18 Of The Top Barndominium Builders In Iowa (For 2024)


If you’re looking to put up a new home, Iowa is the perfect place to opt for a barndominium. The state’s wide open spaces mean you can almost always find space for a non-traditional home.

Barndominiums easily meet Iowa’s high requirements for wind and snow load ratings as well, because steel structures offer high strength and durability. That means a barndo can be a great, low-maintenance home option even if you’re in a very rural area with limited wind and snow protection. 

Barndos also don’t have to be simple metal barns with homes built in.

The barndo builders on this list include everything from budget builders to high-end custom wood engineers. And, those buildings cost anywhere from about $11 to about $100 per square foot for the shell – which means pricing varies a lot.

The following includes some of the best barndo builders in the state. 

  • Davis and Reed Homes 
  • Greiner Buildings 
  • FBI Buildings
  • Timberlyne 
  • Country Wide Barns
  • Eastern Iowa Building
  • Kalona Post and Frame 
  • Morton Buildings 
  • Sunward Steel Buildings
  • Koskovich & Murphy Developments 
  • Northland Buildings 
  • Beachy Post Frame 
  • Pro Line Building Company 
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings 
  • Rafter P Construction 
  • Wick Buildings 
  • Graber Custom Structures 
  • NuMark Building Corp 
  • Big Timber Barns

1. Davis and Reed Homes 

Davis and Reed Homes is a custom home builder offering a full-service approach to newly built homes.

It primarily offers traditional or “stick-built” housing. However, you can also opt for metal steel structures and more traditional barndominiums. These include metal frame and wood frame build options, complete with workshop or other large spaces for whatever you want. 

Davis and Reed can also help with every step of the build process. That includes land acquisition, permitting, planning, design and engineering, foundation, erection, and interior finishing.

Essentially, they have you covered for every part of your new barndo. 

  • Based in Iowa 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Traditional stick-built homes
  • Custom barndominiums
  • Full-service construction 
  • Land acquisition services

Website: https://davisandreedhomes.com/
Address: 8659 Northpark Ct Johnston, IA 50131
Phone: 515 612 9996

2. Greiner Buildings 

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Greiner Buildings is a pole barn builder based in Iowa and serving the full surrounding area.

The company specializes in agricultural and commercial buildings. However, it offers barndo kits as well as custom-engineered barndominiums.

Most of its buildings are fully custom-engineered, which allows you to personalize every aspect of the home. However, if you want something basic and fast, the kit option is a good way to go. 

Greiner also offers more than “just’ metal cladding. Post-frame buildings include laminated posts, but you can opt for wood and mixed-material builds as well. In addition, you can get a more traditional metal building kit if that’s the way you want to go.

Finally, Greiner offers whatever you want in terms of service. If you’re based in Iowa, you can get materials-only delivery, shell-only, or full-service with interior finishing included. 

  • Based in Iowa 
  • Custom-engineered barndominiums 
  • Some barndo kits included
  • Wood or metal post-frame buildings 
  • NFBA Accredited 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Foundation and interior finishing available 

Website:  https://greinerbuildings.com/
Address: 120 East Main Street Washington, IA 52353
Phone: 888-466-4139

3. FBI Buildings

FBI Buildings specializes in pole barns and post-frame buildings for agricultural, commercial, and residential use.

The company delivers wood post frames with metal siding buildings, including custom engineering and building kits. You can also opt for residential finishes like doors and windows that you might not be able to get with other post-frame builders. 

FBI also sells building kits at flat rates, with pricing listed online, which you can have erected by the company or construct with your own crew. The team will also custom engineer a building to meet your specifications, although you can expect to pay more for the service.

FBI offers erection, foundations, and shells in all of Iowa. However, you’ll need your own general contractor for the interior finishing.  

  • Full service across Iowa 
  • Limited lifetime warranty on residential buildings 
  • Financing available 
  • Building kits available
  • Custom engineering available 
  • Erection services and foundations 
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Website: https://www.fbibuildings.com/
Address: 3823 W 1800 S Remington, IN 47977
Phone: 1-800-552-2981

4. Timberlyne 

Timberlyne is a luxury barndo kit builder offering heavy timber barns.

Its approach means creating unique looks out of sustainably sourced wood, to deliver a home that isn’t just fast to build but also beautiful. However, with no erection services, Timberlyne isn’t right for everyone. 

