Top 13 2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans (With Pictures)


The 2-bedroom home is one of the most popular options for singles, couples, small families, and retirees. That makes it one of the most popular housing layout options you can choose.

Of course, 2 bedrooms aren’t right for everyone. But, whether you’re looking for a starter home or a lifelong retreat, these 2-bedroom barndo layouts will have something to offer you. 

Barndominiums are one of the most cost-effective building options you can choose. They also offer durability, sustainability, and ease of maintenance. That makes them the perfect combination with your modest, 2-bedroom home – because you get the best of everything.

This article includes 13 2-bedroom barndominium floor plans, plus extra features to inspire you for your own home. 

Why 2-Bedroom Barndo House Plans?

The 2-bedroom home is a classic choice, popular for almost every stage of life. Still, you’ll want to see what you can do with your home, what your options are, and how you can make the most of your new home.

Your barndo is versatile, flexible, and easy to do whatever you want with it. None of the walls are load-bearing, so you can easily move them around later.

However, for now, it’s a good idea to see what you’re getting out of your 2-bedroom home. 


Two bedrooms allow you to make space for almost anything else you want in the home. For example, even if you have a small house, 2 bedrooms still leave enough space for a large living and dining area.

You can fit anything else you want into the space, including a loft, large workshop, garage, etc. And the space that you do have will feel larger because you’re likely breaking it up less.

For example, if you have a 2-bedroom house plan, you can have a larger great room – which you can then use for anything from sports to entertaining to hobbies. And, that will give you a lot of freedom and the feeling of a lot more space than having smaller rooms. 

Easy to Afford 

A 2-bedroom home minimizes the amount of work you need on the inside of the home. It also reduces the amount of floor space you need to make everything fit.

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You’ll need less ducting and pipework for your heating and cooling. And, you’ll have to worry less about individually finishing every room. Short-term costs like extra walls, extra construction time, selecting additional materials, etc., will be lower.

In addition, you’ll spend less on property tax long-term because your home will likely be smaller. That means you’ll have less investment for your home and that will remain true for the duration of the home.

Easy to Maintain 

Barndominiums are already easy to maintain. However, opting for a smaller home means you can easily maintain the interior as well.

Simplifying the floor plan also means you’ll have less to worry about in terms of maintaining the HVAC system. You’ll have fewer things to clean. And, you’ll overall have less to worry about.

Your two-bedroom home offers just enough space without adding on extra work cleaning and taking care of space you don’t need. And, that can be a great time saver at any part of your life. 


The 2-bedroom home is ideal for a lot of different purposes. For example: 

  • Starter home for a couple
  • Small family home 
  • Singles home 
  • Bachelor pad
  • Retirement home 
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In each case, the second bedroom can be repurposed to be whatever you need it to be. For example: 

  • A second bedroom for one or two kids 
  • A guest bedroom 
  • An office or home studio 
  • Extra storage
  • A craft room or home gym

Essentially, just because something is listed as a bedroom on your floor plan doesn’t mean you have to use it as such.

So, your 2-bedroom home plan can be a 1-bedroom home with an extra space. 

Easy to Integrate Parking 

Your 2-bedroom home means you’re using less of your barndo for bedrooms and sleeping space. That gives you more room for integrated garages and workshops.

Of course, you don’t have to add a garage or a workshop to your plan. However, you can easily fit a large garage or a workshop or both into the building – without having to add on an attached garage. That can save you on costs – without greatly increasing the cost of your barndo. 

13 2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans With Additional Features

The following 13 barndominium floor plans offer different approaches to a 2-bedroom layout.

Hopefully, you’ll find something that inspires you for your own home. 

2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #1: CL0082-A (The Clarence Plan)

  • 1,200 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 515 sq. ft. porch 

This small 2-bedroom home offers everything you need for either a small family, a couple’s home, or a retirement home.

The floor plan has an open living and dining area with an attached kitchen opening into a pantry and utility room. With half the house as a single open room, you’ll have an extremely spacious area where you can entertain guests or spend time with family. 

The rest of the home is split between a master bedroom with a private bathroom and a built-in closet. You also get a spare bedroom – ideal for a child, to convert into an office, or if you want a studio or a guest bedroom. 

The home also features a semi-wraparound porch with 515 square feet of space. That’s perfect for socializing and dining outdoors or enjoying your view. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #2: NO0142-A (The Northumberland Plan)

  • 2,450 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 496 sq. ft. of porch space 

This 2-bedroom home splits 2,450 square feet of living space between a large open floor living area and two master bedrooms.

