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DC Structures was founded in 2015 as a branch-off of DC Builders by David Guetter. In this short timeframe, they’ve grown to a mid-size company with over 50 employees.

They specialize in prefabricated buildings in heavy timber, hybrid, and conventional framing styles. DC Structures is a popular source for barndominium kits. They’re based in Portland, Oregon, but can deliver all across the US and Canada.

DC Structures Services

DC Structures offer prefabricated kits of all kinds, including those for barndominiums. They have six different sizes for the barndominium kits, as well as kits for what they call apartment barns and barn homes.

These kits can be customized and shipped to the customer’s location, and DC Structures can help customers find the right builder for their new home.

Barndominium Kits

All of DC Structures’ barndominium kits are a combination of traditional stick building methods, cement supplements, and clear-span construction. They’re a hybrid of wood posts built on concrete footers rather than embedded straight into the ground.

The Meridian barndominium kit offered by DC Structures comes in six sizes.

Meridian Kit SizeSquare FootageBase FeaturesBase Cost
30’ x 48’1,440727 sq. ft. living space; 713 sq. ft. two-car garage$93,152
30’ x 60’1,800Two-car garage; options for an upstairs loft$103,758
30’ x 72’2,1601,087 sq. ft. living space; 1,073 sq. ft. three-car garage$114,373
40’ x 48’1,920969 sq. ft. living space; 951 sq. ft. two-car garage$108,422
40’ x 60’2,4001,209 sq. ft. living space; 1,191 sq. ft. two-car garage$121,878
40’ x 72’2,8801,449 sq. ft. living space; 1,431 sq. ft. three-car garage$135,789

All the barndominium kits come with the following standard features:

  • All framing materials including hardware
  • Pre-manufactured vaulted wood trusses
  • 15’ sidewall
  • 6/12 roof pitch
  • 3 2’ heavy timber knee braces on each gable end
  • Vapor barrier throughout exterior
  • 7” Reveal Hardie cedar mill primed lap siding
  • Roof, wall, and floor sheathing
  • Exterior doors and windows (excluding overhead garage doors on some models)
  • Primed Hardie cedar mill primed window, door, corner trim and fascia
  • 14 Andersen 100 series windows per standard window schedule
  • 2” x Select tight know cedar exterior door
  • Standard engineering blueprints
  • A pre-loaded tablet with your project management site, 3D renderings, construction documents, and a Dropbox link to project details
  • Location-specific master materials list
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Apartment Barn Kits

DC Structures offers apartment barn post and beam kits with select-grade Douglas fir posts. They also use glulam beams sourced from the Pacific Northwest.

Currently, DC Structures offers three styles of apartment barn kits.

Kit StyleSquare FootageAvailable SizesBase FeaturesBase Cost Range
The Oakridge1,728-5,18436’ x 24’, 36’ x 36’, 36’ x 48’, 36’ x 60’, 36’ x 72’12’ x 12’ deck; front windows peak; can also be designed as a barn home$143,454-$279,882
The Pineridge1,728-5,14836’ x 24’, 36’ x 36’, 36’ x 48’, 36’ x 60’, 36’ x 72’HardiePanel fiber cement siding;$114,124-$226,832
The Shasta3,528-7,05642’ x 42’, 42’ x 56’, 42’ x 70’, 42’ x 84’14’ drive-through RV garage; 14’ x 14’ deck; 14’ x 14’ grid layout; front & rear widows peaks with timber trusses$243,613-$363,752

Standard kit features include:

  • All framing materials including hardware
  • Two-steel framed breezeway doors (Oakridge and Pineridge plans)
  • 2 classic 12’ x 9’ Equine barn doors (Oakridge and Pineridge plans)
  • 5.0 x 6.8 Andersen 100 series sliding glass balcony door (Oakridge and Shasta plans)
  • 4’ wide stair package (Pineridge and Shasta plans)
  • 2” x 6” wall framing throughout exterior walls (Pineridge and Shasta plans)
  • Cupola and dormers
  • 9/12 & 4/12 roof pitch
  • Loft with T&G Edge Gold floor sheathing
  • 2” x 12” rafters at 24” OC
  • CDX roof sheathing
  • Vapor barrier throughout exterior
  • Custom concealed structural knife plates with anchor bolts
  • Anderson 100 series windows with screens per standard window schedule
  • Standard engineering blueprints
  • A pre-loaded tablet with your project management site, 3D renderings, construction documents, and a Dropbox link to project details
  • Location-specific master materials list

Barn Home Kits

Each barn home kit from DC Structures includes Douglas fir posts and beams, exterior wall packages, and appearance-grade glulam beams.