On the other hand, Timberlyne offers a range of building kits so you can purchase and have your builder quickly assemble something beautiful – and often at a fraction of the cost of a custom design.

In addition, the team will custom engineer and prefabricate a kit for you if you want something truly special. Everything is delivered on site with assembly instructions included. 

  • Delivers across Iowa 
  • 4-year limited warranty 
  • Full timber builds (frame and exterior) 
  • No erection services or interior finishing
  • Guaranteed sustainable harvests 

Website: https://www.timberlyne.com/
Address: 116 West 1st Street, Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 888-489-1680

5. Country Wide Barns

Country Wide Barns is a pre-manufactured barndominium builder offering support at every stage of the barndo building process. That includes the exterior foundation, building shell, and full interior finish.

In addition, you can opt for barndo kits or design something custom in whatever material you want. As a general contractor, Country Wide works with pretty much everything, so you can get exactly the look and feel that you want for your barn home. 

If you go with a basic option, you get a metal frame with wood siding. However, you can also opt for wood finish, stone exteriors, and much more – depending on budget and timelines.

That makes them an extremely versatile barndo builder who can basically put together anything you want. 

  • Service across Iowa  
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Barndo kits 
  • Custom engineering 
  • Full service installation 
  • Interior finishing available 

Website: http://www.countrywidebarns.com/
Address: 1020 Industrial Dr #20, Pleasant View, TN 37146, United States
Phone: +1 800-615-9720

6. Eastern Iowa Building

Eastern Iowa Building is a steel building company based in Iowa. The company is a post-frame builder offering wood post-frame construction across the state. 

The builder specializes in wood post frames with metal siding. It also offers a range of residential options including porches, verandas, and trim. However, Eastern Iowa Building is not a general contractor, so you’ll need a contractor for the interior finishing. 

On the other hand, the builder will design and put up a simple and cost-effective post-frame building, which you can then convert into your barn home. You’ll have to source your own residential doors and windows. Otherwise, Eastern Iowa has you covered. 

The company is an erector for two different suppliers. This means they don’t make anything themselves. Instead, they work with you to figure out what you want, order it from the supplier that can best meet your needs, and then erect it on your lot. 

They also do some metal building kits, meaning you can choose between traditional metal building barndo and post-frame construction. In either case, Eastern Iowa will deliver a foundation and a building shell, which you can turn over to your general contractor to finish the interior.

  • Serves all of Iowa
  • Wood post frame buildings with metal siding 
  • Some kits available
  • Limited customization options
  • Every building custom engineered 
  • Building erection services
  • Foundations

Website: https://easterniowabuilding.com/
Address: 104 Williams Blvd. Fairfax IA 52228
Phone:  319-845-8000

7. Kalona Post and Frame 

Kalona Post and Frame is a post-frame builder offering a mix of residential, agricultural, and commercial post-frame buildings. The company also specializes in barn homes, with space for a living space and a barn or large workshop.

Its pole barns are primarily wood post frames with metal siding. In addition, it offers limited customizations, so if you want residential doors and windows or interior finishing, you’ll need a third-party general contractor to do the work. 

Otherwise, Kalona Post and Frame will design your building, install the piers, put up the poles, pour the slab, and erect your building. You can then do whatever you want with it. 

  • Serves around the Quad Cities 
  • Wood post frame buildings
  • Erection services available 
  • Custom building engineering 
  • Limited customizations 

Website: https://kalonapostandframe.com/
Address: 2120 IA-22 Kalona, IA 52247
Phone: 319-656-4422

8. Morton Buildings 

Morton Building is one of the largest metal building companies in the United States and it’s based right in Iowa. The company delivers metal building kits, which it can custom engineer for you, with options for foundation, erection, and exterior finishing services.

Like many other large-scale metal building companies, you’ll have to supply your own residential doors and windows and your own interior finishing.

However, Morton does offer plenty of customizations including wood trim and mixed material builds that you won’t get from any other large-scale pre-fabrication company. 

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Morton does offer a small number of barndo kits. However, you’ll likely want a custom option. You can also add insulation and a variety of trim to that. 

  • Full service across Iowa
  • 35-year warranty on steel 
  • Erection services 
  • Non interior finishing 
  • Based in Illinois 
  • Prefab barndominium kits available 
  • Custom designs available 

Website: https://mortonbuildings.com/
Address: 252 W. Adams St. Morton, IL 61550-1804
Phone: 800-447-7436

9. Sunward Steel Buildings 

Sunward Steel is a metal building manufacturer offering multiple barndominium kits. It also supplies custom-engineered barndos, which most people will prefer.

