Top 9 Best Barndominium Builders In Mississippi (For 2024)


Barndominiums are quickly becoming one of the most popular new home builds in the country.

If you want to live in a fresh and new home style, barndominiums provide wide-open floor plans, high roofs, and plenty of space to let in natural light.

They’re also available in almost every building style, from traditional stick-built to pole barns to metal building kits that will save you time and money on your build.

Whatever you want from your barndo, there’s a local builder to help you make it a reality. The top 9 barndominium builders in Mississippi include options for every time, so you can find someone to fully support your barndo project from start to finish. 

  • Mueller Buildings
  • Timberlyne 
  • Thornhill Construction 
  • DC Builders
  • Country Wide Barns 
  • Dunlap Custom Homes
  • R.K. Wallace 
  • Morton Buildings 
  • Hansen Pole Buildings 

1. Mueller Buildings 

Mueller Buildings is a large metal building prefabrication company with barndominium kits and custom designs available.

The company pre-manufactures its metal buildings at its factory in Texas, which it then ships almost anywhere in the United States, including anywhere in Mississippi. Its custom designs offer changes in size, trim, paint and panel color, and roof type. 

In addition, with extras like insulation and solar panels, you can get the full building shell from Mueller. However, the company does not offer foundations.

It also won’t erect its buildings for you. Instead, you’ll get a how-to guide and numbered parts – which you’ll need a general contractor to set up for you. 

  • Delivery across Mississippi 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Some barndo kits available 
  • Custom barndominiums available 
  • No erection or construction services
  • No foundations 
  • Solar panels  

Address: Mueller, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, 1915 Hutchins Ave. Ballinger, TX 76821
Phone: 877-268-3553

2. Timberlyne 

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Timberlyne is a luxury wood barndominium builder. The company is based in Texas but offers building delivery across Mississippi.

However, like Mueller, Timberlyne does not offer building erection. Instead, you’ll get a custom wood barndominium kit delivered to your site and ready to assemble by your local contractor.

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Timberlyne also pre-manufactures all of its buildings, meaning you won’t have to do any cutting on-site, just the assembly. 

Timberlyne also uses entirely sustainable harvest timber. You get wood frames and wood trim. That makes its barndos feel a lot more luxurious than a standard metal kit. However, you will pay more for the materials as well.

Timberlyne sells floor plans and pre-designed homes. However, you can also sketch up a floor plan and ask them to engineer the building for you. 

  • Delivery across Mississippi
  • 4-year limited warranty 
  • Sustainable harvest timber 
  • Wood frames 
  • Wood trim and siding 
  • No erection services
  • No foundation services 

Address: 116 West 1st Street Wayne, NE, Texas 68787
Phone: 888-489-1680

3. Thornhill Construction 

Thornhill Construction is a general contracting and construction company serving the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The company does not specialize in barndominiums but instead offers every type of home, including barndos.

In addition, it offers fully custom building and design with 3D rendering and visualization so you can get a very good idea of what your barndominium will look like before starting the build.

Thornhill does use traditional construction with wood frames and vinyl siding. Otherwise, you can turn your home into anything you like – complete with any amenities you like.

The company also does full interior finishing, so they can take you from breaking ground to a finished building. 

  • Serves the gulf coast 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Wood stick-built homes
  • Full customization 
  • No barndo kits
  • Foundations
  • Full interior finishing

Address: 703-A Dunbar Street, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520
Phone: 228-424-7773

4. DC Builders

DC Builders is a luxury turnkey barndominium builder offering wood and mixed material barndos.

The brand also does full interiors and finishing, meaning they can manufacture your building off-site, deliver it, install the foundation, erect the building, and then do the full interior for you.

DC Builders can also do materials-only delivery so you can put everything into the hands of your preferred general contractor. 

DC Builders uses building kits and custom-designed buildings. This means you can choose one of its off-the-shelf floor plans and customize the exterior with trim and windows.

Alternatively, you can customize a full building from the ground up to get something completely your own. 

  • Service across Mississippi
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Custom designed barndos 
  • Wood stick-built frames 
  • Full interior design 
  • Foundation services 

Address: 11251 SE 232nd Ave, Damascus, OR 97089
Phone: 888-975-2057

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5. Country Wide Barns 

Country Wide Barns is a barndo builder based in Tennessee but offering service across the American South.

