Game On! Jason Carruthers’ Georgia Barndominium: A Paradise Of Bonus Rooms & Indoor Sports


In the heart of Georgia, Jason Carruthers achieved a lifelong dream: the construction of a magnificent Barndominium that stands as a testament to years of hard work and meticulous planning. 

Having lived in a modest home, Jason and his family diligently saved for two decades.

When real estate prices surged, they seized the opportunity, selling their house and embarking on a journey to build their dream home.

Designed entirely by themselves, the barndominium encompasses the essence of their aspirations. 

Located on a sprawling 5 1/2-acre property zoned as agricultural land, they navigated the construction process seamlessly, facing no hurdles with permits or regulations. 

Spread across 5,000 square feet of living space, the home includes 2 half baths, a first-floor master suite, and three more bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, located on the second floor. 

Beyond the living area, which showcases their unique vision, the property also features a gym, garage, storage, and more.

To realize this vision, Jason undertook the role of General Contractor, personally overseeing various aspects of the construction while enlisting the help of friends and colleagues to complete the project. 

With an eye for detail, they strategically stayed within their budget, finishing the living space at approximately $115 per square foot, the gym area at $50 per square foot, and the garage and storage at $15 per square foot.


The Carruthers’ careful planning was evident in the foundation, where they invested in a sturdy structure: compacted Georgia red clay, footers, piers, gravel, plastic, rebar, and 4,500 psi concrete, guaranteeing durability. 

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The Barndominium itself stands tall at 54 x 92, featuring 22-foot side walls, a 4/12 roof pitch, and a 30-foot center with charcoal gray siding.

Situated on 5.5 acres, it boasts an asphalt parking area and driveway.

The property includes a convenient 2-car garage and a welcoming covered front porch and entranceway.

The side view reveals both the front and back porches, along with an extra detached garage/storage area, enhancing the property’s functionality and storage options.

The back view showcases a spacious backyard with a covered porch, providing a perfect outdoor retreat.

Additionally, the property is equipped with high-efficiency AC systems in place for the downstairs, upstairs, and indoor sports court, ensuring comfort and climate control throughout the home.

The underside of the porches features tongue and groove detailing, adding a touch of traditional craftsmanship to the outdoor spaces.

The entranceway is adorned with elegant double doors featuring large windows, allowing natural light to flood the interior and creating a welcoming ambiance.


The interior boasts a seamless open space design with flooring, seamlessly connecting the kitchen, dining area, and living area.

This thoughtful layout enhances the sense of spaciousness and fosters a harmonious flow between the living spaces.

The entranceway welcomes you with a large storage closet for convenient organization and a half bath located at the front for added accessibility and convenience.

Ample windows in each area flood the space with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Sliding doors off the living area provide seamless access to the outdoors, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces effortlessly.

This viewpoint captures the perspective of the seamless connection between the kitchen and living area, highlighting the open and interconnected layout of the space.

Living Area

In the living area, an electric inset fireplace adds warmth and ambiance, complemented by a soaring 20-foot ceiling.

A grand 9-foot fan enhances the air circulation, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Dining Area

The dining area offers ample space next to large windows, allowing natural light to flood the room.

Additionally, there’s a cozy corner chair, providing a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the space.


The kitchen is equipped with a 36” induction stove, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of storage in white cabinetry, including a concealed spot for the microwave.

The island in the kitchen measures 4’ x 15’, featuring pendant lighting overhead.

It offers storage and seating all the way around with 14 stools, providing a spacious and inviting eating area.

There’s an easily accessible walk-in pantry, although it still needs shelving.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The master bedroom, situated on the main floor, features 9-foot ceilings for a spacious feel.

It also boasts a convenient linen closet just off the spacious master bathroom, which includes a double vanity for added functionality. 

Upstairs, there are bedrooms—one equipped with an extra bed for sleepovers and a full tub/shower bathroom, another with a standing shower, and a guest bedroom with its own bathroom. 

Each bedroom also has an ample walk-in closet.

In addition to the well-appointed bathrooms, the barndominium features two convenient half baths strategically located for easy access, providing practicality and comfort for both residents and guests alike.

Take a look at the bedroom and bathroom combinations below.

Master: Main Level

Upstairs Bedroom/Bathroom #1

Upstairs Bedroom/Bathroom #2

Upstairs Bedroom/Bathroom: Guest

Laundry Room

The laundry room, conveniently located off the master bedroom closet, ensures easy access and streamlined daily chores for the homeowners.

This thoughtful placement adds a layer of convenience to the living experience in this meticulously designed barndominium.

Ping Pong Room

The laundry room, strategically positioned near a spiral staircase, offers accessibility from multiple points within the home.

This area also features an additional half bathroom, enhancing the practicality of the space.

Plus, a window looking into the indoor sports court allows people to watch more than one game.

Indoor Sports Court

This ingenious use of space showcases the barndominium’s commitment to providing functional and innovative living areas.

The flooring is meticulously crafted with 3/4 inch plywood at the bottom 8 feet to prevent damages, overlaid with 1/2 inch plywood. 

The court itself is surfaced with Mateflex ProGym Tiles, complemented by a 5-mm rubber underlayment, ensuring both durability and player comfort.

The court spans a substantial 52.5 feet by 30 feet, providing ample space for various sports activities, including a full half court for basketball. 

With side walls reaching 22 feet and a 4:12 pitch, the peak height nears 30 feet, accommodating activities like volleyball alongside basketball. 

This gym boasts thoughtful features, including a dedicated water bottle fill station for convenience. 

The indoor sports court is a versatile haven within the barndominium, complete with an upper viewing lounge enclosed as a loft between stairways.

The innovative design incorporates stairs leading to the “3rd floor” attic space, efficiently utilizing every inch of the barndominium’s layout for HVAC systems and storage.


The Carruthers’ barndominium features a convenient attached 2-car garage, with plans for a mudroom addition for practical everyday use. 

The garage is equipped with electric water heaters, comprising two 50-gallon tanks paired with a recirculation pump, ensuring instant hot water access at any faucet in the house within 10 seconds or less. 

This setup caters seamlessly to the needs of the family, even with four occupants, providing an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

Additionally, the property includes a detached garage measuring 24 x 30, further expanding the available space for storage and activities.


The property boasts a dedicated security room equipped with monitoring cameras, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage and enhanced safety measures.

This purpose-designed space allows for centralized control and real-time monitoring of the entire property, providing residents with peace of mind and a heightened sense of security.


The office space is meticulously designed with sound absorption boards on the walls, creating a professional and focused environment ideal for meeting with clients.

This thoughtfully crafted setting ensures a quiet and conducive atmosphere, allowing for productive interactions and seamless business dealings.

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