The brand ships out of its Colorado address, however, you can opt for a project manager with managed and turnkey construction anywhere in the United States.

At the same time, that management will typically cost about 25% extra over just the barndo, so not everyone will want it. 

Sunward also offers delivery, insulation, trim, and many other extras. This means you can have one company handle site prep, foundation, building erection, and insulation.

From there, you’ll have to turn the project over to your own general contractor for the interior finishing. 

  • Delivery across Iowa 
  • 40-year warranty 
  • Barndominium building kits 
  • Custom engineering options 
  • Project management available 
  • Erection services
  • Foundation 

Website: https://sunwardsteel.com/
Address: 600 E Hampden Ave Denver, Colorado 80224
Phone: 303-759-2255

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10. Koskovich & Murphy Developments 

Koskovich & Murphy Developments is a home builder specializing in post-frame buildings. The company also delivers a range of other types of pole barns.

However, most of its business is in wood and laminated wood column pole barns with metal siding. Here, you can order a building kit or custom engineer your building, and then have Koskovich & Murphy erect it on your lot. 

The builder will work with you for permitting, planning, engineering, and construction. Once the shell is up, Koskovich can keep working with you to design the interior to do the paint, electricity, and other work.

That means they can do most of the work of the barndo, saving you the hassle of finding multiple contractors. 

  • Based in Sioux City 
  • 40-year material warranty 
  • Custom-engineered pole barn homes
  • Some pole barn kits
  • Full-service/turnkey solutions available

Website: https://koskovichandmurphy.com/
Address: 2106 3rd Street, Sioux City, IA 51101
Phone: 712-258-0051 

11. Northland Buildings 

Northland Buildings is a post-frame builder specializing in single-span wood post-frame buildings and barns. The company uses building systems with laminated posts and metal connection points, offering a combination of durability and building speed.

However, it doesn’t specifically construct barndominiums, which means you’ll have to hand the building off to a general contractor for residential doors and windows and for interior finishing. 

Northland custom engineers every building. That gives you opportunities to customize the exterior of the building as much as you want. You can also opt for larger windows and doors – and then fill those in yourself. 

  • Based in Wisconsin 
  • Wood and metal post-frame buildings
  • No residential customizations
  • Custom engineered buildings
  • Full erection services including slabs

Website: https://www.northlandbuildings.com/
Address: Eau Claire, WI
Phone: 751-874-4202

12. Beachy Post Frame 

Beachy Post Frame is a building company specializing in wood post frame buildings of any size.

The company does everything from commercial builds to residential barndominiums, although it does not offer interior finishing. Instead, you get a custom-engineered barndominium built to your specs, with foundation, excavation, and erection all included.

You also get significant exterior customizations in terms of exterior finish and options. 

The company itself is based in Kansas. However, it serves all of Iowa and the surrounding area. However, like most pole barn builders, Beachy does not offer interior finishing and you’ll need a separate general contractor for that. 

  • Services all over Iowa 
  • Custom pole barns and buildings 
  • Wood post frame buildings with metal siding 
  • Erection services
  • Subcontracted foundation work 
  • No interior finishing 

Website: https://www.beachypostframe.com/
Address: 3950 N Ridge Road Wichita, KS 67235
Phone: 800-733-3138

13. Pro Line Building Company 

The Pro Line Building Company offers new builds for commercial, residential, and agricultural use.

It’s also diverse, in that you can purchase a steel building kit, a traditional stick-built home, or a pole barn from the company. That also means it’s a good option if you want a hybrid barndo.

Most of Pro Line’s barndominiums are post-frame homes. However, you can also opt for a metal building kit if you prefer. 

Here, Pro Line will prep your site, install the foundation, and then hand a building over to you –ready to be converted into a home.

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Plus, with long-term maintenance contracts available, it’s one of the few builders to ensure that your home stays in good shape, no matter how long you live there. 

  • Based in Iowa 
  • 50-year post warranty 
  • Erection services
  • Foundation services
  • Wood or metal barndominiums
  • Post-frame or traditional framing available

Website: https://www.plbco.com/
Address: 1385 Hwy 63 PO Box 9, New Sharon IA 50207
Phone: 641-328-8453

14. Worldwide Steel Buildings 

Worldwide Steel Buildings is one of the largest prefabricated steel building companies in the U.S. It will also custom engineer a barndominium for you, including a multi-story structure, and ship it to your lot, where you can have your builder erect it for you.

