Custom Barndominium Floor Plans: Comprehensive Guide (2024)


If you’re building a barndominium, getting the floor plan right will be one of the first big jobs.

Why? You need to know your home layout before you can choose a metal building kit to build your barndo in. You’ll also need the floor plan for going to the bank for financing and for applying for a building permit.

Of course, there are plenty of premade barndominium floor plans you can choose from. Often, those come packed with utility drawings, electrical layouts, foundation plans, and everything else you need to get started.

Buying them and sending them to a local architect along with your building kit plans is relatively simple, and a fast way to get started.

At the same time, that might not be the way to get your dream home.

If you’re building a barndominium, you have the chance to take your future home fully into your own hands and design everything around your needs.

And, that’s where a custom barndominium floor plan comes into play. You’ll get the chance to work with your architect to map out every single aspect of your new barndo. 

Custom Barndo House Plans Overview

A custom barndo house plan means that you work with an architect to design the floor plan, layout, and building design of your new home.

You’ll get every room mapped out exactly how you want it, with the spaces you need, in the formats that work for your lifestyle and family. 

Here, you can take two approaches. The first is to take your building kit to your architect or designer and work with them to figure out how best to fit your home into that space. That means more challenge for the designer. 

You can also work with your architect to put a building together around the needs of your floor plan. That can mean more freedom to add unique elements, extra spaces, and things like breezeways or breakfast nooks. 

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Both mean sitting down with a floor plan designer to discuss your needs and lifestyle.

For example, do you like to cook, how many people cook at once? Do you prefer a wide-open space for the living area? Do you want sleeping arrangements separated from the living area so kids can sleep while adults stay up?

Your home will be uniquely designed around your specific needs. 

Not everyone needs a unique floor plan. However, they can offer a lot of benefits. 

5 Benefits Of Customizable Barndominium Floor Plans

There are plenty of reasons to get a custom barndominium floor plan. The following include the top five.

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1. Take Your Climate into Account 

Building a comfortable home is an important part of building a home.

If you’re planning your barndominium, taking your climate into account in the floor plan can do a lot for ensuring that comfort. For example, you can work with your engineer to figure out how to best preserve or allow heat to escape.

You can discuss using elements like transom windows for natural light. If you’re in a warm area, you can pair that with overhangs to block hot midday sun. You can figure out venting. 

Taking your climate into account means: 

  • How to best let natural light into your home without letting in heat or losing privacy
  • Using design options to ensure heating or cooling are efficient. E.g., do you want an attached or detached garage, will breezeways help cool your home? What about adding overhangs over doors and windows? Simple changes to the home plan can do a lot for how your home naturally regulates temperature
  • Designing kitchens so you can move cooking outdoors in the summer or so the warmth heats your living area in the winter

Much of your decisions around climate will not be about the floor plan.

However, you’ll still want to include the climate at this stage of planning whenever you can, because it can make a large difference to the final comfort of your home. 

2. Maximize the View and Outdoor Living 

If you’re designing a floor plan, you can figure out what your home will look like on your property and how to maximize the feel inside and out. That will often mean looking at lot placement and positioning.

Your architect can then work with you to figure out: 

  • Where the view is and how you can position windows to best enjoy the outdoors
  • How to add outdoor spaces like patios and porches 
  • What kind of layout to give your home 

Here, every part of this is important to how your home actually works in practice. For example, it doesn’t matter how perfect a barndominium floor plan is if it’s designed for a lot with access points on a different facing than you have.

A custom floor plan will consider where your driveways are, where the sun is, and where natural features are, and will help you take advantage of those.

That means you can plan to put the kitchen on the left side of the home because the septic tank will be there and you can minimize plumbing, but it also leaves you free to put the dining area where you’ll have a beautiful view of the tree in the yard.

A stock floor plan will never offer that kind of customization.

3. Your Home Mirrors Your Lifestyle 

A stock barndominium floor plan is designed to be as useable as possible to most people as possible. A custom barndominium floor plan is designed to be as useable as possible to you.

What does that mean in practice? Mostly, it depends on how specific or custom your home needs are and how much you’re aware of what you need. 

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Your architect can work with you to help you decide how many rooms you need, what kind of living area layout you want or need, any extra spaces you might want, what your workflows look like, etc. 

