60 Best Barndominium Pictures: Full Gallery & Tour


Need some inspiration for your dream home? You’re in luck! 

From cozy rustic styles to sleek modern designs, there’s something here to spark your imagination. 

Whether you are planning a cozy weekend getaway or a spacious family home, these pictures will bring your barndominium dreams to life!

Check out these 60 best barndominium pictures in our gallery, plus more information below.

Are You Planning A Barndominium Build?

Planning your dream barndominium is an exciting journey, and we’re here to help make it even more inspiring! 

At our gallery, you’ll find the best barndominium pictures to fuel your creativity and guide your vision. 

Whether you’re drawn to rustic charm or sleek modern designs, exploring our collection will give you a wealth of ideas to shape your perfect barndo. 

Let our gallery be your go-to resource as you embark on this exciting adventure of planning and creating your ideal living space.

A Gallery Of Barndominium Pictures: Interiors & Exteriors

Don’t stress if you’re overwhelmed by the sheer variety of designs out there – that’s why we’ve crafted this guide to help you navigate it all. 

Explore different styles, from contemporary to rustic, and mix and match to create something truly unique. 

Pay attention to room layouts and how they flow together, a crucial aspect that will be refined during the floor plan stage. 

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Color is key in setting the tone of your space, so observe how different hues transform both interiors and exteriors. 

Whether you’re drawn to light and airy vibes or cozy warmth, there’s a palette to suit every taste. 

Texture is pivotal in adding depth and character, especially on the exterior, where materials like stone or wood can elevate the look of your steel structure. 

Ready to bring your dream barndominium to life? Dive into our gallery of the best barndominium pictures, both inside and out, for inspiration with access to house plans and more below! 

Gallery: 60 Best Barndominium Photos

A Charming Traditional Barndominium Featuring Exquisite Flooring

Jessica Ornelas’ North Texas barndominium, crafted with rustic charm and exquisite craftsmanship over several years, boasts a 40′ x 60′ footprint and a spacious 10′ wraparound porch. 

Built by her husband, a skilled metal fabricator, it showcases his expertise in metalwork. 

With stunning flooring and rich tones, the interiors are still in progress. 

Spanning 2,400 sq. ft. downstairs and 600 sq. ft. in the loft, it offers ample space, including a tornado shelter and a separate bachelor’s pad. 

Explore the captivating essence of this remarkable home in the photos.

The Ornelas family crafted a unique design using locally sourced metal, rather than opting for a prefabricated kit. 

The chimney exterior complements the stone facade, showcasing the same captivating stonework. 

They maximized the property’s space with a charming wraparound porch, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

The custom-designed front door, based on Jessica’s original drawing, stands as a distinct point of pride. 

Crafted by a door company, this unique entrance adds an inviting and personalized touch to the home’s facade.

The barndominium’s interior design highlights DIY concrete acid stained floors, reflecting the homeowners’ creative flair. 

A standout feature is the metal ceiling, repurposed from an old barn, which adds a rustic touch with its weathered appeal. 

Warm, natural tones from “Provincial” wood stain by Minwax and “Plateau” wall paint by Behr create a cozy atmosphere in the expansive space with a 22′ peak height. 

The open living area effortlessly integrates the dining, kitchen, and living room, fostering a welcoming and interconnected ambiance ideal for modern living.

The kitchen boasts custom-built knotty alder cabinets, providing ample storage. 

Jessica anticipates the pantry’s completion to increase food storage space. 

A rustic lighting fixture crafted by Jessica’s husband from an old rusty tin sign adds character. 

Repurposed chicken feeders serve as unique light shades, contributing to the rustic aesthetic. 

The island accommodates a microwave and offers ample storage for convenience.

The farmhouse-style double-bowl Mexican copper sink with a rounded apron front brings a rustic charm to the kitchen area.

A charming touch is added by an eye-catching glass knob door, finished with distressed teal paint, setting the tone for the property’s rustic yet modern design.

Beneath the stairs leading to the loft, there’s a cozy nook resembling a miniature log cabin, designed as a playhouse for the homeowners’ children to enjoy and explore.