Worldwide Steel does not provide any erection services. However, they do ship ready-to-construct barndos complete with everything you need to assemble a 2,500-square-foot building shell within a week. 

Worldwide Steel also offers a significant warranty, with a 50-year structural guarantee, 25-year roof guarantee, and paint guarantees.

In addition, while they don’t offer erection, they can help you source a certified contractor who’s already received training in putting up a Worldwide Steel building. 

  • Delivers across Iowa 
  • 50-year structural warranty 
  • Barndo building kits 
  • Custom engineering 
  • No erection services 

Website: https://www.worldwidesteelbuildings.com/
Address: 10505 State Rt YY Peculiar, Missouri 64078
Phone: 800-825-0316

15. Wick Buildings 

Wick Buildings is based in Wisconsin but offers erection and foundation services across Iowa.

The builder specializes in post-frame barndominiums, including barn homes with living quarters and shopdominiums. This includes larger floor plans designed to be mostly barns or shops.

The builder also offers floor plans and barn kits you can immediately start working with. However, you can opt for a custom-engineered design based on your floor plan or ideas.

Wick also handles every aspect of building erection. This means driving the posts, pouring the slab, and putting up the building.

Everything is post-frame, but Wick does offer multi-story models and designs. However, once the building shell is up, you’ll have to hand work off to a general contractor for interior finishing. 

  • Full service across Iowa 
  • 50-year structural warranty 
  • Post frame barndominiums
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Custom design barndos 
  • Erection services available 

Website: https://www.wickbuildings.com/
Address: 405 Walter Rd Mazomanie, WI 53560
Phone: (855) 438-9425

16. Graber Custom Structures 

Graber Custom Structures is a pole barn company offering a mix of kits and custom engineering.

The builder also specializes in residential barns, with shopdominiums and barn homes with living spaces in them. In addition, you can fully custom design the building and have Graber engineer something just for you.

Graber also offers a range of exterior finish and trim options. On the other hand, they don’t do interior finishing at all. Instead, you’ll need a general contractor for that. 

In addition, while Graber primarily does erection themselves, you can also opt for a materials-only delivery. That’s a good call if you’re looking for a building but already have a contractor in mind. 

  • Serves all of Iowa 
  • 40-year limited warranty 
  • Post-frame barndominiums 
  • Barndominium building kit
  • Custom engineering available 
  • Materials-only supply or erection available

Website:  https://www.graberpost.com/
Address: 7716 N. 900 E. Montgomery IN 47558
Phone: 812-636-7355

17. NuMark Building Corp.

NuMark Building Corp. is a metal building company offering custom barndominiums across Iowa.

The company specializes in barn and agricultural buildings. However, it also offers a wide range of residential buildings, including multiple residential trim and cupola options to fully personalize your building.

NuMark is a relatively small builder. However, it’s locally based, serves most of the area, and offers everything you need to break ground and have your barndo shell up and ready to convert into a home. 

In addition, NuMark offers long-term maintenance and options to customize and update your building over time. That makes it a great choice for anyone who wants local support and customer service. 

  • Serves all of Iowa 
  • 40-year warranty 
  • Post frame barndominiums
  • Metal frame barndominiums
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Erection and foundation services

Website: https://numarkbuildings.com/
Address: 102 E15th St Pella IA 50219
Phone: 641-628-2260

18. Big Timber Barns 

Big Timber Barns is a luxury barn company offering barn kits and custom barns of all sizes. It also specializes in full wood and timber rugged structures, making it an ideal choice for anyone who likes the look and feel of authentic barns.

Big Timber also handles interior design, with post and beam construction, exposed timber interiors, stone finishing, and much more. You’ll also get a finished concrete floor. 

Alternatively, you can order a kit and have your own team put it together. Here, Big Timber Barns sells post-frame buildings. Either way, you get a custom, natural material barn home, in whatever size and style you want. 

  • Serves all of Iowa 
  • All wood constructions
  • Foundations included
  • Rough interior finishing included 
  • Post frame barns
  • Dozens of barn styles

Website:  https://bigtimberbarns.com/
Address: Pella, Iowa
Phone: 641-628-9169

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