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There are five different barn home kits offered by DC Structures, plus the Oakridge kit that can be either a barn home or an apartment barn.

Kit StyleSquare FootageBase FeaturesBase Cost Range
The Fremont2,0001 6.0x6.8 Andersen 400 series French door$142,234
The Alberta2,707Unique gambrel-style roof; aesthetic cedar cupola$202,986
The Hawthorne2,050T&G floor sheathing; 1 6.0 x 6.8 Andersen 400 series French door; aesthetic cedar cupola$152,747
The Concordia2,718T&G floor sheathing; aesthetic cedar cupola$192,872
The Stillwater1,101Floor-to-ceiling windows; 24’ x 36’ frame; lofted bedroom space$152,638
  • Custom concealed structural knife plates with anchor bolts
  • Insulation-ready 2” x 6” exterior wall framing
  • CDX roof sheathing
  • Open web floor trusses
  • WRB wall system with vapor barrier
  • Interior wall framing (per plan)
  • 4’ stair package with cedar handrailing
  • Andersen 100 series windows with screens (per plan design)
  • Standard engineering blueprints
  • A pre-loaded tablet with your project management site, 3D renderings, construction documents, and a Dropbox link to project details
  • Location-specific master materials list
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Interior Design Services

DC Structures goes beyond just framing kits. They offer interior design services to help completely finish and furnish their customers’ barndominiums.

Their interior design services include:

  • Appliances, including fireplaces
  • Cabinetry, countertops, and wall tiling
  • Railings
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Doors and millwork
  • Lighting
  • Glass and mirror installation
  • Flooring
  • Window coverings
  • Interior and exterior paint schedules

To streamline the design process, customers can not only have a custom design, but also choose from the following six unique collections:

  • Industrial
  • Natural Influence
  • Coastal
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Craftsman
  • Modern Rustic


The pricing for all DC Structures barn kits is clearly listed on their website. Their kits range from $93,152 to $363,752 based on the style and size of the design.

However, these prices do not include customization options or labor costs. DC Structures does use a network of builders nationwide to help customers finish the construction of their barndominiums.

For specific pricing for customized kits and construction costs, prospective customers can contact a DC Structures representative for a quote.


DC Structures doesn’t provide information regarding lending options or financing on their website.

So, if they do offer financing services or assistance, customers will have to reach out to the company directly for more information.

DC Structures Reviews & Rating

DC Structures currently does not have many reviews independent of customer testimonials from their own site. They also do not have a listing with the Better Business Bureau.

Their positive reviews cite a well-organized team and satisfaction with the finished product. On the other hand, the negative reviews consistently show disappointment with the pricing of their kits, which don’t include construction costs.

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Yelp – 3/5 (based on two reviews)

Google Reviews – 4.4/5 (based on 14 reviews)

Facebook – 4.7/5 (based on 71 reviews)

Customer Testimonials

The website for DC Structures includes positive testimonials from their customers. An example of these is included below along with testimonials from outside review sources:

Bob Coen, feedback from https://dcstructures.com/ – β€œIt was picture perfect. I’d absolutely recommend DC Structures. They just did an awesome job. I’m not that easy to please, I’m pretty forthright, and I can tell you: DC Structures not only met but exceeded my expectations.”

Caron Stehr, Facebook – β€œMy husband and I emailed and left messages and finally drove over 2 hours to meet with them. They still have not sent us any follow up information (as they said they would), they quoted us anywhere 3x to 8x the cost of the kit to build. We give up on them and are going with other builders that are willing to work with us. I would not recommend them.” (Not Recommended)

John J., Yelp – β€œAfter 4 months trying to figure out a final price it came in over 225 dollars per sq foot […] This is astronomical for a BARN […] When I considered a refund, the[y] said they would KEEP 75% of my earnest money…. Really unethical people and their process is very difficult. I feel they sucker people in and steal their deposits if you don’t like the design or the price. The contract does not say anything about the deposit being non-refundable and certainly they did minimal work to give me an estimate not tens of thousands of dollars of time.” (1/5 rating)


  • Large selection of pre-designed kits that are easily customizable
  • Detailed descriptions of kits, materials included, and suggested customization options
  • Every kit comes with a tablet preloaded with blueprints, schedules, 3D layouts, etc.
  • Offer interior finishing services for a complete barndominium build inside and out


  • Base price of kits with no customization is on the higher end of the competition
  • No financing information available
  • Costs do not include any labor

Website: https://dcstructures.com/

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