What can that look like? Let’s say you have a few kids and you frequently cook together with your partner. You need to keep an eye on the kids and you expect to have another within a few years.

Your architect could make sure you have an open floor plan living area with a kitchen set centrally plus a counter along the back wall so you have a big kitchen to cook in – with easy oversight of the living area so you can watch kids at the same time. 

Things like that will make a big difference to how you actually live in the home. 

4. Take Your Future into Account 

Where will you be in 10 years? Are you retiring in the home? Do you have kids? Will you? Will they move out in 10 years?

Your barndominium will last for generations so it should be designed to suit your needs for the years to come.

You can work with your designer to take those aspects into account. For example, if your child is 10 years old now, you can’t expect them to live with you forever.

But, you might want to ensure they have space to keep living with you anyway, and design a bachelor pad or second suite with a kitchenette so they have that privacy.

In the meantime, that space can be a studio or a guest bedroom, but when the time comes, it’s there. 

That also holds true with things like retirement. Even if you’re fully mobile now, taking accessibility and aging into account in the design will ensure you don’t have to spend money on remodeling as you age.

Your floor plan designer can work with you to help you understand what your needs will be not just now but also over the lifespan of your interior, so you can make choices that will continue to suit you. 

5. Truly Your Home 

There’s nothing quite like bringing your vision for your home to life. When you opt for a custom barndominium floor plan, you’re making that barndo fully your own.

And, that will feel like a luxury, especially when you get to explain why the kitchen is just so and why the pantry is exactly there. You chose for everything to be right where it makes sense for you. 

How Long Do Custom Barndo Floor Plans Take To Create?

The timeline to design a custom barndominium floor plan will typically depend on who you ask and where you go.

Here, you can expect timelines to average about 1-4 weeks. However, some architects will take 2+ months to create a custom floor plan. That’s often because they work alone and have a lot of other work on their plate. 

At Barndominium ZONE, we can work with you to deliver a custom barndominium floor plan within about two weeks. That normally means about one week between the initial interview and receiving the first draft.

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We achieve this with a team of architectural designers on staff and ready to start on your home plan, because that’s all we do. 

Custom Plans Timelines and Processes

Ordering a custom barndominium floor plan is a relatively simple process. At Barndominium ZONE, we ask for payment upfront.

Once the payment is made, you’ll have to send us the following: 

  • A roughed-out drawing or sketch of your layout. Don’t worry about perfection, it’s the ideas that count. 
  • Specifics. We need to know the size, number of rooms, and any additional features you want. Think number of bedrooms, bathrooms, workshops, porches, etc. If you need help with deciding that, we can help with that too. 
  • Photos or images you’re using as inspiration. Whether that’s of your property, the exterior of the barndominium, or interior inspiration, we can use it to help you put your dream barndominium layout together. 

Once we have your request, we’ll review it, send the data to our team of designers, and get started. They’ll have a draft barndominium layout for you within 7 days. This is the first step to creating a home that perfectly matches your lifestyle and needs. 

Where To Place Your Order

If you’re ready to get started, fill out this form to request your custom barndominium floor plan.

One of our team members will reach out to you to discuss the next steps. That will include a call to discuss your concept and your needs, so we can get started building a layout for your dream barndominium. 

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Why Work With BarndominiumZONE?

BarndominiumZONE is the leading authority on barndominium floor plans.

Our design team specializes in floor plans for pole barns, metal kit homes, and other types of barndos. It’s all we do.

That means we’re familiar with the possibilities and capabilities of your barndominium and we can help you make the most of every square foot.

We’ve helped thousands of barndo enthusiasts in the community and we’d be proud to help you design your dream home. 

Of course, we also offer a wide selection of stock barndominium floor plans. Visit to see our collection of over 50+ ready-to-use stock floor plans. And, keep in mind that we can easily customize any of those plans to offer the best of both worlds. 

What Next?

Barndominiums are versatile and can adapt to almost any lifestyle. The barndominium craze sweeping the country is about more than just saving money on your new home. These buildings are beautiful and versatile. At Barndominium ZONE, we can help you make the most of your new home with a beautiful custom floor plan designed around your needs. 

If you’re looking to start building and don’t know where to start, click here to take a look at our Barndominium Package, complete with a step-by-step guide and checklist to everything you need to build a barndominium. 

We also get a lot of questions about financing, which is why we compiled a list of barndo financing options here

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