This accent wall showcases a captivating forest scene with white birch trees and deer against a dark background, adding a touch of natural beauty and woodland charm to the space.

Rustic Elegance Meets Cozy Charm In A Barndominium With Dog Wash Station & Walk-In Shower

Allie Payne’s Texas barndominium blends rustic charm with elegant touches across its 1,800 square feet of living space. 

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Featuring knotty alder wood accents and warm stained trim, the house boasts three bedrooms, two baths, and a 60’ x 30’ footprint. 

The kitchen shines with coastal quartz countertops and a custom-built island in Van Courtland Blue. 

A German schmear fireplace adds character, while a thoughtful dog wash station caters to furry friends. 

Explore this gallery of cozy haven with its inviting porch and classic design elements.

The rustic cottage-inspired exterior, priced at 180k excluding land, features Early American-stained beams and trusses sealed for durability. 

A 6/12 pitch galvalume roof and white metal siding with black gutters complement the design. 

Allie enjoys outdoor living with covered porch and patio spaces, with a fireplace that boasts a charming German schmear finish.

Comfort and personal style blend seamlessly in the living area, featuring a Joybird sectional couch with a custom bleached drop cloth cover. 

The spacious 20’ x 21’ room, with a gas fireplace featuring Greyson brick, exudes coziness and charm. 

Despite initial concerns about the foundation size of the barndo, Allie assures the space feels larger, with 9-foot walls enhancing openness and comfort.

The kitchen features a custom-built 6’ x 9’ island painted in Van Courtland Blue, housing the dishwasher and farmhouse sink. 

An eye-catching gold pot filler was added over the stove and complements the gold sink faucet. 

Champagne bronze pulls adorn the bright white cabinets, while coastal quartz countertops and a subway tile backsplash enhance the modern aesthetic.

The master bedroom radiates charm with Pottery Barn bedding and a distressed headboard and footboard exuding antique elegance. 

An antique queen-sized bed serves as a refined centerpiece, adding to the room’s ambiance.

The master bathroom, accessible from the master bedroom, boasts a spacious walk-in shower for comfort and luxury. 

A chandelier over the tub, complemented by natural light from a window, enhances the luxurious ambiance. 

A lighted vanity mirror, crafted with three integrated light strips, adds allure. 

The doorless shower area offers convenience and easy maintenance.

Inside the shower, intricate pebble tiles adorn the floor, complemented by black and white decorative tiles on the walls. 

The open shower design ensures convenience, allowing for easy transition from showering to drying.

In the master bathroom, personalized touches by Allie include gold-framed mirrors on the dual sink vanity, crafted by her. 

The fixture color palette features champagne bronze, adding an elegant touch to the space.

The dog wash station, located in the laundry/utility room, is accessible from the garage and back porch, perfect for cleaning Allie’s American Bully dogs. 

It features similar tiling to the master bathroom, including a pebble floor and black and white accent tiles.

A Charming 2-Story Barndominium Retreat

Teran Sands’ Texas barndominium presents their family’s visionary take on their barn home

This unique 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom dwelling, crafted for about $73/sq ft (excluding land), blends smart construction choices with style. 

Featuring a spacious layout spanning approximately 3700 sq ft, including a 3-car garage, dual living areas, a playroom, home office, and mudroom, it embodies versatility and functionality. 

Explore more below.

Enhanced with a decorative cupola and a 10-foot deep porch, this home features Tricorn Black accents against West Highlander White hardie board siding. 

Situated on spacious property, it includes oil rubbed bronze windows for budget considerations.

A detached 3-car garage and a covered porch with wicker seating offer relaxation and entertainment.

Impeccably designed interiors boast ample light and space, showcasing concrete floors buffed and sealed in their natural hue. 

A recessed fireplace with a rustic mantle becomes the focal point, surrounded by neutral tones and cozy furnishings, creating an inviting ambiance.

The open layout creates a seamless flow between the kitchen, dining, and living areas. 

Opting to paint the doors black, the Sands aimed to enhance the overall elegance. 

This strategic choice not only highlighted specific elements but also worked within their budget, resulting in impressive and impactful doors.

