Peri Leigh Fenton’s Unstoppable Spirit: Building A Barndominium Oasis In West Texas Amid Lumber Woes


Nestled in the heart of a lumber crisis, Peri Leigh Fenton’s remarkable 30′ x 90′ barndominium stands as a testament to determination and vision. 

This distinctive property may have exceeded its original $200,000 budget due to the lumber price surge, but it’s a shining example of resilience and financial preparedness.

With years of diligent saving, Peri Leigh made this dream a reality by paying for the entire project in cash.

This spacious abode encompasses a total of 2,700 square feet, but it’s essential to note that 900 square feet (a generous 30′ x 30′) of this area is dedicated to the unheated garage section on one end, perfect for those who cherish their hobbies or need storage space.

The charm of this barndominium lies in its personal touch.

The floor plans were born from Peri Leigh’s own hand-drawn sketches on graph paper, a reflection of her unique desires and needs. 

There are no formal blueprints, plumbing, or electrical plans, making this property a canvas for someone who desires the freedom to customize their living space to their heart’s content.

Peri Leigh Fenton’s barndominium is not just a house; it’s a testament to resourcefulness and creativity.

With its rustic appeal and room for personalization, this property invites you to create your own dream space in a challenging but rewarding builder’s market.

Take a look at some of the features of this home below.


The front of the barndominium boasts a rustic charm with its dormer windows, adding a distinctive character to the overall design. 

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The small covered front porch offers a cozy spot for enjoying the outdoors. 

To the right is a whole-house AC unit that ensures a pleasant living environment throughout the year, making this barndominium not only charming but also equipped for modern comfort and convenience.

A picturesque view of the barn in the back offers a serene and quintessentially rural landscape.

At one end of the property, an unheated 2-car garage reveals itself, adorned with dormers positioned above each garage door. 

Whether used for vehicle storage, as a workshop, or for various other purposes, the garage represents a versatile addition to the barndominium, seamlessly merging functionality with a dash of architectural allure.


Stepping through the entrance door of this remarkable dwelling, one is greeted by a warm and inviting interior.

The entrance door, adorned with elegant windows, allows natural light to filter into the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Wood framing throughout the interior adds a rustic touch, infusing the home with a cozy and timeless charm.

Living Area

The view of the living area and kitchen showcases the impressive 18-foot height to which the peak of the wooden-accent ceiling stretches overhead, creating a sense of grandeur and spaciousness within the living areas.

The focal point of the living area is undeniably the brick-clad fireplace.

Positioned at the heart of the room, this fireplace exudes a sense of warmth and coziness that draws all attention.

Its rustic brick exterior beautifully complements the wood-framed interior, creating a harmonious blend of textures.

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Whether it’s the crackling fire during the colder months or the striking visual appeal it offers year-round, the fireplace stands as a central element, inviting residents and guests alike to gather around and savor the comforting ambiance it provides.


The kitchen features a cozy pale green and brown color scheme. It centers around a large white basin sink with a lovely window view.

The kitchen includes an island with seating for four and ample storage space beneath it.

Peri Leigh shares that there was a planning oversight regarding the double ovens.

They should have been positioned 6″-8″ lower with a drawer beneath and a larger cabinet above.

Standing at 5’3″, the top oven has become nearly inaccessible without a stool for Peri Leigh, which poses safety concerns.

Dining Area

The master bedroom is adorned with dark wooden furniture that adds an elegant and classic touch to the space.

Above, a peaked ceiling accommodates a ceiling fan, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics in the room.


In the bathroom, there’s a beautifully tiled standing shower that adds a touch of luxury to the space. (This picture was taken before completion.)

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