Beautiful 40×40 Barndominium Floor Plans To See


If you’re planning a new barndominium home, it’s important to review what your options are, what you can do with the floor plan, and how your final home can look.

If you’re opting for a 40 x 40 barndo kit, you’re choosing a compact home, ideal as a starter home, retirement home, or to live in alone. However, you’ll still be able to do a lot with the space – even if you choose an off-the-shelf kit. 

That can mean open floor plans, home offices, lofts, wraparound porches, and many other features that you’d normally only see in luxury homes. Your barndo is your own and you can do whatever you want with it.

The following five 40×40 barndo plans give you a range of options so you can make the most of your space – whatever your lifestyle. 

6 Benefits Of 40×40 Barndominium House Plans

With 1,600 square feet of space, the 40 x 40 barndominium is a spacious home for one or a modest home for two.

That’s ideal for starter homes and retirement homes – but can offer plenty of other advantages. 

1. Compact 

Your 40 x 40 barndominium is compact which means you can easily fit it into almost any space. That’s ideal for a lot of reasons.

For example, if you’ve purchased a beautiful lot of land and want to maximize outdoor living and your view. Or, if you want to minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning. Or, if you’re building in an urban area and want to minimize costs.

Your compact barndominium will also minimize your cost of living year after year – although we’ll go more into that in section three. 

2. Easy to Maintain 

A 40 x 40 home is easy to maintain. You’ll be able to easily check and clean gutters, clean the interior, check for rust damage, and keep drainage areas clear.

The smaller your home, the less time you’ll spend on maintenance, and that can be extremely cost-saving.

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In addition, barndos are relatively low maintenance to begin with. You’ll want to do an annual inspection for rust or breaks in paint that could allow rust to get in.

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You’ll also want to keep gutters and drains clear. Otherwise, all of your maintenance will be on the interior. 

3. Affordable 

At an average of $80-$100 per square foot to finish your home, a 40 x 40 barndominium should come in at around $128,000-$160,000 in total costs. However, the building kit itself will likely cost between $8 and $17 per square foot – unless you opt for a custom wood build.

That means your home itself will be very affordable. 

Those cost savings will also add up over time. You’ll have less space to heat and cool. You’ll also pay less in city and property taxes. And, that means a lower cost of living – ideal if you’re moving into your first home or are looking for a retirement home. 

4. Environmentally Friendly 

Barndominiums are environmentally friendly, to begin with. Steel is the most recycled and recyclable building material.

In addition, even the roofing typically lasts 50 years or more – which is a far cry from the average 15 years of shingle roofs. That means you’ll spend less on replacing materials and you’ll have a more sustainable home.

You’ll also use fewer resources on heating and cooling, which will improve your carbon footprint as well. 

5. You Need a Smaller Lot 

If you’re building in an urban area or don’t want extensive lawn care, a smaller lot is ideal. That’s also true in areas where lot restrictions prevent you from building on more than 30% of the lot.

You’ll need less land, which means you reduce outdoor maintenance, saving you time and money. Of course, you can also use less of the lot you have, meaning you have more space for patios, greenery, and nature – it’s up to you. 

6. Perfect as a Starter or Retirement Home 

The 40 x 40 space is versatile, ideal for a small 2-3 bedroom home, and easy to adapt to your needs. It’s small, yes. However, it’s also easy to turn into a starter home.

If you end up having kids, you can connect a breezeway and more bedrooms. It’s also ideal as a retirement home – as you’ll have enough space to live comfortably in without creating extra cleaning and maintenance work for yourself.

So, there are a lot of advantages to the 40 x 40 layout. 

5 40×40 Barndominium Floor Plan Layouts

If a 40 x 40 home sounds like the right choice for you, the following 5 barndominium floor plans can give you an idea of what that space can look like.

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These plans include everything from a small family home to bachelor pad and studio – you can choose what you want to do with it.

Best of all, barndominiums don’t use interior load bearing walls, which means you can always change your mind and opt for a different layout later. 

