Double-Story, 4-Bedroom 2,700 Square Foot Barndominium-Style House with 3 Outdoor Spaces (Floor Plans)



  • Area: 2,734 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2.5
  • Stories: 2
  • Garages: 3

Welcome to the gallery of photos for a 2,700 Square Foot Barndominium-Style House with 3 Outdoor Spaces. The floor plans are shown below:

Main level floor plan
Second level floor plan

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The facade view of this double-story barndominium-style house.
The front of the house features a wide front porch with deck chairs and a chimney emanating from the indoor great room.
Porches with seating areas can also be found at the side and back of the house.
The house’s exterior features a dark-colored theme with touches of stone and wood.
The attached garage can accommodate up to three of your vehicles.
When it’s raining outside, this barndo house will bring you shelter and comfort.
The great room, which features a high two-story ceiling, has plenty of cozy seating options to choose from.
The three-seater bar counter of the kitchen gives a contrast to its otherwise bright interior design.
The eight-seater dining area sits right in the middle of the great room and the kitchen.
The master bedroom has a remarkable design which adds to its comfort factor.
Catch up on the latest shows and movies in the comfort of your own master bedroom.
Inside the master bathroom, you’ll find twin vanities separated by a makeup counter, as well as a private toilet room.
Opposite the master bathroom’s vanities is a free-standing tub. The shower area is located next to the toilet room.
The stairs lead to the second floor, where three more bedrooms can be found.

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Welcome to a world where architectural magnificence weaves seamlessly with functional elegance in this lavish barndominium-style abode.

Spanning an impressive 2,734 square feet, this residence unveils four meticulously crafted bedrooms, each echoing the silent symphony of luxurious living.

The exterior narrative is a dance of aesthetic grandeur and functional harmony.

An expansive covered front porch welcomes guests into a realm of serene outdoor splendor, echoing the charm of nature’s embrace. Additional covered porches grace the right and back sides of the house, offering a symphony of spaces where fresh air and architectural elegance converge.

A dark exterior, akin to a canvas painted with strokes of nighttime splendor, is adorned with stone and wood accents. It’s not just an architectural facade but a visual sonnet, where every detail, every accent, enhances the dwelling’s curb appeal, inviting observers into a world of aesthetic splendor.

As one steps into this sanctified space, an impressive open-concept layout unfolds.

The entryway, graced with a striking two-story ceiling, sets a grand narrative of architectural prowess. Each step within this domain is a sojourn through spaces where design and detail weave a dance of elegance.

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The right sanctuary of this abode hosts the kitchen, great room, and dining area – spaces where culinary artistry and familial warmth converge. A built-in fireplace narrates tales of cozy evenings and intimate connections, while a convenient walk-in pantry stands as a testament to organizational excellence. A passage to another covered porch unveils a realm where indoor warmth meets outdoor serenity.

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The master bedroom, a sanctuary situated on the main floor, echoes the grandeur of 10-foot ceilings. Every detail within this space is a narrative of luxury – an ensuite bathroom with a double vanity is a dance of aesthetic and functional grace, while a generously sized walk-in closet is a world of organizational tranquility.

As the journey continues down the hallway, a powder bath, laundry room, and mudroom unveil themselves, each space a harmonious blend of elegance and utility. A three-car garage, featuring a captivating two-story cathedral ceiling, stands as a testament to space and structural majesty.

Ascending to the upper echelons of this home, the remaining bedrooms emerge as private sanctuaries of rest and relaxation. Each is adorned with its own walk-in closet, echoing a silent symphony of space and order.

These bedrooms share a well-appointed bathroom, a space where every fixture and detail is curated for the comfort and convenience of all occupants.

Every corner, every curve of this spacious barndominium-style house plan, is a narrative of architectural elegance. It’s a world where walls echo the silent tales of lived moments, where spaces are canvases for the unfolding stories of familial warmth and elegant living.

Here, architecture transcends physical constructs and transforms into a living entity, echoing the silent sonnets of a life adorned by aesthetic grandeur and functional magnificence.

Welcome to a realm where every day is a dance through corridors of elegance, and every night, a retreat into spaces that echo the silent symphony of home.

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