At the heart of the home, a 12-foot kitchen island commands attention. 

A sliding barn door grants access to the pantry, which offers ample storage space, including a chest freezer. 

The island features a convenient sink, contemporary stainless steel appliances, and generous cabinetry.

This bedroom boasts a cushioned headboard for added comfort and style. 

Bold colors and a vibrant patterned accent wall infuse the room with energy and liveliness. 

A cozy lounge area nestled in the corner offers a comfortable space for reading and relaxation.

The master bathroom showcases warm brown tiles and a charming bear claw tub positioned beside a window, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

The Ultimate Barndo-Mansion With Butler’s Kitchen, Music Room & Indoor Sports Court

Welcome to Todd Spencer’s sprawling Kentucky barndo-mansion, a testament to traditional craftsmanship. 

This 2-story marvel boasts 7,566 sq ft of luxury living, including a 2,244 sq ft basketball and pickleball court. 

With 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, and thoughtful spaces like a Butler’s Kitchen and Music Room, it’s an architectural gem crafted with love and precision.

This remarkable barndo-mansion spans 96 feet in width and 98 feet in length, with wings measuring 13.5 feet wide on each side and a grand middle section spanning 51 feet. 

The pristine white dove finish on Hardie board siding complements the sleek matte black standing seam metal roof. 

Inviting porches, a charming pine tongue and groove ceiling, and a picturesque pond complete the tranquil ambiance.

This home offers a comprehensive view of interconnected rooms adorned with distinctive features. 

Natural cedar ceiling beams bring rustic charm, complemented by striking black window frames. 

Walls in Benjamin Moore Pale Oak with White Dove trim maintain cohesion. 

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The spacious great room and bar area ensure ample entertainment space, while grand limestone columns and a captivating wagon wheel chandelier add elegance. 

The loft area, gym entrance, built-in shelving, and fireplace further enhance the home’s allure.

The kitchen blends White Dove cabinets with natural white oak shiplap on the island, creating balance. 

The island features a sink and open shelving for functionality. 

Recessed and pendant lighting illuminates the workspace. 

Frosted inset doors lead to the butler’s kitchen & pantry, providing extra storage and convenience for a busy kitchen.

The music room is enhanced by vibrant lighting, creating a lively ambiance. 

Stylish black walls provide a moody backdrop for artistic expression. 

Elegant doors, recessed lighting, and windows offer natural light and inspiring views, perfect for musical and creative pursuits.

The indoor sports court is a versatile space catering to recreation and fitness. 

Abundant windows flood the area with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

Gym-style flooring suits basketball or pickleball, with dual ceiling fans ensuring comfort. 

Visible from the loft, it allows easy supervision and participation. 

Custom-made tempered glass doors offer visibility and separation.

A Modern Barndo Twist In Black Metal

Nestled amidst windswept landscapes, Christy Stone’s black barndominium in Tennessee, measuring 2114 square feet, blends modernity with timeless charm. 

Her hands-on approach ensured meticulous craftsmanship, marrying industrial steel with warm wood tones. 

Three inviting porches embrace outdoor living. 

The interior boasts spacious rooms, skylit kitchen, and uniquely styled bedrooms. 

Check out the gallery of the best photos below.

The modern exterior flaunts an all-black palette accented by warm cedar wood details, harmonizing with inviting fiberglass front doors. 

Set on expansive grounds, its unique layout and windows create a captivating nighttime allure, as interior lights cast a warm, inviting glow, adding to its enchanting ambiance

The entrance features a quaint covered cement porch adorned with wooden accents that blend seamlessly with the distinctive window layout, creating an inviting focal point. 

Upon closer inspection, candle-like sconces elegantly enhance the fiberglass doors, infusing the entryway with timeless sophistication and charm.

The living area showcases exquisite design. 

Abundant windows flood the space with natural light, while a ladder, nestled in a corner, offers access to towering views. 

A garage-style rolling door, filled with windows, adds both insulation and visual appeal. 

The interior boasts tasteful black and wood accents, complementing the custom-built staircase, a symbol of meticulous craftsmanship.

The kitchen boasts elegance and functionality with thoughtful design. 