40×40 Barndominium Floor Plan #1: CE0123-A (The Cecil Plan)

  • 1,600 sq. ft. living space 
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 320 sq. ft. porch space 

This compact small-family home is ideal as a starter home for a new family. In fact, with a second bedroom inside the master bedroom, it’s ideal for ensuring parents can easily check in on kids.

The master bedroom includes a bath and closet. All three bedrooms offer built-in closets with a private hallway to section off the private area of the home. You also get a full bathroom accessible to the living area. 

The living area itself is an open plan area with a living room, dining area, and integrated kitchen. That also includes storage including utility, pantry, linen, and other storage areas.

You also get a large front porch where you can dine or spend time with the family. 

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40×40 Barndominium Floor Plan #2: KE0832-A (The Kendal Plan)

  • 1,600 sq. ft. living space 
  • 2 bedrooms 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 998 sq. ft. porch

This 2-bedroom home focuses on offering a large living area with a luxurious master bedroom. You also get a secondary bedroom – ideal for either a home office or for guests.

That makes this the perfect retirement home or starter home – provided you intend to keep your family small. 

The home also offers a large wraparound porch, offering plenty of space to enjoy your view or dine outdoors.

Inside, the living and dining areas are part of an open plan room. The kitchen is offset by a kitchen island. You also get plenty of built-in closets and storage.

The master bedroom, of course, comes with its own master bath so you have privacy, even if you have guests over. 

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40×40 Barndominium Floor Plan #3: VE0802-A (The Vernon Plan)

  • 1,600 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 640 sq. ft. porch 

This 2-bedroom home is ideal for a couple looking for privacy and an easy way to enjoy their land together.

The home centers around a large open floor plan with living area, dining, and kitchen integrated into a single room.

A large front porch gives you plenty of space to enjoy your front yard. That porch opens into a private area in the home, with a master bedroom, complete with private bath and closet.

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You also get a second bedroom, opened to the central bathroom, and ideal for using as a guest room or a home office. 

The floor plan also features a private back patio, with an entrance from the master bedroom, ideal for offering a private space to wake up.

Plus, with plenty of storage, including pantries, utility rooms, and closets built in, you’ll have all the storage you need built in. 

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40×40 Barndominium Floor Plan #4: CA0812-A (The Caledon Plan)

  • 1,600 sq. ft living space 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 400 sq. ft. patio
  • 120 sq. ft. porch 

This small home offers the perfect space for a retirement home or starter home. It centers on a walk-through living and dining area, opening from a front porch and leading to a back patio.

An offset kitchen with an island means you can cook in the social space. You also get tons of integrated storage, with coat rooms, a utility room, pantry, built-in closets in both bedrooms, and a large storage room. 

On the other side of the home, you get two bedrooms. The master bedroom offers a private bathroom and a built-in closet. You also get a second bedroom, which you can leave as a bedroom or convert into a home office (or both) depending on your needs.

Plus, with a half bath in the living area, you can leave the second bathroom as a private area for the second bedroom if you prefer.

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40×40 Barndominium Floor Plan #5: HO0822-A (The Hopkins Plan)

  • 1,600 sq. ft. living space 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 320 sq. ft. porch 

This small family home is ideal as a starter home for a young family. In fact, the sleeping area is ideally situated for parents of young kits who want their own space, but who still want to easily check up on kids.

All three bedrooms are attached via a single hallway, making it easy to share the master bathroom as well. 

The area also separates the bathroom, pantry, and utility room away from the living area, so you can more easily keep your space tidy.

And, the open plan living area features a kitchen and dining area opening onto a large front porch – so you have plenty of space to entertain guests – or spend time with family. 

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Sealing The Deal

Your 40 x 40 barndominium building kit can turn into dozens of different home styles. It’s easy to update the layout to whatever you want. And, that’s great no matter what stage of life you’re in. Of course, with 1600 square feet, you’ll have to be careful to maximize your usage of every square inch. However, these barndo plans help you do just that.

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