The home opens from a large, 496-square-foot front porch with a double entryway into a living and dining area that features a great room, dining area, and kitchen, with an island storage and laundry area, complete with a half bath. 

In the back of the home, you get two full master bedrooms, with over 300 square feet of space each.

The bedrooms feature a split his and hers walk-in closet, private master baths, and both shower and tub in each. Perfect for your spare bedroom – especially if you have guests staying over for longer periods. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #3: BR0152-A (The Brindles Plan)

  • 2,735 sq. ft. living space
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2 car garage 574 sq. ft. garage space 
  • 678 sq. ft. porch and patio space

This spacious 2-bedroom home is ideal for private and luxurious living. It’s also easy to modify into a small family home or for multi-generational living – as it features two master bedrooms, each with its own private master bathroom and shower. 

The home itself offers a front porch leading into a great room with a dining area and kitchen. An entryway gives you plenty of space to store coats and shoes. A side room offers storage, a mechanical room, and a half bath – with an entrance to the spacious back patio. 

You also get an offset sleeping area with both master bedrooms. The hall opens into both bedrooms and the back patio. In addition, you get a 2-car garage, with enough space for a small workshop in the back. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #4: RO0332-A (The Roseberry Plan)

  • 2,922 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • 700 sq. ft. porch 

At 36’ x 42’, this compact barndo is easy to fit onto almost any lot. However, with two stories, it offers plenty of space for nearly any use – including as a small family home.

In fact, the upstairs loft is completely open, with its own half bath, making it easy to convert into a third bedroom if you end up needing it. It’s also a great fit for adding a play area or family room if you do have kids – giving you time to upscale if your family ends up larger. 

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However, on its own, this plan is also extremely versatile. Downstairs, you get a master bedroom with its own master bath and closet. A second bedroom also features a large built-in closet.

You’ll also have plenty of room to socialize and spend time with family with a large great room complete with kitchen and dining area – and open to the floor above. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #5: AS0342-A (The Ashburton Plan)

  • 1,480 sq. ft. living space 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 340 sq. ft. patio and porch 

This 2-bedroom home plan offers a spacious living area, two bedrooms, and a loft to use as extra space or to socialize in. You also get an extremely versatile space, perfect for everything from a small family home to a retirement home – or even a bachelor pad.

In addition, the mix of a loft and a small office means this compact home is a great fit for a starter home, because you can convert the office and the loft into bedrooms while the kids are small. 

The home features a front porch with a great room, plus a kitchen against the back wall. That leads into both the back patio and the private dining area, making it a good fit for outdoor dining.

You also get a bedroom with a private bath and closet opening into an office space (or kids’ room). The second bedroom also easily converts into an office or works as a guest bedroom – meaning you can turn this home into pretty much anything you want. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #6: BA0442-A (The Balgore Plan)

  • 1,916 sq. ft. living space
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 6-car garage with 1,584 sq. ft. garage space 
  • 566 sq. ft. front porch 

This 2-bedroom home puts the focus on garage and workshop space, with 1,584 square feet integrated garage. That’s ideal if you intend to park more cars or prefer to have a larger workshop.

It’s also ideal for everything from a small family home to a retirement home, as it’s large and versatile enough to modify it into almost anything you want.

In fact, while it has two bedrooms, it also offers a bonus room which you can convert into an office or even a small bedroom, depending on your needs. 

The home features a master bedroom with a private bathroom. You also get a second bedroom directly adjacent to the master.

The living area with dining area and kitchen are smaller, however, they attach to a spacious front porch, where you can also socialize and eat while the weather is good.

Plus, with storage built in everywhere, including closets, storage, mechanical room, and pantry, you’ll have plenty of integrated room for all your stuff. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #7: NE0462-A (The Nelson Plan)

  • 1,320 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 3-car garage with 975 sq. ft. of space
  • 380 sq. ft. porch 

This compact home balances evenly between a modest living area and a large garage and workshop area.

The 2-bedroom home is ideal as a bachelor pad or for a couple not looking for too much space. In addition, with a spare bedroom that you can leave as-is for guests or convert into an office, you’ll have plenty of freedom and versatility with the home. 

The living area is relatively small and integrates the kitchen into one smaller space. However, that’s balanced by two 120+ square foot bedrooms complete with a private bath and walk-in closet for the master bedroom.

