living space and efficient layout optimize the living experience.

Although not all rooms are captured in the images below, a closer inspection reveals the charm of this barn-style abode. 

Blending an old-fashioned aesthetic with modern-day comfort, this home is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design.


Robby’s barn-style home boasts an exterior that epitomizes old-fashioned charm and functionality. 

This residence, built from the ground up and framed by the Amish, spans 33’ x 44’ and features a welcoming 12’ x 44’ porch at the rear, perfectly positioned on spacious land.

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The property’s wide, open space exudes tranquility and ample room for various activities.

With thoughtful consideration for comfort, winter weather is not a concern. 

Inside, radiant floor heating utilizing the Rheem 13k BTU tankless system ensures cozy winters.

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Despite having two heat pumps installed, their infrequent use attests to the home’s exceptional insulation and efficient design, ensuring year-round comfort for its occupants.


Living Space

This barn-style home by Robby boasts an airy interior design, featuring an open living space that seamlessly combines the kitchen and living room. 

The concrete flooring features an epoxy finish, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. Notably, anti-slip measures have been incorporated into the bathroom areas for safety. 

With expansive 16-foot ceilings adorned by exposed wooden beams, the space exudes a rustic charm. 

Moreover, cleverly installed partition-like walls delineate the living quarters from the bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring privacy without compromising the open and spacious ambiance.

Facing north, the strategic placement of six lights above the lean-tos allows light to filter in, creating a naturally illuminated space that spills over the partition walls into the various rooms.


The kitchen in this barn-style home is a focal point with a 9-foot-long island that comfortably accommodates seating for four. 

The island features a stove installation and is elegantly illuminated by suspended lighting from a dropped wooden beam overhead. 

A corner pantry and coffee bar add functionality, complementing the ample cabinetry. 

Plus, a window over the sink provides natural light and a pleasant view while working in the space.


The bedroom is designed for comfort and style, featuring a bed positioned by the window for a pleasing view and natural light. 

A ceiling fan ensures a comfortable atmosphere. 

The space showcases the partition-like walls, illustrating the unique design elements of this home. 

One wall displays wide shiplap, adding rustic charm, while wainscoting decorates the other walls. Sliding barn doors contribute to the space’s character and functionality.

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Laundry/Utility Room

The laundry room, though unfinished in this picture, provides a glimpse into the upcoming design elements. 

The attention to detail is evident in the planned ceiling, door, and wall accents, showcasing a careful and deliberate design approach for the space.

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