Skylights flood the space with natural light, enhancing its inviting atmosphere. 

An expansive island comfortably seats five and features a stove top. 

A concrete sink countertop beneath the windows adds aesthetic appeal. 

Above, a sealed birch plywood ceiling cleverly painted black adds depth to the room’s design.

The bedrooms feature unique touches, creating inviting and comfortable spaces. 

In the master bedroom, personal touches like a patterned duvet and homemade pillow covers adorn the space. 

A striking black accent wall and ample windows fill the room with natural light, adding to its charm and character.

The master bathroom offers a stylish retreat with practical and aesthetic features. 

Ceiling-mounted brackets for the shower curtain add a unique touch. 

Dual sinks provide convenience, while upper wall windows bring in natural light. 

Eye-catching black tiles adorn the tub wall, complemented by brick-like tiles behind the sinks. 

Rectangular sink basins and large tiled flooring enhance the bathroom’s modern appeal. 

Abundant lighting creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere, with the final touches awaiting the perfect mirrors.

Embracing Farm-Life In A Stunning Red Barndominium

Step into Kelly Whiteman-Snipes’ enchanting red Indiana barndominium, blending farm-life charm with modern living. 

With a 23.5 x 60.8 ft open layout, it seamlessly integrates spaces. 

The elegant dining room, cozy breakfast nook, and practical kitchen reflect her thoughtful design. 

Upstairs, find comfort in the master suite and guest rooms.

At the family homestead, the two-story barndominium stands amidst stunning landscaping. 

A welcoming entrance invites into the home, while the spacious garage area accommodates vehicles and farm equipment. 

Kelly enjoys outdoor dining and relaxation on the ample patio surrounded by picturesque views.

For those eager for a peek inside, Kelly generously shares glimpses of the welcoming ambiance downstairs. 

Pictured here is the entranceway.

In the living area, Kelly’s meticulous attention to detail is evident, from custom finishes to upgraded fixtures. 

The Congoleum flooring adds elegance, complementing the cozy furniture and captivating stone fireplace. 

The space seamlessly transitions to the kitchen, fostering an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

The kitchen showcases a spacious island, serving as a central hub for cooking and casual dining. 

An additional counter with seating maximizes space, while modern appliances and ample storage ensure functionality. 

The unstained ceiling enhances the rustic charm, complementing the stunning deep basin sink.

The dining room exudes warmth with rustic decor, basking in abundant natural light. 

Exciting plans include adding a new barn light fixture, enhancing the ambiance and charm of the space.

Conveniently situated off the laundry room and kitchen, the half bath ensures easy accessibility for both residents and guests, providing practicality and convenience.

The stairs ascend to the second floor, with the laundry room and access door located underneath. 

Crafted from striking rustic cut lumber, the stairs add a touch of natural beauty to the space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The master bedroom is adorned with a thoughtful mix of black, white, and brown hues, fostering a serene and stylish sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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This segment of the shop unveils a layout featuring two stacked bonus rooms/offices and loft hallway storage. 

Adjacent to the shop sink, a small closet houses a toilet. 

Additionally, a basement/storm shelter/utility access area is available, along with the entryway to the house.

A Luxurious Gray Barndominium Oasis

Welcome to Leslie Mintrone’s luxurious gray barndominium in central Florida.

Constructed on 2 acres, this custom single-family residence boasts over 4,500 sq. ft. of living space. 

With 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a gas-heated saltwater pool, and a detached garage, it’s an epitome of elegance and functionality.

See the best pictures of this barndominium below.

This stunning barndominium features a robust red iron steel frame structure. 

It offers premium amenities like aluminum French doors, 1″ insulated low E glass windows, LED lighting, a security system, and ethernet wiring. 

With dual tankless water heaters, AC units, and a fenced property with camera surveillance, safety is ensured.

Outdoors, a lavish travertine pool deck sprawls over 2,500 sq ft, enveloping the saltwater pool and spa amidst lush landscaping—a genuine oasis. 

The property boasts a 500-gallon propane tank for continuous service. 

Adjacent, a 20’ x 20’ pergola with a privacy wall offers serene outdoor lounging.