You’ll also get integrated storage and a laundry room – plus all the workshop space you need. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #8: BY0632-A (The Byron Plan)

  • 980 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • 96 sq. ft. of porch 

This compact barndominium floor plan offers everything you need to fit a small home into just 35’ x 28’. That’s perfect if you’re looking to minimize your living space without fully moving to a tiny home.

In addition, with a spare bedroom, this home is perfect whether you want to have the occasional guest, convert the room into an office, or even use it as a starter home. 

The barndo floor plan opens from a front porch into an open living area. You get a kitchen, dining, and living room in one space.

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From there, you can move into one of two 138-square-foot bedrooms with built-in closets. You’ll also get a single bathroom to share. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #9: RU0642-A (The Ruskin Plan)

  • 1,070 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 64 sq. ft. porch area

With 1,070 square feet of living space, this compact 2-bedroom barndominium floor plan is ideal for a small home where you want to minimize maintenance and cleaning.

It’s also spacious enough to offer a large living area with a kitchen and a separate dining area. The latter also opens into a back patio so you can easily move dining outdoors.

The home also offers a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and bath. Plus, the secondary bedroom is easy to use as-is as a guest bedroom or to convert into an office, so you have a private place to work. 

That makes this home ideal for a couple looking for a large bedroom, plenty of living space, and options to have either a home office or guest bedroom.

However, it’s versatile enough you can even use it as a starter home – providing you’re okay sharing a smaller space together. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #10: WA0692-A (The Warwick Plan)

  • 1,200 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • 3-car garage with 600 sq. ft. of space 
  • 917 sq. ft. porch space 

This compact barndominium floor plan blends a mix of outdoor living, garage space, and indoor living areas.

The home features a 917 square foot wraparound porch, plus an additional back patio in case you want to take dining outdoors. The space also offers a walk-through dining and living area with an offset kitchen, complete with a bar and dining area.

You also get two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, built-in closets, and all the storage space you need. 

The home office offers a small room where you can work, put in a third small bedroom, or convert it into a studio. And, that opens into a spacious shop and garage, with room for up to three cars – or your shop and vehicles.

Everything you need for a perfect retirement home is all here.

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #11: DE0732-A (The Dexter Plan)

  • 1,396 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage with 404 sq. ft. of space 
  • 600 sq. ft. porch space 

This mid-size 2-bedroom home offers everything you need with multiple bedrooms, a garage, a workshop, and a home office built-in. That also makes it an extremely versatile space, as you can adapt the office into a small third bedroom if you need it.

However, it’s primarily designed as a retirement or singles home – with plenty of storage, space for work and hobbies, and workshop space. That makes it a great fit whether you want a large garage for a boat, a workshop, or just have the extra cars. 

In addition, with two large bedrooms, each featuring its own bath and built-in closets, this home is ideal for couples who frequently have guests or as a starter home.

You’ll also get a living space with a kitchen area, integrated pantry, and a utility room – so you have plenty of storage built-in.

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #12: AS0922-A (The Astoria Plan)

  • 1,750 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • 869 sq. ft. porch 

This compact home covers just 30’ x 30’. However, with two floors, it offers all the space you’ll need for just about anything you could do with a 2-bedroom home.

It’s also ideal for a small family home or starter home – as it offers a large upstairs space you can use as a playroom – or as a socializing area if you don’t want kids.

But, with a wraparound porch, a large living area, a big kitchen, and a laundry and pantry room – this home is focused on making space for spending time with family. 

Upstairs, you get two bedrooms and the bathroom – plus a loft area or family playroom. Both bedrooms have built-in closets.

However, with only one bathroom in the home and upstairs, this isn’t the best retirement home. Otherwise, it offers a good mix of using space well to offer room and convenience for your full family. 

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2-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan #13: CL1102-A (The Claremont Plan)

  • 2,185 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 256 sq. ft. porch and patio space 

This spacious 2-bedroom barndominium floor plan offers everything you need for a compact home without sacrificing floor space. The building itself takes up just 36’ x 36’ of your lot. However, with two floors, a front porch, patio, and a balcony, it has plenty of room. 

Downstairs, you get a living, dining, and kitchen area plus two bedrooms. One offers a private bath. Both have private closets. In addition, you get a separate bath and half bath downstairs.

Upstairs, you get loft space, open to the living room – ideal for a playroom, family room, socializing space, or turning into an office, studio, or sports room.

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