4 Gorgeous Barndominium Floor Plans With Breezeways


The breezeway is a stunning addition to the modern home, a covered outdoor area connecting one part of your home to another.

They’re little used in residential architecture, meaning that choosing one for your barndo can make your home surprisingly unique, while adding beauty and functionality to your space.

Breezeways offer cooling, covered areas outside, put space between parts of your home, and allow you to separate areas of your home without fully splitting your home into multiple buildings. 

That can be extremely useful, whether you want more space between a workshop and the living space, want sleeping areas in a separate part of the home, or want a covered area for an outdoor kitchen or dining area.

The breezeway can also reduce the temperature inside your home in the summer, provide a sheltered place to walk between areas in the winter or when it rains, and can be the perfect addition to your living space. 

These four barndominium floor plans with breezeways will get you started. 

Barndominium with Breezeway Floor Plan No. 1: OD1153-A (The Odessa Plan)


  • 1,574 sq. ft. living area 
  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2.5 bathrooms 
  • 1,440 sq. ft. garage and workshop 
  • >100 sq. ft. of patio 
  • 70 sq. ft. breezeway 
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This beautiful but practical barndominium with breezeway splits your living space from garage and workshop – giving you close to 1,500 feet for storage, workshop, and garage. That space is divided into a shop and garage area, so you can heat and cool each separately.

The workshop is connected to the home via a 70-square-foot breezeway, where you can put a table and chairs or simply use it as a walking space. 

From there, you get 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, an open floor plan living area with kitchen and kitchen island, and almost 100 square feet of back patio for dining and socializing outside.

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Plus, with plenty of room for storage in the living area and the workshop, you’ll have no shortage of space to tuck anything you want out of the way. 

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Barndominium with Breezeway Floor Plan No. 2: HA1163-A (The Halcyon Plan)


  • 1,842 sq. ft. living area 
  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 486 sq. ft. of patio and porch 
  • 120 sq. ft. breezeway 

This 1,842-square-foot barndominium with breezeway is designed for outdoor living, with a split open floor plan living area, 2 outdoor living spaces, and a separated sleeping area.

The main living area features a kitchen island, laundry area, and pantry, complete with its own half bath opening into the living area and the back patio. It also has a 200-square-foot front porch for entertaining guests or enjoying the view.

Inside, you’ll walk into a spacious living area. This opens into a 120 square foot covered breezeway, opening onto a spacious back patio, set against the side of the home where you can socialize and entertain friends and family in private.

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The breezeway leads to a sleeping area with three bedrooms, a master bath and full bath, and a walk-in closet for the master bedroom. 

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Barndominium with Breezeway Floor Plan No. 3: LI1173-A (The Livingston Plan)


  • 1,860 sq. ft. living area 
  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 310 sq. ft. of patio and porch
  • 80 sq. ft. breezeway 

With three bedrooms, a 3-car garage, and over 1,800 square feet of living space, this barndo with breezeway plan is ideal for a growing family.

In addition, it offers plenty of spacious and modern amenities, like an open floor plan with mixed living, dining, and cooking areas, a half bath for the living room, a large walk-in closet and master bath, and separate pantry and laundry areas.

The home also features a covered breezeway leading to a spacious garage, perfect for 3 cars with room left over for a workshop or hobby space.

Plus, with a front porch and backyard patio, you get plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors – safe from rain and sun. 

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Barndominium with Breezeway Floor Plan No. 4: WE1183-A (The Westbury Plan)


  • 2,572 sq. ft. living area 
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 656 sq. ft. porch and breezeway 
  • 1,040 sq. ft. of garage and shop space 

This barndo with breezeway floor plan features a spacious living and dining area, a master bedroom with a private bathroom and walk-in closet, and two 168 sq. ft. bedrooms.

It opens from a front porch leading into the mixed living and dining area, complete with an open kitchen. That leads to the outdoor kitchen and breezeway porch, offering some 480 square feet of covered outdoor living space.

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You also get a 2-car garage fitted with a shop or workspace, perfect for hobbies or a workshop. That makes this plan ideal for families who love to be outside, especially if you prefer to entertain and cook outside in the backyard. 

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What Next? 

Breezeways can add a lot to your home. That’s true whether you want to benefit from cooling covered spaces leading up to your home, want to separate workshops and garages from your home, or want to separate sleeping areas from living areas.

Your breezeway can be a simple walkway, can be fitted with chairs as an outdoor dining area, or can be expanded into a large covered patio or porch, ideal for socializing, outdoor kitchens, and other outdoor living.

These four floor plans offer something of everything, so hopefully one of them meets your needs and ideas for your new home.

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