Like DC Builders, Country Wide Barns is a luxury option, offering custom engineering and options for full wood exteriors. However, it does not offer interior finishing, so you’ll also need a general contractor to finish the build.  

Country Wide Barns does offer customization, including updating exterior and paneling options to meet local codes and zone issues. You also get a lot in terms of door, window, roof, and other trim options.

And, Country Wide can prep your build site, install a foundation, and then erect the building on it once it’s ready to assemble – so all you have to worry about is the interior. 

  • Delivery and erection across Mississippi
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Wood or metal post-frame buildings
  • Mixed wood and metal builds available
  • Custom designs
  • No barndominium kits
  • Foundations available 

Address: 1020 Industrial Dr #20, Pleasant View, TN 37146, United States
Phone: +1 800-615-9720

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6. Dunlap Custom Homes

Dunlap Custom Homes is a small business general construction company offering everything from simple barndominiums and building kits to custom luxury homes.

The builder also uses mixed materials with wood and stone to create beautiful and fully custom homes. That means this is not the best option if you’re looking for a fast metal building kit.

However, if you want a beautiful and unique build, this is a great option.

Dunlap also offers full interior finishing. They can take your home from start to finish for a turnkey build.

  • Based in Olive Branch, Mississippi
  • 1-Year Workmanship Warranty 
  • Wood stick-built homes
  • Stone and plaster options 
  • Luxury barndominiums
  • Turnkey builds available 
  • Everything custom-designed

Address: 11451 Byhalia Road, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Phone: 901-490-3066

7. R.K. Wallace 

R.K. Wallace is a custom steel building company offering everything from commercial buildings to residential barndominiums.

The builder uses custom designs and on-site construction to create steel buildings with wood, plaster, and rock exteriors. This means they can deliver a beautiful and unique building with all the durability of a metal building kit. 

R.K. Wallace also does not offer interior finishing. This means they’ll install the foundation and the building. You’ll then need a separate contractor to finish the interior including plumbing and electricity. 

  • Based in Jayess, Mississippi
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Custom-engineered steel buildings
  • Diverse exterior and façade options
  • No barndominium kits 
  • Foundation services
  • No interior finishing
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Address: 28 New Home Church Road, Jayess, MS 39641
Phone: (601) 876-3833

8. Morton Buildings 

Morton Buildings is a prefabricated metal building manufacturer based in Illinois. However, the company delivers across the United States including to Mississippi.

In addition, it offers full erection services including mixed material builds and facades for its buildings via local subcontractors.

If you want a barndo from Morton, you can opt to choose a barndominium kit or custom design your own. In most cases, you’ll likely prefer the custom option to ensure you get the windows, colors, and trim you want. 

From there, Morton will deliver to your site and then either subcontract to a local erection crew or allow you to do so. After that, your general contractor can handle the interior finishing.

Morton is extremely popular for its metal building kits. In addition, it’s one of the few options to have ready-to-ship barndo kits with lead times starting at 2-10 weeks. 

  • Delivers across Mississippi 
  • 35-year warranty 
  • Mixed material builds available
  • Custom barndominiums
  • Prefab barndominium kits available 
  • Subcontracts erection to local contractors 

Address: 252 W. Adams St. Morton, IL 61550-1804
Phone: 800-447-7436

9. Hansen Pole Buildings 

Hansen Pole Buildings is based in Minnesota. However, the barndominium builder offers delivery across most of the U.S., including Mississippi.

Hansen Pole Buildings delivers pole building kits. This means they do not offer erection or foundation services. Instead, you’ll get your building custom-cut and ready to assemble.

Your local assembly crew can install the poles, pour the foundation, and then finish the building. 

Hansen is also one of the only pole building companies to offer multi-story building options. This means you can build as large as you like, have a loft or attic, and opt for a two-story barn.

The company offers minimal exterior customization; however, you can opt for a selection of paint colors, doors and windows, and trim to customize the look and feel of your barn. 

  • Delivers across Mississippi
  • Custom barndominiums
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Multi-story options 
  • No erection services
  • No foundations 

Address: 12167 Lake Rd Browns Valley, MN 56219-4064
Phone: (701) 404-2600

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