The expansive living area epitomizes comfort and elegance, with its open floor plan ideal for gatherings. 

Towering ceilings add grandeur, complemented by an electric fireplace. 

Seamless connectivity to the loft and kitchen fosters a cohesive layout. 

Gray flooring enhances modernity, while ample windows ensure a bright and welcoming ambiance.

The kitchen showcases stylish gray cabinetry, some with glass windows for sophistication. 

A wooden bench supplements island seating for four. Illuminated by recessed and pendant lights, the space feels welcoming. 

A sink window offers pleasant views, while imported Silestone countertops and luxury appliances elevate functionality and elegance.

The primary suite spans two floors, offering versatility as an office, reading area, or gym. 

It includes a walk-in closet, washer, and dryer, providing convenient laundry facilities within the suite.

Redefining Rural Living In A Modern Barnhouse

The Polistico Family’s modern lakefront barnhouse in upstate New York boasts 2,700 sq ft over two stories with meticulous wood siding and a cutting-edge ZIPR system for insulation. 

Careful planning maximizes solar orientation. 

Craftsmanship and sustainability shine through with framing at $76K and labor at $80K.

Tour with the stunning gallery of photos below.

The Polistico Family chose Siberian larch for siding and cedar for the deck to achieve their desired modern barn house look, prioritizing wood’s warmth. 

They protected the larch with special panels, anticipating its transformation into a silver-gray patina. 

Abundant windows and a 23-foot folding door merge indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

The home’s interior offers an open layout, with a kitchen beneath the loft, a dining area, and a living space anchored by a Malm fireplace. 

Hardwood flooring adorns the first floor, while tall walls reach the 9/12 pitch roof.

 Large windows flood each room with natural light, complemented by a 23-foot bi-folding glass door opening onto the deck to capture panoramic views.

Positioned centrally beneath the second-story loft, the kitchen boasts modern stainless steel appliances. 

An inviting island with seating for four serves as a central hub for culinary endeavors and social gatherings, enhancing the heart of the home.

The main floor hosts a bedroom with a charming sloped ceiling, radiating cozy comfort. 

The bed, adorned with a striking comforter, becomes the focal point, set amidst carefully chosen furniture and accent pieces, cultivating a minimalistic, modern, and inviting ambiance.

The bathroom features a modern toilet and a distinctive layout, housing the separate tub and shower behind sleek glass doors.

A skylight overhead bathes the space in natural light, while a dual vanity with black tile accents creates a striking contrast.

A mid-height hanging towel rack adds functionality and style.

An Amazing Barndominium With Magazine-Worthy Interior Design

Experience the charm of Cathy Jenkins McGinnis’ serene barndominium oasis in Marshville, North Carolina.

Her remarkable 1820-square-foot barndominium, a haven of comfort and elegance, features open living spaces, two bedrooms, and two baths.

From festive porch decor to a cozy living area and modern kitchen, every detail exudes warmth and style.

Outside, a full-length covered porch graces the front, with another at the back, offering shelter and relaxation. 

Well-placed lighting illuminates the property for enchanting evenings. 

A gravel driveway adds to its appeal, while a serene pond enhances the natural beauty. 

Rustic plaid accents on the porch add a cozy touch, inviting the family and guests to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

In the interior, seamless transitions connect living, dining, and kitchen areas. 

Durable concrete flooring sealed with Diamond Clear complements cozy buffalo plaid rugs. 

Exposed spiral ductwork adds an industrial touch, while a pellet stove efficiently warms the space. 

The dining room features cherished thrifted furniture revamped with personal craftsmanship.

The hallway graciously leads to two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a convenient side exit, ensuring effortless navigation and a well-organized layout throughout the home.

In the master bedroom, a distinctive DIY headboard crafted from nailed boards stands out against the Repose Gray painted walls. 

With its generous 15’ x 15’ dimensions, this room provides a comfortable and stylish sanctuary for relaxation.

In the second bathroom, a stylish design features a dark shiplap accent wall, lending a touch of sophistication. 

Black, white, and gray accents infuse a modern aesthetic, while brick-style tiles in the shower elevate the visual allure of the space.

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